Christmas Cactus Houseplant Care

My article Christmas Cactus Houseplant Care focuses on the most popular cactus plant, you can’t go wrong giving this to any gardener on your list? Do you or the person you are shopping for know how to care for this beautiful gift, that is what you can learn by reading Rare Exotic Plants today?

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christmas cactus houseplant care

Christmas Cactus Live Plant Deals


Christmas Cactus Interesting Facts

Before we go into caring for this popular houseplant, how many of you would be surprised to know this really is not a cactus plant? Now you might be wondering what is this then, so not to keep you in suspense any longer this actually is a succulent plant?

  • You also might find these listed as the Holiday Cactus, Crab Cactus, Thanksgiving Cactus, Easter Cactus & Orchid Cactus
  • How tall in height to expect them to grow is a convenient size of 6 to 12 inches.
  • They spread approximately between 12 and 24 inches.
  • Blooms are in a variety of colors, including red, purple, white, orange, pink & cream.
  • Flowers are often the most beautiful blooms when potbound.
  • Repotting at the most is every 3 years.
  • One sign your plant requires repotting is when it stops blooming
  • This houseplant can live for decades and often is handed down from generation to generation.

Did you find my first paragraph surprising and interesting, you are encouraged to share Rare Exotic Plants with your friends and your family? Providing you with interesting as well as useful information is the priority of this website, one day this might be one of your favorite houseplant resources on the internet?

Christmas Cactus Blooming Guide

Before you run off to purchase any of these beautiful additions to your indoor garden, you might wish to learn about their blooming through this short guide? Knowing as much as possible about every plant in your home is the key to success, many people don’t realize all plants don’t require the same growing and blooming requirements?

  • Be sure to avoid placing near heating vents in your home, many people don’t realize this actually requires cooler temperatures.
  • Another biggie is far enough from windows and doors not to receive drafts, you will experience the best blooms at 68 degrees.
  • Sunny locations will provide you the long-term blooming.
  • Never allow them to be exposed to direct sunlight, you will burn your beautiful plant.
  • This is a tropical houseplant that indoors thrives when you provide them humid conditions.
  • Rooms that you never turn the lights on are more important than you might think, they need this time of darkness to bloom the best for you.
  • Aim for approximately 10 to 14 hours of darkness per day until the buds are set.
  • Once this happens, you can expose them to light at night once again.
  • Pet owners will be happy to know these are not toxic to your cats and dogs.
  • There have been Christmas Cactus plants that have bloomed for 20 to 30 years.
  • Begin long dark nights at the beginning of October.
  • Being careful not to overwater them is the key to a long life of blooming.
  • Simply misting them daily provides them with the proper humidity they require.

I am sure this simple guide will be a great asset to caring for your Christmas Cactus, you might be overwhelmed at first? You will find if you read this it actually is extremely simple to follow, I broke it down in small steps to hopefully make it easier for you to understand.


christmas cactus houseplant care

Lavender Christmas Cactus 4 Inch Pot 


Christmas Cactus Diseases

The basic care of the Christmas Cactus is not difficult to do, but what if you are doing everything according to my guide and your plant is looking terrible? Let us take a look at possible problems that could be causing you an unhealthy plant, many times knowing this can save your precious houseplant?

  • Basal Stem Rot
  • Botrytis Blight
  • Impatiens Necrotic Spot Virus
  • Phytophthora Root Rot
  • Pythium Root Rot

Now you know the most common problems, but what can you do if anything if this happens to you? That is what we are going to talk more about in the following paragraphs, you really want to read what is coming up next?

Basal Stem Rot Symptoms

Basal Stem Rot is the first disease we are going to learn more about, you need to understand what to watch out for? First let us learn the symptoms, and then if there is anything we can do?

  • You will want to check at the soil line tan tissue forming.
  • As this progresses the tissue will begin to fall away from the stem.
  • Eventually damaging the plant’s center vein.

Watching your stem is important to be sure your cactus is not experiencing Basal Stem Rot symptoms, what if this happens, is there anything you can do to save your precious indoor garden plant? Find this out next, we never want to lose any of our houseplants if possible?

Basal Stem Rot Solution

You are now a worried plant parent, so now you know your cactus is suffering from this disease. Hopefully, you can do something to save it, keep reading to find out if there is anything you can do?

