Best Indoor Succulent Plants

One of the easiest indoor gardens for beginners starts with the Best Indoor Succulent Plants, you are going to learn how to create this garden step-by-step? Most importantly you will have access to the ultimate plant list for beginners, even if you are experienced you might be interested to read this article as well?

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best indoor succulent plants
Indoor Succulent Garden Kits


Best Garden Kits

Before I provide you how to create your own indoor succulent garden, you do have access to everything you need by shopping for a kit? These are wonderful gifts for children for birthdays and Christmas, but many adults prefer using these for convenience? Just something some of you might be interested in, kits are a great way to get started to see if this is the right type of gardening for you? Below are a few of the most popular ones bought by beginners, now if you are interested take a few minutes to see what is available?

  • Succulent & Cactus Seed Growing Kits
  • Click & Grow Smart Garden
  • Tickle Me Plant Greenhouse Great Choice For Children
  • Succulent Garen Tool Kits
  • Glass Terrariums
  • Indoor Herb Garden Starter
  • Garden Succulent Tools with Organizer Bag
  • Tiny Cactus Garden Kit
  • Fairy Garden with Accessories

Even though the majority of the kits are the best for beginners and children, many seniors also enjoy receiving these as gifts? For anyone interested in checking out Live Succulent Plants, you can go directly to the page by clicking on the link?

Succulent Gardening Plan

The first thing we need is a good plan, and that is what I have to share with you? Whenever you guide someone step-by-step you need to assume they know nothing about the project, so the first step will be providing you with what you will need to get started?

  • Decorative Container
  • Succulent Plants
  • Garden Screening Optional
  • Succulent Potting Mix
  • Aquarium Pebbles or Decorative Stones Optional

Now we have the garden supplies we need to create our new garden, I just wanted to mention you can go with seeds instead of plants if this interests you? Learn how with my Indoor Seed Planting Guide, you can save money by doing it this way and my guide is step-by-step?

Best Succulent Containers

I must admit being a bit fussy about the containers for my houseplants, they must be home-decor friendly yet provide the best home for my plants? When doing outdoor gardening, I am not nearly as picky about pots. Maybe some of you are the same way, let us think about what are our best choices before we run off shopping?

  • Ceramic
  • Glass
  • Plastic
  • Wood
  • Metal

How many of you have used any of the container types above, I have used all of these with success? My favorite for indoor decoration is my ceramic planters, but this is my own personal choice? All these materials are very good choices for indoor gardening, many of you might be using plastic which is very popular and budget-friendly?

Succulent Container Tips

I have experienced my houseplants do their best in ceramic pots, but this type is not usually budget-friendly? So I use these only for my most treasured plants, and your most affordable ones of course are the plastic ones? If you shop around you can find suitable planters at the dollar stores, so that is where I recommend anyone in need of inexpensive containers check first?

  • Efficient drainage is very important in this type of houseplant, I have found beautiful containers and simply added my own drainage holes? Especially plastic you can do this without any problems, so for plastic, you can add drainage holes even if they are not actually for growing indoor plants?
  • Purchase a plant moisture meter may be the best investment you ever make, I purchased one for less than $20.00 and you can find them for even less if you keep your eyes open?
  • Keep the potting mix dry is the key to success, you must be careful not to overwater them? On a plant moisture meter, I keep mine in the range of 3 or 4 never any wetter.
  • Allow them to dry out completely before watering them each time
  • Placing them near a sunny window is a must, they just don’t do very well in low light areas. Sunshine is their best friend, so keep them close to their best friend for happy and healthy plants.

Succulents are the easiest houseplant to grow for beginners, but you do need a sunny place for them to do their best. Sunshine and dry soil are the most important tips I have for you? Are you in search of Low Light Terrarium Plants, I have an awesome list for open and closed terrariums?


best indoor succulent plants

Decorative Planters For Indoor Plants


Garden Screening

People often use this over the drainage holes of your planters, but what I do is place a paper towel on the bottom of my planter to prevent my potting mix and pebbles from falling out of the drainage holes? This is an optional garden supply you can consider, and if you have any old window screening this works well? You can find this listed as garden mesh sometimes, you will find it is not expensive but can be difficult to find locally?

Container Drainage Base

Another option is to create a drainage base with aquarium gravel, you will find this improves the drainage and allows your potting mix to drain and dry out better? You also can consider decorative stone for a home decoration touch on the top of your potting soil after planting your garden?

Succulent Potting Mix

Why do succulents require a special potting mix, many gardeners who have used regular potting mix have learned the hard way? This special mix provides excellent drainage that is very important for these plants to thrive, you will find regular mixes remain too moist too long causing the houseplant to die? Even though I don’t promote any specific garden supply brands, I will provide lists of products you can consider recommended to be the best?

