Dwarf Australian Tree Fern

The dwarf Australian tree fern is the perfect size for apartments and smaller homes, so if you are in search of a larger fern this might be perfect if you have your heart set on a fern tree? I am going to share all I know about these specific plants, I am sure after reading my article you will wish to add this to your indoor plant collection.

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dwarf australian tree fern
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dwarf australian tree fern

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Where To Buy Dwarf Ferns?

Even though this article is primarily providing information on the dwarf Australian tree fern, there are many other choices depending on the size you prefer? I took the time to search for resources for you to get started shopping for this perfect houseplant, I am more than happy to provide this for you as part of my regular part of Rare Exotic Plants.

Ferns of all sizes are popular houseplants, you can use them in hanging baskets and allow them to trail to the floor at your desired length? how many times do you see home decor ideas without including a variety of ferns? If you are decorating your apartment or home, you will want to consider adding some of these to your plan?

How To Grow Dwarf Australian Ferns?

The first step before anything else is to learn the requirements of these plants, so that is what the following paragraphs are going to be about? Often we fall in love with indoor plants only to lose them, you will find many times we don’t check what they need to survive indoors?

  • How much light do these ferns require is very important for success?
  • You must provide them the proper potting mix to grow healthy plants.
  • Watering for any plant must be taken extremely seriously, so never underestimate the importance of understanding their water requirements?
  • Temperature & Humidity is another factor you must consider, I am going to provide you all of their requirements in easy-to-understand information.
  • How and when to fertilize your plant will be talked about as well.

You will want to know these grow very quickly, so they can provide an awesome impact on your home decor in a very short time? Broad bright green leaves will brighten your apartment or home all year round, You are learning about one of the most beautiful ferns you could add to your home?


dwarf australian tree fern

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Dwarf Australian Light Requirements

Even though all of the requirements in this article are important, you will find placing them in the best light they require is a big part of their growing success? Too much direct sun can burn your plants, and not enough will often provide slower growth. Let us learn what is the best light, you will thank me for sharing this with you?

  • You will find these ferns do extremely well in the shade, They also do very well with the partial sun areas of your home. Indirect light is the safest form in a brighter home,  I have several who are doing amazing in this type of lighting? Some of my ferns I had to move farther from my balcony window, so you will want to keep a close eye on them as the seasons change?
  • I often need to move my plants according to the seasons, so this is something to consider if you live in an area with four seasons?

Now you understand better how the light affects your fern, let us move on to the next paragraph? You really should consider saving this article for later reference, you can even print it out with my permission?

Let Us Talk About Potting Mix?

Even though this type of plant can survive in the majority of potting mixes, I have experienced they grow the best in a rich and well-draining type the best? Heavier soil can cause you problems, you could lose your plant to root rot since the soil stays wet so much longer?

  • Espoma Organic Potting Mix
  • Tropical Houseplant Mix
  • Fernwood Tree Fern
  • DR. Earth

These are four good mixes I have used over the years with positive success, I am not saying these are the only good brands to choose from? I am just sharing the ones I have had the most success with for my own plants, but these are good choices to consider if you are not sure what to plant your ferns in? You can find these at most garden supply stores, you might want to start your search on Amazon for the best deals?

Ferns Watering tips

The main mistake people make is thinking ferns require wet soil, but actually, they prefer consistently moist soil instead?  Don’t be fooled into thinking fern are not receptible to root rot, I again want to mention the plant moisture meter garden tool?

  • Keeping their soil moist is a must, I find my plants often require watered weekly.
  • With well-drained soil weekly watering is normal.
  • Avoiding heavy potting mixes is your best preventative for root rot.
  • Avoid watering the fern crown, but instead, water the tree trunk.

Overwatering any houseplant is a sure destiny for death, you also are promoting diseases by watering your plants excessively? Consistent moist soil is what you are going for, and this goes for all houseplants other than your succulents and cactus?

Humidity Requirements

Humidity is another factor that causes problems growing indoor plants, and this is no different for growing healthy ferns as well? This might be even more confusing than the other needs of these plants, so let us see ways we can provide the proper humidity?

