Flower Bulbs Planting Guide

As you know my passion is growing indoor plants, today I am going to provide you a Flower Bulbs Planting Guide. How many of you knew you can grow these indoors, if this is something you wish to learn, you will want to be sure to print my article or save it on your browser in your favorites?

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flower bulbs planting guide
Unique Flower Bulbs 


Indoor Chilled Bulb Flower Plan

Flower bulbs are how many beginners get started gardening, you just plant them in the ground in the fall for a spring bulb garden? What if you wish to grow them indoors instead, you can accomplish an indoor flower bulb garden with a plan? If you are interested in this type of garden, I invite you to follow my plan?

  1. You will choose a container with a drainage hole just as you would for any other indoor plant
  2. The container should be deep enough to provide no less than 2 inches of space underneath each of the bulbs
  3. Fill the container with your favorite potting mix
  4. Daffodils, hyacinth, and tulips require the tips just above the surface
  5. Snowdrops, crocus, and grape hyacinth should be covered completely
  6. Place your bulbs close is what I do myself, I only leave a small space between them for a thick and full plant once they grow
  7. Water them until you begin to see dripping from the drainage hole
  8. Place them in a cool area with temperatures between 35 and 50 degrees
  9. Basements and garages are very good choices if you are lucky enough to have either of them
  10. For more than one container with different bulbs labeling is a very good idea
  11. Water regularly to keep the potting mix moist without overwatering them, I use my favorite indoor garden tool my plant moisture meter
  12. If you planted more than one type of bulb in containers labeling them will now pay off
  13. Most of them will bloom between 12-16 weeks, so labeling them with the date is recommended
  14. Bring your bulbs indoors at the proper time is the key
  15. Place them in a room with low light and temperatures between 60-65 degrees
  16. Once you spot the first green head move them into bright light regular room temperatures
  17. When you begin to notice color move the container into indirect sunlight

Please don’t allow the steps to discourage you, I provided you short steps to make it easier for you. It might appear to be a complicated process, but if you take it one step at a time it really isn’t complex at all. How many of you might wish to give growing from seed a try, I wrote another step-by-step guide on this as well?


flower bulbs planting guide

Snowdrop Flower Bulbs


Indoor Flower Bulbs

You must understand which flower bulbs you can create your indoor flower bulb garden with, so that is what is next on my list to share with you? If you read the steps above and are ready to give this a try, you can grow any of the bulbs on the list below?

  • Snowdrops
  • Tulips
  • Iris
  • Grape Hyacinth
  • Hyacinth
  • Daffodils
  • Crocus

The bulbs above do require the step-by-step process for you to grow, there are two that you can grow without needing to grow with the chilling process? Amaryllis and paperwhite bulbs you can successfully grow without chilling, so if you want to try these bulbs instead keep reading on?

Paperwhite Bulbs

If you are brand new to indoor flower bulb gardening, you can’t go wrong starting with this one? Extremely easy to grow for first-timers, and this is a great way to brighten your apartment or home during the winter months? If you prefer to purchase plants instead, you can check out my Best Indoor Winter Plants article that you will find very helpful?

  • Easy to grow
  • Extremely easy to care for
  • Grow amazingly during the cold months
  • A very popular gift for plant lovers
  • Beginner-friendly

What do you think about Paperwhite Bulbs so far, I am going to provide you more information in my next paragraph? This is probably the most overlooked bulb of them all, but this really is a great choice to start your own flower bulb garden.

Paperwhite Flower Bulb Guide

You can purchase this flower bulb almost anywhere, I have even seen them in my grocery stores? You don’t need to buy from a garden company unless you want to, I know my mother used to get them at her local Walmart? Take a look at how to grow and care for this flower bulb.

  • Planting indoors you will want to leave the top inch of the bulb exposed
  • With a plant moisture meter, you can keep this moist without overwatering it
  • You will experience this only requires moderate watering
  • Just like many of your houseplants this only requires indirect sunlight
  • The brighter the indirect light the better blooms you will experience
  • Planting the bulbs approximately three inches apart works the best
  • 30-45 days of blooming you can enjoy with the Paperwhite Flower Bulb

Planting them indoors near a bright sunny window is the best place in your home, you can grow them in containers with a well-drained potting mix. Imagine this, you can even grow these in water and pebbles? Cold climates are not a problem, you can start planting them indoors anytime between October to January? Interested in Night Blooming Plants, I have a list of them for you as well?

Paperwhite Flower Bulb Container Guide

There are many people who have never grown Paperwhite Bulbs in containers, I want to help anyone interested in getting started. Feel free to learn how from my step-by-step guide, remember if you have any questions just leave your questions in my comments section.

