Fiddle Leaf Fig Plant Cuttings

Today we are going to discuss Fiddle Leaf Fig Plant Cuttings, so did you know this is the most popular houseplant in the entire world? Oddly many people like me never heard of this indoor plant until recently, you will learn all I can find on this popular houseplant.

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fiddle leaf fig plant cuttings
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Fiddle Leaf Fig Plants

Are you curious why this of all plants is so popular, while browsing several home interior websites the Fiddle Leaf Fig Plant kept showing up? This motivated me to choose this to write for you today, how many of you would love to know more about this popular home decor star?

  • Extremely enormous & heavy veined leaves are the main features people love about this specific houseplant, actually, this is really a tree, how many of you already knew that?
  • Upright violin-shaped leaves make this a very attractive addition to any home or office
  • How about super-fast growth up to 2 to 3 feet per year?
  • If you are shopping for an indoor plant that will provide an instant impact on your home, you just might have found your answer on Rare Exotic Plants?
  • A great choice for beginners or advanced gardeners

Now that I have your interest, you might be curious where are some good places to purchase such a miracle-growing tree that will grow in your home easily? That is what you can find out in my next paragraph, I am always happy to provide you good resources for the houseplants I write about.

Let Us Go Shopping

I am sure you can find this online all on your own, but I  always feel it is only proper for me to provide you some places to start? I have listed a few of my own favorite online resources, and I am sharing them with you to save you time.

  • Cellar Door Plants is my favorite website since I found it only recently, you will receive your order quicker than any other place I have ordered since COVID has slowed down our mail?
  • Plant nurseries are another resource for healthy plants as well, you usually will pay more at these than Cellar Door Plants.
  • Home decor online stores have a few of these to choose from, they are another good option to consider if you are willing to pay higher prices with less to choose from?
  • Lowes Home Improvement Store has a nice variety to choose from, you will also find they provide a variety of prices for most of your budgets. I have ordered from Lowes recently with a positive experience, you will find they only deliver some of their merchandise, so you have to be sure you choose one that delivers to your home is available unless you wish to pick it up at one of their stores?
  • Home Depot is a well-known source as well, I have never ordered from them since I am not familiar with their service. This is one you could consider, but be sure to check them out first?
  • IKEA is highly recommended, but again I am not able to refer them myself? I never want to mislead you by recommending any resource I have never used myself?

Now you have some places to start shopping, I really have faith you will be extremely satisfied ordering from Cellar Door Plants, but it is best if you check them out yourself? Cellar Door Plants and Lowes are two I recommend from my own experience, one other very good one I almost forgot about is Logee’s.

Fiddle Leaf Fig Plant Care

Since many of you might never have purchased one of these beautiful trees, I am going to provide you some basic plant care? I want you to at least understand the basic care before you go out and purchase one, I could not live with myself if you invested in one and it did not grow for you?

  • Water
  • Sunlight
  • Temperature
  • Potting tips
  • Fertilizer
  • Toxicity

I will provide you a short basic guide to get you started with your new plant, if you have any questions feel free to leave me your question in my comments section. If you find this article worthy, please share it with your family and friends?


fiddle leaf fig plant cuttings

You Can’t Have Beautiful Plants Without Beautiful Planters


Fiddle Leaf Watering Tips

More of our indoor plants die from overwatering than underwatering, so to solve this problem I invested in an inexpensive plant moisture meter? My plants are just beautiful now, I only need to water them when they actually need it now with my trusty new invaluable garden tool.

  • Water when the top inch of the potting mix is dry, you can use a toothpick or even better one of the provided wooden mini-stakes provided with every plant you order from Cellar Door Plants.
  • It is very important to use only room temperature water, you could possibly put your plant in shock with too cold or too warm of water.
  • A good drainage potting mix and a planter with a drainage hole are more important than many people realize, so these are my tips for watering your Fiddle Leaf Fig Plant.

Not extremely difficult now that you understand your plants’ needs, so the next most important care requirement is how much or how little sunlight to provide you new indoor tree?

Sunlight Requirement Tips

Besides overwatering, you will find not the right amount of light kills more plants? If you are reading this, you really want to be sure you understand the watering and light needs of your indoor plant?

  • Medium-light is recommended for this particular houseplant, so how much light is medium-light you might be wondering? Indirect light near a window would be the perfect spot, now think do you have the perfect place for your new addition to your home?
  • Never allow this plant to receive direct sunlight, and if you do you will have yourself a deep-fried Fiddle Leaf Plant?
  • I always rotate my plants every few days, you will experience a much nicer shaped tree by doing this simple easy to do tip.

You are learning so much by me sharing the basic care, anyone can grow beautiful houseplants once they know the basic needs of each one of their plants.

Let Us Talk Temperature

How many of you think of the temperature of your home for your plants, I know when I started indoor gardening this was absolutely new to me? Most homes are usually at a good temperature without doing anything, but just in case you keep your home cooler or warmer than the average person you might want to read this?

  • You will more likely find your home is the perfect temperature, so is your home between 55 and 85 degrees? If so you are good to go, but if not you might want to adjust your thermostat?

