Exotic Plant Gifts

Are you starting your own indoor garden, maybe you know someone else who is? Exotic Plant Gifts can get you or someone else started, even consider this website for your gift shopping? Anyone who loves houseplants will appreciate your kind gesture, so if you are ready to learn more about where to shop for Exotic Plant Gifts this article is for you?

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exotic plant gifts

Browse Professional Trained Bonsai Trees Ready For Your Indoor Garden


Bonsai Tree Gift Ideas

I took the first step myself in adding a bonsai tree to my indoor garden, you might think these are difficult to grow but actually, they are not? There are so many to choose from, what other exotic tree would make such an impact? You might find one of these is the perfect gift for your favorite plant lover, I really recommend considering the bonsai tree for senior gardeners?

  • Juniper
  • Chinese Elm
  • Satsuki Azalea
  • Bonsai Starter Kits
  • Golden Gate Fiscus
  • Pomegranate
  • Rock Juniper
  • Young Juniper
  • Boxwood
  • Large Rock Juniper
  • Bonsai Fertilizer
  • Polished River Rock
  • Colored Marbles
  • Sago Palm
  • 9-Inch Humidity Tray
  • Bonsai 101 Essentials
  • Brass Spray Mister
  • Panda Ledge Hanger
  • Kyoto Moss Spores
  • Moisture/Light Meter
  • Flowering Tea Tree
  • 10 1/2 Inch Humidity Tray
  • Kanji Stones
  • Zen Message Stones
  • Zen Rock Calm Sculptures
  • Taiwan Fiscus
  • Pink Blossom Azalea
  • White Blossom Azalea
  • Miniature Chinese Elm
  • Miniature Flowering Tea
  • Miniature Golden Gate Fiscus
  • Spanish Moss
  • Reindeer Moss

How do you like the variety available here, you might be surprised to know this is only the first page of many? Everything you need to start your own bonsai tree indoor garden, but there is much more than bonsai trees waiting for you on this website?

exotic plant gifts

Browse Indoor Bonsai Trees


Indoor Garden Plants

Bonsai trees are only the beginning of what you will find, now learn what they offer in the way of Indoor plants and accessories? This really is the indoor gardener’s website, so many awesome gift ideas just waiting for you? Your biggest problem might be what to choose, let us see what is in this section?

  • Lucky Bamboo
  • Succulents
  • Houseplants
  • Terrariums
  • Indoor Garden Colored Sand
  • Baby’s Necklace
  • Elephant Bush
  • Anacamperous
  • Croton in Geometric Planter Stand
  • Sweet Spiral Bamboo
  • Sweet Pastels Bamboo
  • Monstera Deliciosa in Planter
  • Fiscus Audrey in Planter
  • Large Staghorn Fern in Planter
  • Baby Rubber Plant in Planter
  • Small Pot Aeration 1 Gallon Container
  • 3 Gallon Pot Aeration Container
  • Fiddle Leaf in Planter
  • Bonsai Money Tree
  • The string of Tears Succulent
  • Rosette Shaped Succulents
  • Succulent Soil Mix
  • Tillandsia Plants

On the first page of 12, now are you tempted to browse the plant section? How can you not find the perfect plant gift for someone special, but wait there are even more choices available? Are you anxious to find out more, so if so keep reading?

exotic plant gifts

How About Budget-Friendly Terrarium Kits


Gardening And Home

Our next stop is the gardening and home section, now are you starting to see how this has everything for indoor gardeners? Being an indoor gardener, I know how much I appreciate websites like this one. Who does not love one-stop garden websites, what can we find in this section is what is next?

  • Gardening Tools
  • Garden Lanterns
  • Nature Habitats
  • Tabletop & Dinnerware
  • Gardening Decor
  • Japanese Gardening Tools

Everyone knows indoor gardeners love home decor as well, so you have the best of both in this section? Wind and rain chimes caught my eye, you just might wish to check them out? Feel free to browse the gardening and home section, you just might find the perfect gift?

