Home Decorating Christmas Ideas

Who is up for some Home Decorating Christmas Ideas, if this got your attention you are going to be inspired by this article? This is focusing on holiday plant decor, how many of you are still up to learn more? Houseplants are an easy way to brighten up your home, you also are providing a healthier atmosphere as well.

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home decorating christmas ideas

Christmas Poinsettia Plant Care


Poinsettia Decorating Ideas

It is only appropriate to begin this article with the Poinsettia Christmas plant, how many of you need some new ways to decorate your home with this beautiful houseplant? Inspiring you is what this is all about, you will want to read this entire article to have the coolest holiday-decorated home this Christmas?

  • Cover a miniature Christmas tree with poinsettia decorations, now would this not catch the eye of every one of your guests? Any size tree will do, you can find this to be one of the most impressive home decoration ideas?
  • Even though this is not new to many of you, I can’t imagine my kitchen table without a live Poinsettia plant as a centerpiece? Instead of one why not add several to make a giant centerpiece, just imagine three plants together how impressive this might be?
  • Clear one shelf or more if you like on your bookcase, we now will fill the shelf or shelves with this Christmas plant. How many of you can’t get enough of this beautiful houseplant?
  • Welcome your guests with several of these in your entryway, how would you feel walking into someone’s home greeted by several of these beautiful houseplants?
  • Fill underneath a Christmas tree with the Christmas plant, you can do this with any size tree? You might not want to do this with your full-size main tree, and if not why not have two Christmas trees this year?
  • What about adding one table in your main room filled with Poinsettias of all different colors, I know of red, white, peach, and even speckled varieties?
  • Did you ever consider hanging a plant or more, who says this houseplant can not be used as a hanging basket?
  • Use a very large decorative basket to display as many of these are you can in one place, and by choosing more than one color this will be even more creative?

Did you get any new decorating ideas for the Poinsettia, maybe you have some new ways of your own by reading my article so far? Feel free to participate in my comments section, we all can learn from one another how to decorate with the most popular Christmas houseplant?


home decorating christmas ideas

Christmas Cactus Holiday Houseplant


Christmas Cactus Decorating Ideas

Another popular holiday plant is the Christmas Cactus, how can we use this one to decorate in a more creative way? I have some to share with you, everyone knows these are two of the most beautiful winter houseplants? These are rated high on the majority of people’s lists, I feel it is only appropriate to choose this as my second choice?

  • Several Christmas Cactus plants are grouped together in holiday planters, you can find these in a variety of colors so why not create the most colorful holiday display of them all?
  • How cool would it be to have several colors as a border around your Christmas tree, I would leave enough of an opening to get to the gifts?
  • For anyone with a fireplace, you would brighten any mantle with several of these lined up especially in different colors?
  • Line them up on your staircase if you have a second floor, maybe use them to guide your guests to the bathroom?
  • This one will thrill your dinner guests, you place one of these beautiful plants at each person’s place at the table? One-color for boys and one color for the girls is another option you can consider, who would not love to receive one of these as a surprise Christmas gift from you?
  • Mix the Poinsettia and the Christmas Cactus as a unique table centerpiece, use several colors to make this even more impressive.

Combining the ideas for the Poinsettia and the Christmas Cactus can create some unique home decorations, you will be more creative by mixing them together than alone? I really like the idea as a surprise dinner gift, if only I had house guests for the holidays for dinner this would be one of my favorite choices?

home decorating christmas ideas

What Are The Most Popular Christmas Flowers


Succulent Decorating Ideas

Succulents are becoming more popular than ever, you can find such cool ones that are unique gifts? Add an eye-catching planter and you have a great home decorating display, how many of you ever considered using this type of plant for holiday decorating? You can really use these in so many creative ways, here are a few just to get you thinking?

  • Just imagine creating a wreath for Christmas made out of succulents?
  • Combine your favorite succulents with a holiday light display.
  • What about a tabletop succulent Christmas tree?
  • Plant them as cupcake gifts for your guests.
  • Christmas coffee cup succulent unique gift

For any of my dedicated readers, you can get access to a step-by-step article to create your own succulent Christmas wreath. I am more than happy to be able to provide you with this, you just need to go to the page using this link to learn more?

Christmas Tree Plant

How many of you are familiar with the Christmas Tree Plant, you probably know it better by Kalanchoe? Let me tell you more about this particular houseplant, please keep reading there is much more waiting for you?