  • Be careful not to injure the stem, you have only one chance to save your houseplant.
  • Apply a fungicide to hopefully cure this terrible problem.
  • You also will want to use a fungicide on all your healthy plants as well.

At least you know what you can try, and if you do lose the infected plant, if you act early enough you can prevent your healthy indoor plants from being infected as well. It would be a great loss to lose any of them, but losing all your plants would break any gardener’s heart.

Botrytis Blight Disease

Our next disease to learn about is the Botrytis Blight, now what are the symptoms to watch for with this one is what we are going to discuss next.

  • Dead Flowers
  • Flowers covered with a Gray Fungus
  • In severe cases, the stems may be infected.

Once again apply a fungicide to your healthy plants, you will want to provide low humidity if this occurs to any of your plants. Protecting your healthy houseplants is very important, we must do everything within our power to save as many of them as possible?

Impatiens Necrotic Spot Virus

How many of you have ever experienced any of these diseases, if you would like to share with my other gardeners please leave your experience in my comments section? Time to educate ourselves on this disease, I do hope none of you ever experienced any of these problems.

  • Sometimes you will not visually find any signs your plant is sick.
  • Other times symptoms will be yellowing, spotted, or wilted.

The best strategy is to destroy your unhealthy plants, you will then want to be extra strict with your caring of your healthy houseplants. Sometimes the Christmas Cactus is a carrier to your other indoor garden plants, when this happens it can be difficult to save them.

Phytophthora Root Rot

Knowing how to water your indoor plants properly is often your best strategy, many of us overwater our houseplants especially during the winter seasons. Extremely wet plants are more apt to become infected by diseases, I always use a plant moisture meter for all my indoor garden watering.

  • Roots will begin to rot
  • Grayish-green colored plants
  • Wilting
  • Eventually the loss of your houseplant

Planting in pasteurized potting soil is recommended by Penn State Extension, you will need to dispose of any infected plants. Apply a fungicide to your healthy plants, now only one left for us to learn about.

Pythium Root Rot

As you are seeing root rot is a common problem to the loss of houseplants, we must be extra careful when watering these especially during the winter months. During winter many of them will require much less water, you must cut back on watering during this time to keep them healthy.

  • Wilting is the only symptom you will notice.
  • Eventually, they will just wilt away and die

Once again planting in pasteurized potting soil is recommended, you again will apply a fungicide to your healthy houseplants. Root rot of any kind is very difficult to overcome, there is hope if you catch it early enough and repotting them in time.


christmas cactus houseplant care

Red Christmas Cactus 4 Inch Pot


Christmas Cactus Growing Guide

For anyone who might be new to the Christmas Cactus houseplant, I am going to provide you with a basic guide. If you follow this guide you will be able to grow beautiful plants, now let us get started teaching you how to grow this special Christmas plant.

  • Bright indirect light
  • East-facing windows provide the best light
  • South & west windows you will need to diffuse the light
  • Water trays under the plant are one option to provide humidity, be sure the bottom of your container is not sitting in water to prevent root rot and disease.
  • Drainage holes in containers are a must, you also will want to invest in Cactus Potting Soil for the proper drainage.
  • White leave spots is a sign of overwatering
  • When October arrives be more careful with your watering
  • Prune right after blooming is done if pruning is required
  • Repotting every 3 years to one size larger container

Follow this basic guide for a healthy Christmas Cactus, be sure to keep them away from heating vents and cold air vents as well. Bright indirect light is required, but avoid direct sunlight to prevent burning your plant.

Walmart Christmas Plants

Let us check what all Walmart’s Garden Center has in Christmas Plants? If this is one of your favorite places to shop, I am sure what you read next is going to interest you? No more goofing around, here is what you will find at Walmart.

Rare Yellow Christmas Cactus
Red Christmas Cactus Plant
White Xmas Cactus Plant
Pretty Pink Xmas Cactus
Tabletop Norfolk Island Pine
Rice Cactus
White Poinsettia
Lifesaver Cactus
Peace Lily
Evergreen Chinese Plant
Multi-Color Croton
Christmas Moss
Red White Poinsettia
Red Poinsettia
Christmas Tree Hosta

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