Best Indoor Winter Plants

Are you interested in the Best Indoor Winter Plants for your indoor garden, you can find out by reading this article? The main cause of death for houseplants during the winter is overwatering, so this is what you will want to be the most careful about taking care of them during this time of the year?

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best indoor winter plants
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Best Indoor Winter Plant List

You are going to love the work I have done for you, I went all out to find you the best plants for every one of you? Are you interested in knowing the highest rated one for each of the following categories, I feel confident there are at least a few of these that will tempt you to know more about them?

  • The lowest maintenance Peperomia plant
  • Easiest indoor Philodendron to grow
  • The Aloe Vera succulent
  • The most colorful Dragon Tree
  • Best Ivy plant for winter climates in your home
  • Beginner-friendly Palm
  • Hoya has been rated the perfect gift for Christmas for plant lovers
  • The highest-rated Fiscus Tree
  • Diffemnbacia is your most adaptable houseplant
  • Your most elegant indoor plant the Peace Lily
  • Highest rated plants for seniors are the succulents
  • The most popular winter plant of course is the Poinsettia
  • Rated as the most special winter plant the Orchid
  •  The plant that requires the most care the Gardenia Bonsai

With such an interesting list of plants, you have to admit there are a few you would love to know more about them? That is exactly what I am about to do in the next several paragraphs, so you can skip over the ones that you are not interested in and read only the ones that really you are curious about?

best indoor winter plants

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Watermelon Peperomia

I just happen to have this on my kitchen table, you would not believe how many other plants I tried to grow there before finding success with this indoor plant? Besides how easy it is to grow and care for, I really receive interest from all my houseguests? Great home decor addition, you can see why people love this plant with the photo below?


best indoor winter plants

Peperomia Watermelon Plant


The Peperomia Watermelon (also known as the Peperomia Argyreia and Watermelon Begonia) is considered a relatively rare plant and is known for its watermelon-like leaves. These beautiful leaves resemble a watermelon, however, the plant is not closely related to either watermelons or begonias.

This easy to care for plant is native to tropical South America. During the spring and summer, it may develop tiny green flower spikes. This gorgeous foliage is a unique addition to any houseplant collection.

This is truly one of my lowest maintenance indoor plants, you will not need to water as often as many other houseplants. So this one is one of my favorites in my own indoor garden, and one with the most interesting leaves as well?

Heart Leaf Philodendron

Beautiful heart-shaped leaves, you can’t go wrong with this easy-to-grow addition to your home? Planting in a hanging basket displays this the best, but if you have a high wall shelf you can grow it this way as well?

  • Requires extremely little of your time to maintain
  • Attractive anywhere you choose to hang it in your home
  • Indirect sunlight and even low light please this beautiful indoor plant
  • Avoid direct sunlight and this will thrive for you anywhere
  • Vines have known to grow as long as 18 inches kong

If you are new to indoor gardening, you can’t go wrong starting with this low-maintenance vining plant? The Heart Leaf Philodendron is a very good way to begin your new hobby, you need not be concerned about the low-light during the winter with this one?

Aloe Vera Succulent Plant

I have never lost a succulent in all my years of gardening, you rarely have to water these which is great for beginners? The only way people lose these during the winter is by overwatering them, so as long as you keep the potting soil on the dry side this will be a part of your family for a very long time?

  • Purifies the air in your home
  • This is a succulent plant although it thinks it is a tropical
  • Add water whenever the soil is dry
  • Direct sunlight will burn your Aloe Vera
  • Indirect light is what this plant prefers

How does the Aloe Vera plant sound to you, maybe this would make a great gift for your college student? Many people display these on their office desks, anyplace with indirect light is a good home for this very special succulent plant.

Dragon Tree

The Colorama Madagascar Dragon Tree will brighten any home, so if color is what you are interested in, this is one you really will want to consider? Easy to grow, and I did provide you an image below?

best indoor winter plants

Colorama Madagascar Dragon Tree


Besides being another great choice as a winter houseplant, you will brighten every room that you add one of these plants? Very easy to care for, and another amazing addition to any indoor garden? Looking for a decorative plant, your home decor will be eye-catching?

