Dwarf Banana Tree Plant Care

Dwarf banana tree care, you too can grow this special exotic plant in your own apartment or home? Imagine picking and eating your own homegrown bananas, you will learn everything about growing and caring for this special houseplant.

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dwarf banana tree plant care

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Where To Buy Dwarf Banana Trees?

I think it is important for me to provide you resources where you can purchase high-quality healthy plants, so here are some places you can get started? If this is something you find helpful please leave me a comment, I can only provide you what you need and want to know by you helping me?

The following on the list above are how I would search for the Dwarf Banna Tree myself, so I really feel these are your best resources to begin your search. You want to avoid purchasing from stores you are not familiar with, I have provided you these to help you.

dwarf banana tree plant care

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I am a subscriber of this houseplant monthly club, I highly recommend this opportunity for anyone wishing to create a unique indoor garden. You receive your plant healthily and well-packed, I am always anxious to see what they sent me each month? Great gift for seniors and plant lovers, so I just wanted to mention this for anyone interested in this type of subscription box. By the way, you receive beautiful tropical plants if these interest you?

How To Grow The Dwarf Banana Tree?

Maybe you are hesitant about spending your money, I do understand? That is why I am providing you this growing guide, I want you to understand the needs of this special addition to your apartment or home. This guide will be focusing on growing in a container, if you are going to need to move this around you might find a plant caddy to be worth considering?

  • Dwarf Red
  • Cavendish
  • Brazilian
  • Jamaican
  • Dwarf Musa

These are varieties that do well in containers, so this guide will be perfect if you own or plan to add one of them to your apartment or home?

Best Containers Guide

Once you order your beautiful miniature tree, You are going to need to understand how to choose the best container? That is what I feel is your next important step, once I provide this information we will learn the requirements of keeping your tree healthy?

  • Go for a variety that grows approximately 4 feet in height, I have experienced these have done the best for me in containers?
  • The Musa variety is doing awesome in my apartment, so I do recommend you consider this variety.
  • Tall deep pots are a must to support these top-heavy miniature trees.
  • Straight-sided containers will be more sturdy as it grows in height
  • Start with a pot approximately 2-3 inches larger than when your plant arrives, you could cause root rot by beginning with too large of a container?
  •  Repotting each year will be required, I do this during the spring season.
  • Wind protection is a must if you move your tree outdoors
  • In cold climates with below-freezing temperatures, you must move them back indoors

Once the tree is 10-inches in diameter, you can increase your container by 4-6 inches instead of 2-3 inches. Another tool you might find valuable is a plant moisture meter? Over-watering kills more plants than any other reason, and during the winter indoors less water will be required?


dwarf banana tree plant care

Decorative Sturdy Planters For Large Houseplants


Dwarf Banana Tree Requirements?

Now you know the best varieties to consider first, I really think you will be happier with a variety that grows between 3 feet and 6 feet? My 4-foot tree is the perfect size for my apartment, I also am able to move it out on my balcony and back indoors easily with a plant caddy?

  • Potting Mix
  • Sunlight
  • Water
  • Humidity
  • Fertilizer

These are the basic requirements to take care of your miniature tree, so I am going to share in more detail each of these with you? The better you understand what your banana tree needs, you will become less frustrated and experience more success. Winter is our most difficult time for most of our houseplants, now let us start learning how to care for your beautiful addition to your home?

Potting Mix Guide

Since we must plant our tree potting mix is where I will begin, you might think all potting mix is the same? I will tell you from experience, you don’t want to use the same one for succulents and fruit trees? I use to think this really was not a major factor, but once I chose the proper mix for the right plants my indoor garden has really improved?

  • Being well-drained is very important.
  • You want a sandy mix with organic compost added in.
  • Sand, perlite, and organic compost are the mixture for anyone interested in making their own?
  • You will want to provide a good proportion of the following ingredients, sand to be your main ingredient with perlite and organic compost mixed in.

I am using a palm potting soil mixture with extremely good success, so this might be one that you want to consider using as well? Avoid heavy standard types, you will find they remain wet way too long? This can cause root rot with many tropical houseplants, so I would avoid these for your indoor gardening plants?

Avoid Over-Watering

Over-watering is how I lost many of my indoor plants when I first started indoor gardening, we just don’t realize our houseplants require a dramatic decrease in water during the winter? Again, what solved this problem for me was a plant moisture meter. You can afford one of these no matter your budget, I spent less than $20.00 for mine and it does not even require batteries? I purchased mine from Bonsai Boy with my Hawaiian Umbrella bonsai tree, if you are also into these miniature trees this is a good place to shop?

  • Water your tree regularly during the summer months
  • Don’t be surprised when the humidity is unbearably high, you might need to water them twice per day? Be sure not to overwater them, and the best way is with a plant moisture meter?
  • Decrease watering dramatically during the winter, you will find this even more true if you must move them indoors?