Tea Pavilion

Just the name might interest you, I know many older folks are into relaxing tea beverages? As the years have gone by, I am more partial to calming teas myself? This website focuses on Zen Gardening, now let us see what type of teas we have to choose from?

  • White
  • Green
  • Black
  • Jasmine
  • Flavored
  • Oolong
  • Japanese Loose Leaf Green Tea
  • Tea Tins & Sachets
  • Organic
  • Red
  • Teaware & Tea Containers
  • Japanese Matcha Tea Kits

Tea lovers will love browsing the Tea Pavillon, so do you know anyone who is a dedicated tea drinker? You might find something perfect for them here, but if this is not your cup of tea, keep reading I have more to share? If you are enjoying this article please tell your friends, you can be a huge asset to Rare Exotic Plants being the best garden resource online?


exotic plant gifts

 Browse Tropical Plants For More Gift Ideas


Zen Wellness

Since Zen gardening is all about wellness, you also have access to their health product section. Let us go straight to what you will find here, you will possibly become inspired once you learn more?

  • Fragrances
  • Aromatherapy
  • Body Essentials
  • Gift Sets
  • Gardener’s Essentials
  • Green Collection
  • Zen Jewelry

Women especially love these types of merchandise, so if you are shopping for your mother, wife, or even your new girlfriend these might be worth considering? Most people are more health-conscious today, are you ready to check the Zen Wellness out?

Online Learning

We all love to learn more about the things we are passionate about, you even have access to their knowledge center? I am going to provide you with what you can expect here, so possibly there is something that interests you? This is not something you can purchase, but this is a free online learning opportunity?

  • Bonsai Tree Care by Species
  • Basic Care & Maintenance
  • Bonsai Tools & Usage
  • Training & Shaping Techniques
  • Bonsai Repotting & Transplanting
  • Tree Cultivation

As you can see bonsai gardening is the focus of Zen gardening, you will find the trees are already shaped for you when they arrive? I bought my first one already trained. you will love purchasing an already shaped bonsai tree? Not only this saves you time and money from training your own, but these are very affordable?

Most Recent Articles

Many of you might be interested in the most recent articles, I know this will help you decide if you want to check them out? Saving you time and money is important to me, now here are some of the articles available?

  • How to Make a Slant Bonsai
  • Large Olive Tree Maintenance Guide
  • Twin Trunk Technique for Beginners
  • Black Pine Styling
  • Juniper Bonsai Tree Styling
  • Bonsai Pruning Maintenance
  • Black Pine Maintenance
  • Creating a Bonsai from a Shrub

The most recent articles should give you an idea of what to expect, I am sure once you purchase your first bonsai tree you will want to learn more about them? By the way, there is a 30-Day-Guarantee. This is something that is important to know, so if your plant arrives damaged you are protected?

Customer Review

I was just reading the customer reviews, so do you also read these to see what people say in their own words? This is a good way to learn about a companies merchandise and service, So here is what one customer had to say.

Emily Goepel

Miniature Boxwood

Beautiful! The boxwood and juniper I ordered arrived safely. They looked better than I expected and have been thriving. I’m so happy with them both.

Feel free to read the other reviews when you visit this Zen Gardening website, now we at least we know Emily Goepel is extremely happy with her own shopping experience?


exotic plant gifts

Browse Zen Gardening Kits


Best Gardening Websites

If you love gardening as much as I do, you will be interested in the best gardening websites? I am always searching for new sites with good blog posts, so to save you time here are the best ones recommended? Consider this as a small gift for reading my article, you can check out Gardeners Supply Coupon Deals.

  • Tree Hugger
  • Gardening Know-How
  • Garden Web
  • Gardengirly
  • Gardeners
  • Burpee
  • Sunset
  • Americanorganics
  • Whateverworks
  • Rareseeds

My list above will get you started with the best-ranked websites, now you can help Rare Exotic Plants become a part of this list by sharing it with your family and your friends, one day this website will be one of the best resources for gardeners as well. Any comments please leave them in my comments section, you can be sure I am very appreciative of anyone who reads my articles.


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