  • Aim for consistent humidity
  • Warm consistent temperatures are also needed.
  • 65 to 80 degrees is the temperature range you want to aim for?
  • Brown fonds are the result of dramatic changes in temperature and humidity.

By the way, I am writing this article for those of you growing these in containers? Many of you will find this to be the best growing method living in cold winter climates, you will need to move them from outdoors to indoors depending on your seasons? I just wanted to mention this, you might find moving them with a plant caddy to be your best option to consider?

Fern Fertilizing Guide

Fertilizing is another important knowledge for success, so should you feed your tree fern, and if so when? That is my next set of plant care tips for this special tree, you really want to keep reading to learn about this important step?

  • Controlled-release fertilizer is what I use during the growing season.
  • Monthly I feed my ferns with a liquid fertilizer, I dilute this to be less potent to be safer. It is better to use a weaker dose than too strong of one, you also could burn the roots with too strong of a fertilizer?

If this article was helpful, I would appreciate it very much if you shared it with your family and friends? Are you a member of any gardening groups, if so this is another good place to post this article?


dwarf australian tree fern

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Fern Fertilizer Brands

You might become confused when shopping for fertilizer for your fern tree, I decided it would benefit you by sharing with you some of my own favorites? Here are some that have provided me good results, so you can check these brands out if you need a place to start?

  • DR. Earth
  • Earth Pods Premium
  • Jobe’s Fern & Palm Spikes
  • Organic Fern Plant Food
  • Osmocote

You will not go wrong with any of the brands on the list above, I also provided you a variety of the ones I have used that will fit everyone’s budget? I realize we all must go with what is within our spending budget, so what I do is watch for sales to stock up and save money at the same time?

Dwarf Tree Varieties

Maybe after reading my article, you might be curious what other dwarf tree varieties are available? Don’t forget about miniature trees, I just added one to my indoor collection recently? For a very long time I hesitated, but I have found they are not difficult to grow at all?

These are a few popular choices indoor gardener lovers search for, you can find many other choices to choose from? I took the time to do a search for you for dwarf tree sales, so if you are interested click here for even more to consider?

Dwarf Tree Planters

You want to be careful as your tree grows the type of planter you choose, I want you to remember the taller it becomes the more top-heavy it is going to be? Since you are growing a special plant, you will need a sturdy planter? I have listed some examples below for you, I am sure this will be very helpful to purchase the perfect planter?

  • Novelty Ella Tall Square Planter
  • Jay Scots Round Planter
  • American Essence Dallas Tall Square
  • Lechuza Cubico Premium Planter
  • American Essence Metallic Round Planter

These are some examples of good planters made especially for dwarf trees, you can take a peek at them by clicking here. You then will have an idea of what to look for, I know containers can be confusing so I am sure this will help?

Beginners Patio Dwarf Trees

Maybe this will be your first attempt at growing dwarf trees, you might be interested in the best ones for beginners? Are you shopping for patio trees, and if so I am going to provide you the best trees to consider as your first project? These are great gifts for garden lovers, so keep this in mind when shopping for family and friends?

  • Sweet Cherry Trees
  • Dwarf Orange Tree
  • Miniature Apple Tree
  • Bonfire Peach
  • Black Mission Figs
  • Golden Glory Peach
  • Santa Rosa Plum
  • Apricot Tree
  • Dwarf Lemon
  • Bartlett Pear Tree
  • Cavendish Banana Tree
  • Juno Citrus Trees
  • Cold Hardy Avocado
  • Coffee Trees

Now you have even more to consider, but all of us are not interested in caring for and growing fruit trees on our balcony or patio? Not that I don’t love fresh fruit, I just live in an area that the weather really would make this difficult to do? The investment is quite high if you can’t provide the proper requirements, but for those of you who can or want to give these a try, I would love to hear your experience in my comments?

Dwarf Australian Tree Fern

You should now have a good idea of how to grow and care for this fern tree, even though this is possibly something you are hesitant to try, I have faith with this article you will grow a beautiful indoor plant? Remember to leave me any questions if you have any, and any requests will be much appreciated? I thank you for visiting Rare Exotic Plants, please come back often for more growing and plant care tips.



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