  • Add color to your college students dorm room
  • Brighten an office
  • This one is drought tolerant
  • Indirect light
  • Long thin leaves
  • Strong rooted indoor plant
  • Grows in low light conditions as well
  • Extremely difficult to kill
  • Prefers moist soil but never overwater

I am sure this one has you tempted, and how I know is it has done the very same thing to me? Even though I keep saying no more houseplants, there are just so many cool ones that catch my eye?

English Ivy

There are many varieties of this ivy type, so you are sure to find one that you take a liking to? The variegated leave type are my favorites, be careful these can become invasive? Container gardening and hanging baskets are your best choices for growing them, you will need to prune them regularly to keep them the desired size you want them?

  • Thrives in low light conditions
  • Grows and climbs on anything in its path
  • Evergreen leaves
  • A great choice for terrariums
  • Water only when the potting mix is dry
  • Pruning is the only real maintenance required

Whatever English Ivy variety you choose it will be a great houseplant, mine are in small pots right now? Once they outgrow them I will be repotting them in hanging baskets as their permanent home.

Parlor Palm

You might not be surprised to hear this is included in my collection as well, I have a deep passion for indoor gardening? Right now I am waiting for a banana dwarf tree to arrive, this will be a new experience for me, but that is what gardening is all about?

  • Another difficult one to kill
  • Worldwide popular of any of the palms
  • Low light is not a problem
  • Drought tolerant
  • Awesome floor plant choice
  • Neglect is not going to hurt this one

Another good one I highly recommend, I have mine approximately 10 feet from my balcony window and it is growing fine? I really am happy with my purchase of the Parlor Palm, so if you are shopping for a floor plant this is one you want to consider?


Even though I would like one of these, I have not invested in one at this time? I purchase my houseplants when I can find them priced within my budget? You will find me rarely spending more than $20.00 for a plant, so I imagine you have a limit on what you will spend as well?


best indoor winter plants

The Beautiful Hoya Plant


  • Small plant with tons of beauty
  • Heart-shaped leaves
  • A wide variety to choose from
  • Year-round flowers
  • Amazing small indoor plant
  • You can see why this is one of the most popular gifts for plant lovers
  • Purchase small seedlings will cost you much less than larger plants already blooming

I do follow my own consumer tip above, you can find better bargains on smaller plants. So as you are browsing you might want to keep this in mind, this is how I stay within my own spending budget?

Fiscus Tree

This is another one on my list to add to my collection one day, you will find this is the most popular tree for indoors all over the world? What is really cool no matter the size they keep their shape perfectly, this is another must-have for plant lovers? Also, a good choice for a floor plant, let me tell you more about this tree?

  • You will find this in a variety of sizes
  • Some gardeners will braid the trunk of this tree
  • A beautiful addition to any indoor garden
  • A great choice for bonsai gardening
  • Awesome floor plant
  • Avoid moving them around they don’t adjust well

When I ordered my Banana Dwarf Tree, I was debating between that one and the Fiscus Tree? I chose the banana because of its huge leaves, but I do plan on purchasing this one as well once I catch up on my credit card bills?


The Ficus tree and the Dieffenbachia are quite out of my budget, but I am planning on keeping my eye out for smaller versions at more affordable prices? I suggest you think twice about spending over $20.00 on any plant, you will have invested close to $40.00 or more by the time they add the shipping and taxes?

  • Air purifying benefits
  • Extremely good choice of an indoor plant
  • Bright eye-catching leaves you will just love
  • A very popular and in-demand home decor choice
  • The most adaptable houseplant
  • Grows just as well in bright light, indirect light, and even low light

I am sure the Dieffemfachia has your interest, you will fall in love with this as many other indoor gardeners do? The price is a major investment for many of us, but don’t give up finding a great deal? Never give up on the plant of your dreams, you just need to be patient and persistent?