This really applies to most houseplants, I usually during the winter only need to water my succulents every three to four weeks? Remember each plant will be different, so you don’t want to be watering them all at the same time unless they really need a drink?

How Important Is The Humidity?

You will find most plants indoors requires humidity levels over 50%, and yes some could require higher levels as well. What about your banana tree, I have listed some things that work for me?

  • Over 50% humidity levels are required for your indoor tree.
  • Adding a humidifier near your tree can provide extra humidity if your plant is not receiving enough?
  • Portable versions are available online if you only have one or two houseplants, but for more, you would need to use a larger model?
  • Another trick I use is to place a water tray near my plants, I also have small glasses of water sitting in the pot with my plant if they only need a little extra humidity?

You can try any of my tricks above if you find your plants are lacking enough humidity, I also mist the leaves of my smaller plants with a spray bottle I purchased at a dollar store near me? Many houseplants do just fine without doing any of these things, but that depends on the temperature you keep your home during the winter months? I keep my apartment approximately between 70 and 75 degrees, and most of my plants receive enough humidity to survive our winters?

Fertilizing Dwarf Banana Trees

Banana Trees depending on the variety grows quickly, so that is why you must be repotting them yearly? You lose nutrients from the drainage holes of their containers, they also use up their nutrients regularly with their rapid growth? How do we fertilize these is another important step of caring for them, let us learn more about this next?

  • You will need a fertilizer enriched with nitrogen.
  • When your tree is about to start producing bananas, you will want a fertilizer with 15, 5, 30.
  • During fruit-producing time you want to fertilize with this regularly.
  • Shopping for banana tree fertilizer

You will find a variety of good fertilizer choices, I don’t use an all-purpose fertilizer on my tree. The fertilizers for banana trees range from approximately $29.00 to $40.00 depending on where you purchase them, I purchase mine from Lowes when it is on sale, I then can keep an amble supply without over-spending my budget? Set up a Google Alert is another option to find the best sales, you can get started by clicking here?


dwarf banana tree plant care

Gardeners Supply Coupon Deals


Best Banana Tree Fertilizer

I could not leave you without providing you some brands I have used myself, and even though I am not pushing any of these at you? They are good resources to consider, I just want to provide you as much information as possible? Sharing the ones I have used myself, I know these are good ones to consider.

  • Jobe’s Organics
  • Floral Nectar Bliss
  • Fox Farm
  • Green 24
  • Iguana Juice
  • Grow More
  • Micro Food
  • DR. Earth

You might be wondering why Miracle-Gro is not on my list, I did try several varieties of their fruit tree fertilizer and potting mixes? I found their potting mixes are too heavy for the drainage I am looking for, and my houseplants did not really respond well to their fertilizers as well as these other brands? I am not saying they are not a good brand, I do use their products with successful results for my outdoor plants.

Growing Banana Trees By Seed

If you have the right seed growing system and experience, you do have the option to grow them by seed? This is one thing I have never tried myself, but I thought I would mention this is something you could try? This would be a fun project, so any of you into DIY projects might love this one?

  • Great project any time of the year.
  • Soak your seeds in warm water overnight.
  • Prepare your area or container
  • Plant the seeds approximately 1/4 of an inch deep.
  • You want to keep the seeds moist.
  • Seeds always require patience, you can expect to see their heads between 2 weeks and one month.

For those of you interested this is how to grow them from seed, you might find this an interesting winter project? You can tackle this at any time you are motivated, I am presently attempting to grow a date tree from some seeds, so will they grow, only time will tell? If you know anyone interested in growing and caring for a dwarf banana tree, I would love it if you shared this article with them?



2 thoughts on “Dwarf Banana Tree Plant Care”

  1. Jeff, I LOVE your Best Indoor Tree Plant Website! I raised a lemon tree from seed, which was a beautiful plant for many years–perhaps 15? I had to give it up when it outgrew my living space. I had high hopes of getting some free lemons; but it never happened.
    I had some Date Palms started–80 degrees on type of my old refrigerator–then we went to Alaska for a “few” months, which became 10 months, during which time the mice ate them all. I am just about to try date palms from seed, again.
    My latest has been successfully starting avocados from seed. I had 7 beautiful plants that I placed around my Porch Patio in NC. Now I am in CO, so do not know if my neighbor has been able to maintain them.
    A friend gave me a fig tree, which is threatening my living space, again, and will not winter over on the outside. I had a pineapple plant started from the top off a pineapple. It was at least 3 feet in diameter when I had to abandon it.
    So I am a good candidate to purchase an indoor banana plant, once I am again settled in my home in NC.
    Thank you for your helpful information and resources. I hope you are having a lot of success with this website.

    • Thank you, Shirley

      I enjoyed you sharing your own experience with growing trees, you have had very good luck growing them from seed? Starting this website after retiring was the best thing I ever did, I am having so much fun helping people with indoor gardening.

      I appreciate you sharing your own experience with my other readers and myself,


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