Temperature is rarely a factor for the beauty of most of our home decorative plants, but it never hurts to mention this in my articles for those new to indoor gardening.

Potting Your New Plant

There are some things that can be important to know about potting your new plant, so I hope you are still with me, you might learn something new on this topic? I am always learning something new with every article I write you, you can never know everything about anything when it comes to taking care of houseplants?

  • With this particular tree repotting yearly is recommended, you must remember this grows very rapidly? You will be needing a larger planter every year, you will want to increase it to one size larger each time instead of planting it in a very large container when it arrives.
  • Many people don’t realize too large of a container is just as unhealthy as one that is too small, so remember one size larger each year when repotting your beautiful tree.

You should now be prepared for repotting every year, now I really want to talk about fertilizing next? Too much can actually kill your beautiful new houseplant, so how much is too much?

Fertilizing Tips

You don’t want to over-fertilize, so I am going to share how often you can apply fertilizer to be safe. You lose nutrients as you water through the drainage hole in your planter, even though it isn’t a must according to experts, I think this should be done for a strong healthy plant.

  • You only need to fertilize your tree twice per year, you really want to avoid fertilizing any more often than that to be safe?
  • I fertilize all mine in the spring and in the fall season with a fertilizing especially for Fiddle Leaf Trees

We are almost finished with your basic plant care guide, I am sure you have learned a few things you didn’t know? As for toxicity, you will want to be careful if you have children or pets. I have my Australian Shepherd trained to stay away from my indoor plants, so this gives me peace of mind knowing he will not ingest any of them.


fiddle leaf fir plant cuttings

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Fiddle Leaf Propagation

Does anyone you know already have a Fiddle Leaf Fir Tree in their home, and if so you can ask them for a cutting to start your own without costing you anything? I am going to provide a very easy and simple guide on how to do this, so if this interests you keep reading to learn how you can accomplish this?

  • The best time to propagate any houseplant is in the spring, you will find the majority of indoor plants can be started using this guide.
  • Start with a branch with new growth is the key for the most success, since spring is when new growth begins this is the best time?
  • You will find your new plant from a cutting will be thriving by the time cold weather arrives again?

If this interests you to learn more or even give it a try, I really think you will enjoy this easy and simple guide? Now let us begin learning how to propagate indoor plants, you can save money or grow these for special gifts?

Starts With Your Container

Once you choose the container you are ready to prepare for your propagation, I have shared some simple tips below to help you get a good start with this new project?

  • You will need a container with clean chemical-free water.
  • What I do is use tap water left to sit overnight, you want to allow any chemicals in the water to evaporate before beginning your propagation?
  • Distilled water is an option if this makes you feel safer?
  • The container should be large enough to support your cutting and keep it upright?

You now are ready to choose your cutting from the plant you are going to use, remember to be sure it has new growth?

Stem Cutting Guide

This is not a complex process, but to give you more confidence I am going to provide you some guidance?

  • Choose a stem with two to three leaves
  • Avoid choosing one with more than three leaves
  • You will want to cut 3 inches before the first leaf
  • Choose a few of the healthiest leaves on your plant as your stem cutting
  • Using a sharp cutting tool dipped in rubbing alcohol

I use my trusty plant scissors for all my houseplant maintenance and propagation, you can also use plant pruning shears whichever is the most comfortable for you?

Rooting Hormone Recommended

For the best results, I use a rooting hormone product? This helps your plant grow roots much more quickly? You will find directions depending on the product you choose, you will just dip your stem into the rooting hormone before placing it in the container of water. You might know people who use a container of soil instead of water, I prefer water so I know my cutting is growing roots?

Best Place For Your Container

You will want to place your container in a bright spot in your home, but you want to be sure to avoid direct sunlight? Keep an eye on it every few days, you will be checking it has plenty of water and bright light. If the water becomes cloudy, you want to replace it with chemical-free water.

How Long For Root Growth?

I know this is going to seem forever, but it usually takes approximately up to one month to develop roots. You should begin seeing tiny roots starting within three weeks, instead of getting anxious wait one extra week before planting.


fiddle leaf fig plant cuttings

Fiddle Leaf Fig Plant Care Guide


Time To Plant Now

It is now the right time to plant, you will want a moist potting mix to plant for the best results? Keeping the potting mix moist for the first two months is very important at this time, you will find it takes several months for the roots to really begin to grow in your potting mix? The most difficult part is being patient with the process, so many people become impatient and give up on propagating houseplants?

  • After approximately three months begin fertilizing, I use plant food especially for Fiddle Leaf Fir Plants. You might need to be patient for up to one year before you start to see a dramatic growth rate.
  • Many of us are impatient, so we opt to purchase our first plant. Then start experimenting with this process from our own plant, even though it might seem overwhelming right now, I promise you if you take it one step at a time you will be a pro at this in no time?

How did you like this article, I would love to hear from you? Just leave me any questions or requests in my comments section? Thank you for reading this article on Rare Exotic Plants.




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