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My name is Jeff, so I am sure you would like to know a little about me? I started gardening at the age of 10 years old, so like many young children I wanted to learn. My grandparents got me started, and by the time I was 12 years old, I had my very own vegetable garden. As I became more experienced my interest grew, so below are what I learned over the years.

  • Vegetable Gardening
  • Fruit Gardening
  • Herb Gardening
  • Landscaping
  • Garden Decor
  • Houseplants

Thanksgiving weekend 2020, I moved from a home with my gardens to an apartment. That is how I got extremely interested in garden decor and rare exotic plants, so I plan on sharing what I already know with you. I also am going to share with you what I learn brand new, so if you are passionate about gardening join me on my adventures.


bonsai tree


Bonsai Gardening

I have always had an interest in Bonsai Trees, so I took my first step and bought one especially good for beginners. The Hawaiian Umbrella Tree is highly recommended as a good one for beginners, and my new plant is doing just awesome in my new apartment. you will also have access to resources that specialize in all my rare exotic plants. Below are some of the topics you can find in my articles, you also can leave me comments for requests.

  • Landscape DIY Projects
  • Garden DIY Projects
  • Gardening Techniques
  • Best plants for beginners
  • Advanced garden plants
  • Rare Exotic Plants
  • Home Decor with Plants
  • Garden Decor
  • Butterfly and Hummingbird Gardens
  • Wildlife Gardens
  • Herb Gardens
  • Vegetable Gardens
  • Container Gardening
  • Houseplants for specific lighting
  • Strawberries and other Fruit Gardens
  • Plant Care
  • Natural Gardening Techniques
  • Organic Gardening
  • DIY Recipes
  • Raised Gardens
  • Gardening for Seniors
  • Gardening for Disabled People
  • Family Time Gardening Projects

As you can see I plan to provide my readers a wealth of information, so if you really are serious you might want to bookmark my website on your browser? I am planning on providing a free article notification sign-up as well, you will only receive a notification when a new article is published and what it is about. This is not a newsletter, and you will not receive any products or services in your email.



Online Learning

This will be focusing on you learning to become even a better gardener, you can be a complete beginner or advanced gardener. You will experience new plants you might not be aware of, where you can purchase these plants. Gardening courses that will teach you exactly what you want to know and all of this is because I want to help you?

  • Affordable Online Courses
  • Free Online Courses
  • Coupons
  • Resources
  • Freebies

Are you becoming more interested, I do hope you will give me a chance to help you. Since this website is brand new, I will need some time to perfect my information for you? You can help me by leaving me comments at the end of any article, you are encouraged to ask me questions. Together we will problem solve whatever you are experiencing, so don’t hesitate to leave me comments.


I will be sharing with you plants in my articles that are not only rare and exotic, you also will learn how to grow the most popular garden plants even better? Maybe you would love to learn how to grow orchids, I plan on doing a series of articles on that plant alone. That is my next project to learn to grow, so as I learn you will be able to learn as well? Would you be interested in knowing some of the rare and exotic plants, as a special bonus I am going to provide you a list below?

  • Cuban Oregon Succulent
  • Tiger Plant
  • Crocodile Fern
  • Pitcher Plant
  • Parachute Flower
  • Stinkhorn Mushroom
  • Dancing Plant
  • Pelican Flower
  • Sensitive Plant
  • Hydnora Africana
  • Cycad
  • Dead Horse Alum Lilly
  • Flypaper Plant
  • Corpse Flower
  • Waterwheel Plant
  • Wollemi Pine

These should give you an idea of what to expect in the way of plants, you also will receive how to care for them. Some will be for houseplants, but some will be for your yard. They all will be plants you will not find in your local stores, so if you love weird plants this website will really interest you?


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