Easy Indoor Flowering Plants

How to start your first indoor garden is with Easy Indoor Flowering Plants, as a beginner you want to begin indoor gardening with plants that will thrive for you without a lot of care? This article is for those of you just getting started or shopping for flowering plants that are easy to grow, if either of these describes you, please read on?

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easy indoor flowering plants

Purple Shamrock Flowering Plant


Purple Flowering Shamrock Indoor Plant

I can’t explain why but the first time I saw this I was interested in learning more, this motivated me to share what I learned from reading up on this unique flowering houseplant? A good choice for containers and indoor baskets, imagine the response from your friends when visiting you with this one in your collection?

  • What type of light does it require?
  • Best potting mix type.
  • How to water this unique houseplant?
  • Temperature & humidity requirements.
  • Fertilizing the Purple Shamrock Plant.

These are the first most important things to know before ever purchasing this plant, I want you to be sure this is a good choice for you that is why I am providing you this information? You might also be interested in learning the Best Indoor Blooming Plants, you can get this plant list by clicking on the link in this paragraph?

Purple Shamrock Light Requirements

Light is very important for healthy houseplants, so let us start with learning about this first? Many times I have had to move my own plants as the seasons change, even though some plants don’t like to be moved, it is better to take the chance if they are lacking enough light?

  • Bright light to partial-shade this will grow very well for you.
  • Focusing on 4 hours of bright to moderate light will provide you the most success.
  • Protecting the Purple Shamrock Plant from direct sunlight in the afternoon is vital.
  • Rotating your plant will provide it evenly light which is important for even growth.

As you can see it is not so complicated to grow this one, when you provide them what they require they are extremely easy for even a beginner to grow this particular plant? Taking the time to read good resources is the key to success, you always should educate yourself before ordering any type of indoor plant online? Learn how to start your own indoor bulb garden, I have provided an easy step-by-step guide?

Best Potting Mix

Many people lack the understanding all potting mixes are not the same, you want to choose the best type for every plant in your indoor garden? That is what we will talk about next, so please keep reading to learn all you need to know to grow this specific houseplant?

  • All indoor plants do the best in a well-draining potting mix.
  • The Purple Shamrock does just fine in an all-purpose well-draining potting mix.
  • If you can find a loamy or sandy potting mix this is the best type?
  • This one is prone to root rot, so the potting mix draining is important?

The most important factor is the potting mix does not hold moisture for long periods, you will find this type is the main reason your plants will suffer from root rot? You can learn how to grow from seed with my step-by-step guide, this will save you money if you are on a tight budget?

Watering Requirements

Earlier I mentioned root rot, you might be surprised many of us are overwatering especially during the winter months. This is the most common cause of houseplants loss, so you must be very careful watering your plants to prevent root rot? Now let us learn about how to water the Purple Shamrock, I encourage you to print out this article to use as a guide?

  • Even moisture is important especially for young plants.
  • A plant moisture meter is an inexpensive gardening tool I highly recommend.
  • Water during the growing season whenever the top inch of potting soil is dry to touch.
  • During the summer this plant is dormant, so cut back on your watering to approximately every 2-3 weeks.
  • Never allow this plant to become completely dry.

Using a plant moisture meter has been the key to my success in indoor gardening, so seriously consider purchasing one of these when you order your next houseplant. You can get one at a very reasonable price, so avoid any of those expensive types that you really don’t need?

Temperature And Humidity

Many people don’t take these two factors seriously enough, but then maybe these people just are not aware of how important both of these are for a healthy houseplant? I am going to provide you some basic tips on these, if you follow my guide you will have a positive experience growing this indoor plant.

  • Temperatures between 65 and 75 degrees.
  • This plant can tolerate temperatures as low as 50 degrees during the night.
  • It is very important to place them where they won’t be exposed to drafts.
  • Air Conditioners and indoor heating systems are their worst enemy.
  • A moderate humidity level is all you need to keep this one healthy and happy.

As you read this, you should be noticing this is an extremely easy plant to grow? If you find winter to be a problem for your houseplants, you might be interested in the Best Indoor Winter Plants?

Purple Shamrock Fertilizing

To complete growing and caring let us discuss fertilizing, you can over-fertilize that can burn the roots so this also is important to understand? I always prepare my fertilizer weaker than recommended by the manufacturers, this is just for my own peace of mind to avoid burning their roots?

  • You will have the option of choosing between a slow-release or liquid fertilizer, I prefer the slow-release myself.
  • Apply your choice of fertilizer during the growing season
  • Slow-release fertilizer you can apply once for a log-term method
  • Liquid fertilizer you need to apply regularly during the growing season
  • You also have the option to add compose in your potting mix as a natural fertilizer.

Now you understand the basic growing and care of this plant, so before we move on you might find my list of night-blooming plants to be worth your time reading? Rare Exotic Plants is happy to be able to provide you the information you require to create your own beautiful indoor garden.


easy indoor flowering plants

Types of Shamrock Plants


Shamrock Plant Types

Did you know there is more than one type of this plant, I thought for those who were not aware of this I would add this information just for you? This can be important if you are shopping for a specific variety, you can learn more by checking the list below?

