Best Tropical Houseplants

best tropical houseplant

What are your favorite indoor plants, many people love growing succulents? They are easy to care for, these are great beginner gardener choices. Advanced indoor gardeners often have a passion for the Best Tropical Houseplants, now that is what this article is all about. Learn more about the most popular and rarest ones available, you … Read more

Best Online Gardening Courses

best online gardening courses

Learning is a passion when you love growing and caring for houseplants, how many of you would be interested in the Best Online Gardening Courses? You will have access not only to the ones that cost you money, but I am going to even provide you with ones you can learn from for free. Now … Read more

Best Home Garden Deals

best home garden deals

Read about the Best Home Garden Deals on Rare Exotic Plants, you can learn about the better bargains for your home as for your garden, so many of us are passionate about our apartments, houses, and our gardens. I have combined home decor with the garden decor in this article today. Prices are exactly the … Read more

Groupon Discount Coupons

groupon discount coupons

Rare Exotic Plants is more than a website promoting tropical houseplants, today I have a special article for you. Groupon Discount Coupons is my gift to you, so if you are interested in saving money on creating your indoor dream garden this is one way to get more for your money? Prices are exactly the … Read more

Walmart Garden Center Plants

walmart garden center plants

How many of you are regular shoppers at Walmart Garden Center Plants, you will love this article if you are? This is just another good gardening resource to consider, so are you ready to start to learn more? Rare Exotic Plants values your opinion, please leave me comments in my comment section. Prices are exactly … Read more

Unique Bonsai Trees

unique bonsai trees

Today we are going to learn about Unique Bonsai Trees, I have one of my favorite garden resources to share with you. Many people shy away from these in fear of wasting their money, but I can tell you from my own experience they are easy to grow. Taking the first step to purchasing already … Read more

Plant Lover Gift Ideas

plant lover gift ideas

Do you have a plant lover on your shopping list, but maybe you are shopping for yourself? Plant Lover Gift Ideas will inspire you, no matter what type of gardening you are passionate about, there is something for you? If you are ready, you can begin learning about this garden resource? Prices are exactly the … Read more

Christmas Cactus Houseplant Care

christmas cactus houseplant care

My article Christmas Cactus Houseplant Care focuses on the most popular cactus plant, you can’t go wrong giving this to any gardener on your list? Do you or the person you are shopping for know how to care for this beautiful gift, that is what you can learn by reading Rare Exotic Plants today? Prices … Read more

Senior Christmas Gift Ideas

senior christmas gift ideas

Senior Christmas Gift Ideas is focusing on men and women in their golden years, how many of you experience anxiety and frustration shopping for older folks, they have just about everything they need so what is left? The majority of retired people are gardeners, so why not shop for something they want and will use? … Read more


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