  • Choose yourself a container approximately 6 inches deep
  • Fill your chosen container about approximately one-thirds with a well-draining potting mix
  • Plant with points facing up next to one another
  • Cover until the tips are barely above your potting mix
  • Water until the potting mix is damp but not wet

Now that was not difficult at all to do, so why not make this a new indoor gardening project to try? I have not forgotten about those of you who might be interested in growing them in water and pebbles, you can find out how to do this in my next paragraph?


flower bulbs planter guide

Paperwhite Narcissus Bulbs 


Paperwhite Water And Pebbles Guide

This could be a fun change compared to the way you have been gardening, so are you ready to learn this new type of gardening? I am providing you the process step-by-step that is easy to follow, let us get you started right now.

  • Choose a container such as a tall flower vase, you can watch the roots grow in this type of container
  • Decorative stones are what I prefer, but you can also use pebbles instead
  • You will want approximately 2 inches on the bottom of your chosen container
  • Add the water barely covering the top of the stone or pebbles
  • You will place your bulbs on top of the decorative stone or pebbles
  • The pointy part of the bulb will be facing up
  • Your bottom of your bulbs will barely be in contact with the water
  • Place your container in a bright location in your home near a window

This is really a fun and easy process to grow the Paperwhite Flower Bulb, you will love being able to actually watch the roots grow. Keep an eye on your water level, and this is all you will need to do? Today as a thank you gift, I have some Free Department Store Coupons.

flower bulbs planting guide

Beautiful Armaryyllis Flower Bulbs


Growing Amaryllis Bulbs Indoors

I am sure my image above is breathtaking for most of you, you are not alone this Amaryllis has done the very same thing to me? If you are in search of a new addition to your home this is one to consider, you also can enjoy this beauty by following my growing guide.

  1. Choosing a smaller container with no more than an inch or two of space between your container sides and the bulbs
  2. You will need one-third of the bulb to be above the potting mix
  3. This is important for the best growth
  4. Moist potting mix that drains well is what you need
  5. For the best blooms, warm sunlight is the key
  6. South-facing windows are your best choice
  7. Staking might be needed to support the Amaryllis
  8. Turning your plant to provide your blooms even growth and from leaning towards the light source
  9. After the blooming season, you will want to cut the stem just above the bulb
  10. Place it in a dark cool area until new growth begins again
  11. Limited watering is crucial at this stage, you will water only once per week
  12. Once roots form you can move them to a warm room
  13. Within six to eight weeks new blooms will appear
  14. The new blooms will last four to six weeks
  15. A partial sunny area will provide the best temperatures they require
  16. Avoid placing your plant near drafty areas of your home
  17. Plants that live at least two years will produce baby bulblets, you can replant these to grow even more of these plants

This flower bulb is more work to keep blooming, but for those of you who love this plant, it might be worth it? Once you get the hang of growing and caring for this plant, you will not see it as much extra work? This might not be a good choice for the very busy person, but if you have the time this can be an awesome plant for your home?

Gardening Blogs To Follow

If you are into gardening big time, you might be interested in some blogs that are worth following? Some of you might be into indoor gardening, and others might be into outdoor gardening? I love both indoor and outdoor gardening, so I do follow quite a few myself? To give you some that are rated very high on the list, I have provided them below for your convenience?

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  • The Impatient gardener

These are the top-ranked garden blogs I have found, you can find The Top 50 Gardening Blogs by clicking on this link? You are important to me, and I want to provide you as many good resources as I can find? Rare Exotic Plants really is serious about being your best resource one day, I only started this website in 2021 but already it has improved dramatically to helping many people just like you?


flower bulbs planting guide

Home & Garden Magazines


Free Gardening Catalogs

Do you enjoy relaxing at home browsing Free Gardening Catalogs, I receive many of the ones I am going to share with you? Depending on what you are interested in will determine which of these you might want to sign up with, even if you are not interested in any of them, maybe some of your friends are?

  • Burpee
  • Annie’s Annuals
  • Territorial Seed Company
  • Garden’s Alive
  • RH Shumway
  • Burgess Seed Company
  • Seed Savers Exchange
  • Park Seeds
  • Prairie Nursery
  • White Flower Farms
  • Pine Tree Garden
  • Bountiful Gardens
  • The Online Greenhouse
  • Raintree Nursery
  • Sow True Seed
  • Wayside Gardens

You are able to sign up for Free with any of these companies that interest you, I am happy to have thought to include this in this article for you? Rare Exotic Plants really does want to provide the most helpful information for indoor gardeners, one day my goal is to be ranked as the very best gardening resource online. Love to hear from you, so remember to leave me a comment anytime you have something to share.



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