  • Miracle-Gro
  • Fresh Organic
  • Gardeners
  • Black Gold
  • Burpee
  • Fox Farm
  • Mother Earth

I have not listed these in any specific order, but these are the best brands that gardeners swear provided them the best results? Be careful you purchase the right mixture for your specific plants, there are so many choices today it is easy to buy the wrong one accidentally?

Best Succulent List

One benefit of growing this type of plant, you will find some of the most unique shapes and size houseplants available? There are hundreds to choose from for a very special garden, and most of them are easy to grow even for inexperienced gardeners? Just because these are ranked as the best, keep your eyes open for others that might make your garden more special than your neighbors?

  • Aloe Vera
  • Crown of Thorns
  • Ghost Plant
  • Flaming Katy
  • Common Houseleek
  • Living Stone
  • Panda Plant
  • Pig’s Ear
  • Plush Plant
  • Stonecrop
  • Silver Jade Plant
  • Skinny Fingers
  • Jelly Bean Plant
  • String of Bananas
  • String of Pearls
  • Sunburst
  • Zebra Plant
  • Zwartkop
  • Burro’s Tail
  • Christmas Cactus
  • Hens & Chicks
  • Pincushion Cactus
  • Ponytail Palm
  • Agave
  • Ball Cactus
  • Bunny Ear Cactus
  • Pancake Plant
  • Devil’s Backbone
  • Dwarf Jade Plant
  • Easter Lily Cactus
  • Elephant’s Foot
  • Flowering Kalanchoe
  • The Hindu Rope
  • Horse’s Teeth
  • Kitten Ears
  • Mexican Firecracker
  • Mistle Toe Cactus
  • Old Man Cactus
  • Orchid Cactus
  • Pencil Cactus
  • Shark Tooth

Talk about the best plant list, you can create the most unique indoor garden anyone has ever set their eyes on? Just imagine this is not even close to what is available, I would like to mention growing these in a terrarium are very popular as well?


best indoor succulent plants

How To Use A Moisture Meter For Succulents


Step By Step Succulent Gardening

If you read my article up to now, you are more than prepared for what is coming next? The step-by-step guide to creating your very own unique indoor garden, with my guide and your imagination you can have the best garden in your neighborhood?

  1. By any chance, if you have a planter with a very large drainage hole, you are going to need to cover it with something that allows the water to drain out? Garden screen. garden mesh, window screening, or even a paper towel will do the job?
  2. If you are planning on adding pebbles for draining that is your next step, aquarium gravel works well and is affordable?
  3. Fill your planter approximately one-third with your succulent potting mix.
  4. Now you want to plant your featured plant in the center of your container, I usually choose the tallest growing plant for my center plant? This is totally up to you, maybe you have an interesting one that you want in the center instead?
  5. You are now ready to add your filler plants around your main plant, now cover them with your potting mix and go to our next step?
  6. Be sure to get all of the air pockets by packing gently around all your plants and in between them.
  7. Make sure you left enough room for watering, you will do this next?
  8. Once our potting mix settles you can add your decorative stone if you desire to, some people like this added touch for a more decorative garden?

Hurray, you just created a masterpiece to be proud of. The last thing you can do to complete your new garden is to feed them?  If this interests you for some brands, I urge you to read on?

Best Succulent Plant Food Brands

Here we are ready to learn some good plant food brands to consider, I have provided you some that you can be sure are highly recommended? Do you need any help planting indoor bulbs, if so feel free to read my Flower Bulbs Planting Guide?

  • Perky Plant
  • Osmocote
  • rePotme
  • Earth Pods
  • Jobes
  • Espoma

With that done, I have my own very easy plant fertilizer that I use on my own houseplants. You just simply add one tablespoon of white cider vinegar to one gallon of water, even if you don’t think this is nutritious, all my plants stay green all year-round with this simple recipe?

Free Seed And Plant Catalogs

Recently I have been providing a freebie in the past few articles, if this is something you wish me to continue please leave me a comment telling me so? Today I have a list of seed and plant catalogs, so if you enjoy shopping at home through catalogs these might interest you?

  • Annie’s Annuals & Perennials
  • Annie’s Heirloom Seeds Catalog
  • Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds
  • Bluestone Perennials
  • Botanical Interests Seed Catalog
  • Burnt Ridge Nursery
  • Dixondale Farms
  • Farmer Seed & Nursery
  • Harris Seeds
  • High Mowing Seeds
  • HPS Seeds
  • Lilypons Water Garden Plants
  • Logee’s Tropical Plants
  • Seed Savers Exchange
  • Seeds from Italy
  • Strictly Medicinal Seed Company
  • Tomato Growers Supply
  • Vermont Wildflower Farm
  • Wayside Gardens
  • White Flower Farm

Today’s freebies are this list of free seed & plant catalogs, I really enjoy spending my extra time browsing through my garden mail-order catalogs. If this is something you enjoy as well, here is a very large list that you can send for? For my last link in this article, you can learn how to make your own terrarium in three different ways? Don’t forget to leave me any requests in my comments section, and if you have any questions share them there as well?



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