Each one of these is easy to grow, you might find one of these varieties interesting as well? Maybe you will want to check each one out before making up your mind, it never hurts to browse around before ordering a new plant online?

Easy Flowering Plant List

Maybe the Shamrock plant just is not right for you, everyone has a different taste when it comes to indoor plants? Even though I love blooming plants, many of my favorites in my own collection are variegated leave houseplants? There are more good choices than the shamrock plant, so let us see what I have found for you?

  • Scented Geranium
  • Flowering Kalanchoe
  • Night-Blooming Jasmine
  • Chenille Plant
  • Silver Vase Plant
  • Lace Leaf
  • Indian Mallow
  • Gloxinia
  • Clivia
  • Shrimp Plant
  • Brazilian Fireworks
  • Ixora

These are some more options you can consider that are easy to grow, you will find they are beautiful flowering plants as well. I have confidence these will give you a good start for your indoor garden, remember there are many that are unique despite their lack of flowers?


easy indoor flowering plants

Gardening Tee-Shirt Gift Ideas


Gardening Activities For Children

It is important to start your children gardening at a very young age, I started helping my grandmother at the age of 4 years old. As the years went by my passion for gardening grew, so just like the plants I helped my grandmother grow I also grew into loving to garden? Today I have some JC Penney Coupons as a thank you gift, you are very much appreciated by Rare Exotic Plants?

  • Kitchen Scrap Gardening
  • Seed Viewer
  • Plant People
  • Grow your own Salad
  • Pressed Flowers
  • Leaf & Flower Prints
  • Make More Plants from Houseplants
  • Hydroponics
  • Garden Salvage Hunt
  • Soil Art

Do you have children or grandchildren, you might want to get them started with these easy gardening activities provided by the National Gardening Bureau website? Children learn by helping you in the garden, so encourage them to get interested in gardening?

Free Gardening Books

The coolest part about the internet is finding freebies for you, today I have some free gardening books. You can check them out if any interest you, Rare Exotic Plants makes learning a priority, I thank you again for reading Easy Indoor Flowering Plants.

  • Garden Design Ideas
  • DR. Deno’s Seed Starting Book
  • North America Rock Garden
  • Ontario Gardener Reference Manual
  • Knott’s Handbook for Vegetable Growers
  • Home Vegetable Gardening in Washington
  • Organic Gardening for Dummies
  • Botany Primer
  • How Plant Roots Absorb Nutrients
  • An Introduction to Our Native Bees
  • Tom Clothier’s Germination
  • Soil Microorganisms & Higher Plants
  • Woody Plants Seed Manual

Learning is the key to being successful in anything, here are some freebies that you are free to read? You can visit the website to learn more about each of these publications, if you find these helpful leave a comment so other readers can check them out as well?


easy indoor flowering plants

Flower Bulb Deals


Gardening Clubs

By joining a garden club you can learn so much, I do have one you might be interested in checking out? I am going to tell you a little more about it, and then it is up to you if you decide to join or pass up this opportunity?

  • 100 percent free
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You just fill out this simple form and you are on your way, but wait I am going to tell you what your free membership includes? You can’t lose when it is free to join, and you can cancel at any time?

Garen Club Membership Benefits

To give you a little more information on this garden club will possibly help you decide, we all only have so much time so by providing the benefits of being a member is important to me, here is what is included as a member of this garden club?

  • Hundreds of container ideas with photographs
  • Flower beds
  • Flower borders
  • Front porches
  • Decks
  • Fences
  • Expert tips
  • Gardening pro tips on houseplants, ornamental, & Vegetable gardening
  • DIY Videos & articles
  • A growing library of plant guides
  • Free giveaways for members only
  • Group discussions

How does this garden club sound to you, are you tempted to check this out on your own? You can join the Garden Lovers Club on their website, or you can get more information instead? This is just another good resource you might like to look into, and if you join it is totally up to you? I am even considering joining this myself possibly, but like you, I need the time to think it over?

Perfect Houseplant Quiz

One fun way I have learned over the years was by taking fun quizzes online, so I thought providing you this Perfect Houseplant quiz might interest some of you? By taking this easy quiz, you see what houseplant it predicts to be your perfect match? I am going to take this quiz myself right now, so for anyone who wishes to join me just click here?

  • How many houseplants do you currently own
  • Looking for a monster plant or just a little guy
  • How often do you water your plants
  • Have you ever killed a plant before
  • Do you have cats or dogs
  • Do you know how much light your plant will receive
  • Do you want colorful plants or something that flowers
  • Subscribe to see your results

These are the questions that you need to answer, since you must subscribe I did not find my perfect plant? If you are not planning on subscribing, you will want to pass this quiz up? I am happy I took this quiz, so I could warn you this is a ploy to get your email address? You will never find Rare Exotic Plants lowering themselves to get your email address, I really am devoted to helping you create your dream indoor garden?


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