Golden Pothos Plant Care

This houseplant is a favorite for indoor gardeners, you will see these in apartments, homes, and even in office buildings. Many of you might know this as Devils Ivy, if you are in search of a low-maintenance indoor plant this is a good choice? The only downfall about this plant is, you must be careful if you have children or pets? Let us move on to the Golden Pothos Plant Care article, you will know by the time you complete reading this if this is a plant you want in your home?

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golden pothos plant care

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About Golden Pothos

Maybe you are new to this specific indoor plant, you will love to know this is even a good choice for beginners? Low maintenance is a plus for busy houseplant owners, You are looking at an extremely hardly plant anyone can grow, if you are interested read below to learn even more about this amazing addition to your home?

  • Easy to care for indoor plant
  • One of the best to remove toxins from the air
  • The perfect plant for patio’s, balconies, apartments, homes, and even your office
  • Beautiful cascading vine with heart-shaped and glossy leaves
  • Elegant patterns and shapes to brighten any spot in your home
  • Adaptable to a variety of environments
  • Air purifying benefits
  • One tough plant
  • Shade to partial shade areas are your best spots for the Golden Pothos
  • A great addition to any home decor theme with their elegant and unique appearance

This being such a popular indoor shade plant, you can find them in a number of stores. For your convenience, I am going to list a few of my favorites with you?

Where To Buy Golden Pothos?

Even though you are able to buy these in a variety of stores, I have found that choosing merchants that specialize in plants are your healthiest? I have bought some from my local shops, and even though they grew, they were not nearly as nice as the ones I bought from the merchants below?

These are where I purchase all of my indoor plants, you can depend on quick delivery plus healthy safe arrival? I am not saying there are no other good options, but these are the merchants that provided me the best quality of service. They all provide a 30-day guarantee, so if your plants are damaged or don’t grow, you just send them a photo for a new plant or refund.

Pothos Plant Care Guide

Even as hardy and low-maintenance these are, I want to provide you this guide for the most success growing your pothos indoor plant. This guide you can use for most of these types of plants, and if you find you would prefer another variety you will still understand how to grow them for the most success?

  • Light requirements
  • Watering
  • Maintaining your plant

Once you learn the above information, you are on your way to a beautiful healthy Pothos plant? Light is always your first concern, so where are you going to place your indoor plant in your home? That is what we are going to discuss first, so take notes or bookmark this article, you may even wish to print it out which is okay with me?

golden pothos plant care

Pothos N Joy 


Pothos Light Requirements

Where you place any plant you buy is a very important decision, you really need to take the growing tags on them seriously? They provide you the best light requirements and other important information, I always read these before ever purchasing any plant?

  • Bright indirect light is your best lighting for the pothos plants
  • As tempting as it is avoid placing them in sunny windows, you will scorch the leaves and kill your plant?
  • These plants are poisonous to children and pets, I have an Australian Shepherd two years old. He knows my plants are off-limits to him, and he never bothers them.
  • Shady spots will be the best spot if you put your plant outdoors during the summer months, so this is very important for your plant’s outdoor survival?

Lighting and watering are the two main reasons our indoor plants don’t survive, so next, I am going to provide you how to water your plant properly? Most of us overwater our plants in our homes, what I did to avoid this was to purchase an inexpensive moisture meter. This takes seconds to check a plant, you will never have to worry again if you are watering your houseplant properly?


golden pothos plant care

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Pothos Watering Requirements?

Overwatering is the next biggest mistake we make with caring for our houseplants, I am going to help you to understand this better in this next paragraph. As I shared earlier, you will love the plant moisture meter. You can usually find these for the low price of less than $20.00?

  • Allow the potting mix to dry out slightly between watering, a good rule to follow is if you don’t have the moisture meter is to water when the top inch of your potting soil is dry?
  • To check the soil you can use your finger or even a simple long toothpick will do the job? When no soil is sticking to the toothpick, you are ready to water?
  • One other sign is when your plant’s leaves are drooping downward, you will find this is a good time to check your potting mix if you notice drooping leaves?
  • During the growing season provide more water, You will notice once spring arrives more water will be required? Once the hottest part of summer arrives, you will need to give them even more water?
  • Once fall comes around you will need to cut back on the amount of water is required, and by winter you will find you need to cut back watering dramatically?

Many of my indoor plants might only require watered every 3-4 weeks, this is the critical time of the year we often over-water our plants unintentionally? Be sure to check every plant before watering, you will find all of them are not going to be in need of water at the same time?


golden pothos plant care

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Plant Maintenance Guide

Even the most lowest-maintenance plants require some tender loving care, I am going to provide you some tips for general care for all of your indoor plants? Many of these can be applied to your outdoor plants as well, but Rare Exotic Plants focuses more on growing indoor plants?

  • Remove any brown or yellow leaves from your plants regularly
  • By doing this you are promoting new leaf growth, you also are providing the nutrients to your healthy leaves as well.
  • Be sure to remove any dead leaves that fall from your plant into your container, even though these will eventually rot they are not healthy for your plant?
  • I make it a routine to check my plants during the watering time, so I am maintaining them and watering them at the same time. This really is a time-saver, I also find once you form this habit you can take better care of your plants?
  • Prune your plants regularly as well is a good habit to get into, I usually prune mine after their growing season in the fall, and again before the growing season late winter or early spring if needed?
  • A simple way to disinfect your pruning shears to prevent spreading disease, you just need to dip them in some rubbing alcohol between each plant?
  • Once every few months I will fertilize my plants, instead of buying a liquid all-purpose fertilizer? I make my own by adding one tablespoon of white cider vinegar to one gallon of tap water, I leave the lid off for 24 hours to allow the chemicals to evaporate before watering my plants.

You now understand basic maintenance for healthy plant care, so you are ready to go shopping for your next houseplant? What other varieties of Pothos might be crossing your mind, I took the time to list some of my favorites to give you some more ideas?

Pothos Varieties

I am more than happy to provide you some more varieties of this easy-to-care-for plant, so below I have listed some I am planning on adding to my collection in the near future?

  • Snow Queen
  • Satin
  • Green Queen
  • Neon
  • Pothos n Joy
  • Silver

You can see there are more than just the golden pothos to choose from, I would check any that interest you before making any purchases? Often I find one I like even better than the one I was shopping for, you just never know what you might find that is perfect for your home? If you found this article informational, I would appreciate it if you could share it with your family and friends?


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