Peace Lily

Even though I am not partial to the Peace Lily, I must include it in this list of winter indoor plants? If this appeals to you it is a very good addition to your collection, I am going to provide you why this deserves to be included with the other plants?

  • The Peace Lily is extremely effective in removing toxins from the air
  • A very popular gift people give year after year
  • Beginner-friendly
  • Thrives in indirect light that makes it a great houseplant
  • You will find most cost you over $20.00 if not on sale

So ask yourself is the Peace Lily the right one for you, I really don’t know why I am not into this specific plant? Maybe because there are so many others that I would love to have more, but the fact is this is an excellent gift for you or someone else?


This is your most reliable plant to grow indoors by a window, so brighter light for most of these will make sure they thrive for you all winter long? There are succulents that are able to live for decades with the proper care, and you will find a unique variety of inexpensive ones to choose from?

best indoor winter plants

The Best Trailing & Hanging Succulents


  • Extremely easy to care for
  • Low maintenance plants
  • Water only when potting soil is dry
  • Unique shapes & sizes
  • Plant near a window for the best success
  • Drought tolerant
  • A great gift for seniors
  • College student-friendly
  • Beginner-friendly

You will find some of the coolest looking shapes and sizes when you shop for succulents, I have in my collection only a few? The few I have been doing extremely well with very little help from me, sometimes they go as long as a month not needing to be watered? Anyone can grow succulents, and you can find them for very low prices?

Poinsettia The Christmas Plant

Everyone knows about this famous holiday gift people give year after year, you might find this has become a tradition over the years for many of you? What can I tell you about this plant you don’t know, I will provide you some information that might help you grow this special plant even better?

  • Did you know this has another name, many people know this as the Christmas Flower
  • Extremely low maintenance
  • Bright indirect light
  • The majority of people trash this plant after the holidays
  • Avoid fertilizing this plant when flowering
  • If you plan to keep this plant after the holiday’s store in a cool dark place,  cut back on watering until spring arrives

I have never tried this myself, but if anyone has had the success I would love to hear from you? Just leave me a comment, and I will respond as soon as possible? Many people tell me they tried this without success, so is this really possible to flower this plant for more than one year?


Do you have a soft spot for Orchids, I must admit I do love these houseplants? I never tried growing these yet, but I hear some people have had good success? Does anyone know the secret to growing this plant, I am sure we all would love to learn from you?

  • They say you water Orchids by adding ice cubes to their container instead of watering them the regular way
  • Orchids can bloom for as long as 3 months
  • Reblooming is possible two times per year
  • Spruce up your home decor with these is a piece of cake
  • They only require two ice cubes per week

Are you tempted to give Orchids a try, I am extremely interested in them but never tried growing them yet? Would love someone to send me one as a gift, how about you? What if you found an Orchid at a great deal, would you buy it?

Gardenia Bonsai

How many of you are interested in bonsai gardening, I purchased one that is doing amazingly well? I hesitated for years giving this a try, but if you want an easy tree I recommend the Hawaiian Umbrella Bonsai Tree. Now let us learn about this Gardenia Bonsai, I am anxious to share this with you.


best indoor winter plants

Gardenia Bonsai Tree


  • From what I know about Gardenia’s they are difficult to grow during the winter in cold less sunny climates
  • An extremely high-maintenance tree
  • Bright indirect light
  • High humidity is a must during the winter months
  • Humidifiers are recommended
  • Water trays are another option

I chose to go with the Hawaiian Umbrella Bonsai Tree instead, you will not have nearly the maintenance during the winter as with the Gardenia Bonsai Tree. If you can grow gardenia’s you can grow this bonsai tree, so in that case, this could be a miniature tree for you? This was my one and only purchase of over $20.00, but it was worth a little more to have my own bonsai tree?

Winter Houseplants

These are winter plants that I myself would consider, now with this list to choose from you have many options for gifts or for yourself? I am sure you will find the perfect one from the ones I have shared with you, so if you need more information on any of these feel free to leave your request in my comment section?




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