About Rare Exotic Plants

Thank you for visiting my brand new website, I am going to start by sharing with you about rare exotic plants. It is important I feel we all understand what these are, so that is my intention for my first article. So if this interests you to learn, I am positive you will enjoy your experience reading this article.

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about rare exotic plants

Exotic Plants

The first thing you need to understand is what is an exotic plant, so that is what you will learn in this paragraph. These are simply plants that you will not find growing where you live, and the most important part is they will be able to grow outside of their native area. Most of these must be moved indoors during the winter months in the northern climate of the United States, but these are very popular grown as houseplants.

Exotic Flower Examples:

  • Brazillian Pepper
  • Melaleuca
  • Australian Pine
  • Dutch Amaryllis
  • Seaside Mahoe
  • Anthurium
  • Pale Alyssum
  • Amaranth
  • Fiddleneck
  • Bindweed
  • Horseweed
  • Caraway
  • Spotted Knapweed
  • American Lotus
  • Filaree

Do you happen to recognize any of the flowers on the list, I would love to hear from you? You are welcome to leave me any comments at the end of any of my articles, and if you have any questions leave them in the comments. For my first freebie, I have some coupons for discounts on plants.

Rare Exotic Plants

I have a small list of exotic plants that most people never heard of, so I thought this would possibly interest some of you to hear about them?

  • Swallowtail Butterfly Plant
  • Madagascan Palm
  • Corkscrew Albuca
  • Crinkle Leaf Begonia

I chose these four to share with you in this article, but there are so many more I will be sharing in the near future. So I do hope you are finding this information interesting, and later on, we just might go plant shopping in future articles?

Swallowtail Butterfly Plant


about rare exotic plants


The triangular leaves do resemble the markings of a swallowtail butterfly, you might be amazed at the pink and green stripes on this unique plant? Placed at a window shaded spot in your home is recommended, you want to be sure to never allow it to receive direct sunlight. The plant is extremely sun-sensitive, you will burn the plant by allowing direct sunlight.

Madagascan Palm


about rare exotic plants


You must admit this a very unusual-looking plant, so if you notice this has thick stems with waxy green leaves? The yellow flowers will really draw attention to your houseguests, and best of all this is a very easy one to grow. This might be one for beginners to start out with, so keep this in mind if you are new to this type of gardening?

Corkscrew Albuca


about rare exotic plants


You might find this one listed as the Corkscrew Plant, so if you love crazy-looking plants this one is another good choice? Another good choice for beginners, and if you love the scent of vanilla, this is another bonus you get with the Corkscrew plant? Very little watering is required to grow this one, so that is another good reason to consider adding this one to your home? Very eye-catching, and admired by pretty much everyone.

Crinkle Leaf Begonia


about rare exotic plants


If you love Begonia’s, you will want to add this one to your collection? Small and compact with deeply veined leaves will catch your eye every time, so to make this even more interesting the underneath of the leaves is maroon. When summer arrives you will receive white showy flowers, and this one I really would like to add to my own exotic plant collection.

Exotic Plant Care

Just like people, you will find every exotic plant has its own special needs. So in future articles, I will be sharing how to care for specific plants. Light and water are the keys to growing healthy plants, and one other important factor is the temperature in your home during the winter months. Let us take a quick look at water, I think this will be something you really find interesting?

Distilled Water Options:

You will read you should be using distilled water, but how many of us can afford this with many plants? There are other options that I have used with positive results, so these might be the most important tips I ever share with you?

  • Rain Water
  • Tap Water set out at least 24 hours
  • Boiling Tap Water and Left to Cool
  • Room Temperature Water

I take the easy route with beautiful healthy plants, I just fill a gallon milk jug up with tap water. You want to leave the lid off for 24 hours, and this will allow the chemicals to evaporate into the air. This also will give your water time to warm up to room temperature, you can boil the water first if that eases your concerns? I have never had to use distilled water on any of my plants, so this is something I recommend if you have very many plants.

Distilled Water

There is no doubt using distilled water is your best option, so if you only have a few plants this is not a problem? As for me, I just moved into an apartment on Thanksgiving 2020. I already have over a dozen houseplants, and I am going to be adding more for sure. I am decorating my main room with an exotic plant theme, and yes my main room is beginning to look like a greenhouse? I do have a portable greenhouse I just bought, and if any of my plants start appearing to need some tender loving care, I simply put them in the greenhouse until they are healthy again.

Thank You

I want to thank you for reading my article, so you should have a better idea about exotic plants now? This is a very basic article to introduce this type of gardening, and you will be able to learn so much simply by bookmarking my website on your browser. For your convenience, I have added a sign-up form for notifications, you will just get an email with the title of the article whenever I publish a new one. This will allow you to keep up on what I am writing about, and this will save you time checking my website all the time?


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