Christmas Gift Ideas Under 50 Dollars

It is the time of the year to begin thinking about what to buy everyone, today I have a special article on Christmas Gift Ideas Under 50 Dollars. Many people are on a budget for the holidays more than ever before, so I wanted to inspire you with some merchandise that is budget-friendly? If this would benefit you, I would appreciate you reading Rare Exotic Plants today?

Prices are exactly the same for you if your purchase is through an affiliate link or a non-affiliate link. You will not pay more by clicking through to the link. Learn more about how affiliate marketing works on this website, you can trust Rare Exotic Plants that you are my priority.


christmas gift ideas under 50 dollars

Christmas Flowers are Popular Christmas Gifts


Houseplants Make Perfect Gifts

Houseplants are extremely popular Christmas gifts for gardeners, many people have a passion for indoor gardening especially senior citizens? This age of people is the most difficult to shop for as well, so possibly this could be the budget-friendly option you are searching for?

  • Parlor Palm Tree $9.95
  • Golden Pothos $12.95
  • Mystery Plant Box $17.95
  • Dracaena Janet Craig $8.95
  • Ponytail Palm $8.95
  • Syngonium Strawberry $12.95
  • Gold Dust Croton $14.95
  • Fittonia $14.95
  • Pilea Aluminum $8.95
  • Zebra Succulent $14.95
  • Succulent Kiwi $6.95

You can be sure to receive your houseplant quickly, I am a subscriber to the Mystery Plant Box and extremely happy. Trust me I am very picky about where I purchase my precious houseplants,  Cellar Door Plants is the first place I shop regularly. As a Mystery Plant Box subscriber, I also receive special deals, but even better I receive 15% on any additional orders?

Mystery Plant Subscription

Being so thrilled with my monthly houseplant, I just have to tell you more about this opportunity? Even if you are shopping for someone else, just imagine every month they will receive a new gift from you? This could brighten someone’s life more than you can imagine, I know I am always excited when it becomes close for my surprise plant to arrive. Just keep this in mind as a backup gift if you are not sure at this time, you will not disappoint that special person when ordering this for them?

 Mystery Plant Subscription Box sends you a different indoor plant every month! The plants in this subscription box will arrive in a 4″ diameter nursery pot. Subscribers also get access to exclusive perks and discounts! The $17.95 charge is for one box, you will be charged $17.95 a month for your subscription box.

The subscription box is perfect for plant lovers of all experience levels. With the subscription box, you even have the option to gift one month’s delivery to a friend or family member! Just reach out to us and let us know what address you would like us to send your box to 2 weeks in advance of the shipment going out.

On top of the monthly houseplant delivered to your door, you get access to an exclusive Facebook group with experts on standby ready to answer your plant care questions. In addition to this, you also will receive a discount code for 15% off the entire store that is valid until you cancel your subscription, and that can be used as many times as you want!

If you love Cellar Door Plants, why not earn points for shopping with them? Join their Plant Points program today and start earning points on every order that can be redeemed for discounts and rewards. Not only can you earn points for shopping, but you can also earn points for the following.

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Start earning points and sign up with the Plant Points button. Refer a friend after you sign up and receive $5 off your next order!


christmas gift ideas under 50 dollars

October Monthly Mystery Plant Box 


Christmas Flowers Under 50 Dollars

Another good option to consider is Christmas flowers, there are several good resources to find these? Let us begin with Amazon, I know this is many of your favorite merchants. Then we will check some others as well, I aim to provide you with the best choices I can find?

Let us move on to our next merchant now, I am guessing many of you would be interested in comparing Amazon with Walmart? That is where we will be going next, so please keep reading to learn your next Christmas flower gift options?

Walmart Christmas Flowers

Everything in this article will cost you less than $50.00, but many are way less than that? Are you curious what Walmart might have for you, well that is what we are going to check out right now?

This is what I found at Walmart for you, as you can see the Christmas Cactus is a very popular choice on both Amazon and on Walmart? Between these two merchants you just might find something that catches your eye, I only provided you with the best deals I found?

Harry And David

Next on my list is Harry & David, even though this merchant is a little more expensive many people shop here? I will only provide you with their best deals under $50.00, let us now see what I have found for you?

You will find these much more impressive Christmas gift choices, but at the same time will require more of an investment? They still are within your budget, if you are in search of something you will not find on Amazon or Walmart, this is a good place to start?

Free Shipping Houseplants

If you are like me, you are always browsing any free shipping deals online? So I thought this might interest some of you, we can save quite a bit of money without having to pay for shipping, I really think we are being charged way too much for the delivery of the products we order online?

  • Wildfire Red Plumeria
  • Lucky Bamboo Plant
  • Fireball Bromeliad
  • Red Christmas Cactus
  • Variegated Hoya
  • Mexican Petunia
  • Red Prayer Plant
  • Pineapple Plant
  • Friendship Plant
  • Braided Snake Plant
  • Begonia Rex
  • Pink Christmas Cactus
  • Pilea Money Plant
  • Hoya Hindu Rope
  • Mini Terrarium Plants
  • Japanese Ming Aralia
  • Weeping Willow Bonsai Tree
  • Musa Red Tiger Banana Tree
  • Cast Iron Plant
  • Pickle Succulent
  • Purple Heart Plant
  • Spider Plant Green Hawaiian
  • Dragon Plant
  • Silver Dragon
  • Nanouk Plant

Free shipping on houseplants is really a good deal at any time, but even better during the holiday shopping season? You can’t go wrong when you are able to receive free shipping, so I really feel these are worth you considering? Do you have anyone into indoor gardening on your shopping list, many of these might be a happy surprise when they open their gift?


christmas gift ideas under 50 dollars

How to Care for the Poinsettia Plant


Gardener Gift Ideas

What can you give a gardener for Christmas might have brought you here, so maybe a houseplant is not what you had in mind? You have not visited Rare Exotic Plants for nothing, I am going to provide you some more inspiration with other gardening gift possibilities?

  • Avocado Tree Growing Kit
  • Outdoor Solar Light Watering Can Decor
  • Ladies Garden Tool Set
  • Garden Kneeler Seat
  • Hanging Solar Lantern
  • Exotic Veggie Growing Kit
  • Herbal Tea Growing Kit
  • Garden Apron with Pockets
  • Bonsai Starter Kit
  • Easy to Grow Seed Starter Kits 
  • Gardener Bag & Tool Set
  • The Gardener’s Friend Pruners
  • Butterfly Solar Windchimes

How do these suggestions inspire you, please leave me a comment letting me know? Just go to my comments section at the end of this article, you also are encouraged to share any of your own gardening tips. So many possibilities for under $50.00, now what else might I have for you before you leave Rare Exotic Plants?

Gardening Online Courses

As my last inspirational gift option, I am going to share some gardening online courses. Gardeners love to learn how to grow and care for their plants, so instead of books, maybe online courses would be the perfect gift? Take a peek at what I found for you, even if these are not what you had in mind, I thank you for spending your time on my website today.

That completes my gift ideas for you, but I do have some gardening resources that might benefit you? Information is the key to consistently having a more beautiful garden? No matter if you are into indoor gardening or another type, as long as you keep learning your garden will grow beautiful for you.

Gardening Resources

My last paragraph will be providing you with gardening resources, you can learn so much by using online websites similar to mine? Now check out these whenever you have the time, and I hope you will return again and again to read my articles on Rare Exotic Plants?

We are finished shopping for Christmas gifts under $50.00 for today, if you got some good ideas from reading this article feel free to leave a comment in my comments section? I encourage you to share any gardening tips you maybe have yourself, we can all learn from one another to grow beautiful gardens.



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