  • Mature growth up to approximately 3 feet in height
  • Extremely bright green leaves are eye-catching
  • You will find its leaves are very oddly shaped as well
  • Presents you with greenish-white to light orange flowers
  • Thrives in full sun
  • Overwatering is the main death of this succulent
  • Warm temperatures are a must for this plant to remain healthy
  • The best propagation method is from its bright green leaves

For anyone interested in a tall succulent this one just might be the one to check out, you can’t go wrong with succulents they are the easiest houseplant to grow? The biggest problem is resisting to overwater them, I use a plant moisture meter and I never lost a houseplant since? A very inexpensive investment you won’t regret, every person who grows indoor plants should have one?


home decorating christmas ideas

The Christmas Rose


The Christmas Rose Plant

The Christmas Rose is a very popular plant in some parts of the world, many gardeners grow this outdoors? You can grow this indoors from seeds, how many of you are interested in hearing more about this? Please keep reading, I have even more waiting for you?

  • Grows to an average height of 12 to 18 inches
  • The blooming season is winter, so that is another good choice for holiday decorating
  • You will experience a variety of colors, but the original Christmas Rose is the color white
  • Thrives in partial shade that makes it a good houseplant
  • You will want to plant them in a well-draining potting mix
  • Their preferred temperatures are approximately 70 degrees
  • Bright indirect light is required

With this general guide, how many of you would be tempted to grow these indoors? Anyone interested please read on, I am going to provide you with how to do this right now?

Christmas Rose Growing Guide

Thank you to those of you interested in learning how to grow this indoors, you can grow them indoors then replant them outdoors if that pleases you? For outdoors growing directly you can just scatter the seeds, but for starting them indoors I have a more detailed guide?

  1. The first step is to freeze the seeds 3 to 6 weeks
  2. Now you plant them in a seed starting mix, I use peat seed starting kits because when they are ready to transplant the entire peat pot without transplant shock?
  3. I usually wait until they are between 2 to 4 inches in height to plant them in their permanent home
  4. Sadly, you might need to wait up to 3 years before you receive your first flower?
  5. Watch your children and pets these are poisonous plants

Growing these can be a fun winter project for the entire family, if you are looking for a new family time activity you might want to consider starting plants from seeds? This is the perfect way to introduce children to indoor gardening, I just thought I would share that for you to think about?

Most Popular Christmas Plants Worldwide

What plants do you think are the most popular for Christmas around the world, once you write down your guesses read below to see if you got any right? There are a few that surprised me, and they might surprise you as well?

  • The Christmas Cactus
  • Holly
  • Poinsettia
  • Ivy
  • Amaryllis
  • Mistletoe
  • The Christmas Rose
  • Cranberries
  • Wheat
  • Radishes

I am sure very few of you wrote down the last two on the list above, so if you are curious about the last two read on to learn more about them? Before we learn about them, I want to share my favorite houseplant resource I found just this year? You can visit Cellar Door Plants if this is new to you, honestly, I purchase the majority of my plants here now?


Who would ever think radishes would be connected with Christmas, I am sure very few if any of you had known this before reading this article? Since this was such a surprise to most of us, I know you would never forgive me for not explaining this to you?

  • Radishes are a part of a tradition in Mexico on December 23rd
  • The Night of the Radishes is the name of this Mexican festival
  • Everyone cuts and carves radishes into religious figures
  • Figures related to Christmas are specially chosen

So now you must know more than many of the people you know, please share this article with others that would find this interesting as you? If this was interesting please leave me a comment in my comment section, I really would love to know how many of you read this?


Let us now find out how wheat is used for Christmas, I have no idea how this grain could have anything to do with this special day? If you are curious as me, you can learn about this below?

  • Wheat sheaves are related to this holiday in Eastern Europe
  • The children search for the Christmas star
  • When the children find it, the head of the household brings a wheat sheaf that is tied using a colorful ribbon, this will be kept during the holidays as a symbol of abundance, fertility, and good harvest in every home.

Two very interesting traditions many of us have never heard about before, so how did you like learning about how people use radishes and wheat for Christmas? I have something else to share with you in the next paragraph, so stick around just a little longer?


home decorating christmas ideas

Family Christmas Games


Christmas Eve Family Time

Does your family get together on Christmas Eve, maybe you could use some fun games? To keep the children from becoming bored you need to come up with some fun activities, you can see some that I have found? I am sure some of these will be new to you, and maybe even choose which ones by allowing the children to be involved?

  • It’s In The Bag
  • The Santa Claus Game
  • Reindeer Antler Toss
  • Christmas Trivia
  • Christmas Charades Board Game
  • Christmas-opoly
  • Christmas Scavenger Hunt
  • The Christmas Carols & Songs Game
  • Holiday Charades
  • Pin the Nose on the Reindeer
  • Merry Grinchmas
  • Christmas Bingo

Just in case any of these interest you click here, there are plenty more to explore I only shared with you the ones on the first page? Are you and your family ready for Santa, before you know it Christmas will be here? Remember houseplants make great gifts for any age, but senior citizens receive more plants on the holidays than any other age?


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