Indoor Bamboo Plant Care

Another popular houseplant to grow is the topic today, how many of you have heard of the bamboo plant? Interested in learning Indoor Bamboo Plant Care, if so you are in luck today? Let us begin our journey with some of the most popular ones people love to grow, and then how to care for and grow them?

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indoor bamboo plant care

Sweetheart Bamboo Plant


Sweetheart Bamboo Plant Care

What expresses your love more than giving a houseplant, you will make no better choice than this plant? Imagine the expression on their face when opening up their gift, I chose this one first because it is the most unique of them all? You can choose this one with confidence, maybe you would like to know more about this specific plant?

  • This only requires 3-4 hours of indirect sunlight, you will do the best placing this between 3 feet and 7 feet from your window?
  • Even though it is recommended to water once per week by garden guides, I suggest you use a plant moisture meter to be safe? You can purchase this handy garden gadget for less than $20.00, I purchased mine from Bonsai Boy when ordering my first Bonsai Plant for way less than that?
  • Temperature is not normally a problem for most people, how does between 65 & 90 degrees sound to you? If you are comfortable, so will your plant, so temperature usually does not cause any problems?
  • The only major concern is if you have children and pets, but I trained my Australian Shepherd my plants are off-limits with very few problems?

The basic care is very easy to understand, you will find this is a unique gift treasured for many years? I am going now to tell you about the unique features, I know this is something you are going to enjoy me sharing with you. I wrote an article on Scary Halloween Plants, so if this interests you read this one here?

Sweetheart Bamboo Unique Features

Rare Exotic Plants has a passion for providing you the most interesting houseplants, so this is a good resource to bookmark on your browser favorites? Feel free to print any of my articles, I even encourage you to do this for future reference?

  • Imagine giving this heart-shaped leaved plant in a glass cube planter, you receive this impressing planter when you order from If this is not what you are looking for, I urge you to shop around for other exotic plants?
  • An air purifier is another important benefit of adding this to your home, I often choose houseplants as gifts for my 80-year-old mother? That is more likely where I get my love for rare exotic plants, so never estimate the love you are spreading with unique houseplants?
  • The height of 12-14 inches is something you really might like, you will be giving your home decor instant impact with this convenient size?
  • You will find the options of single, double, and even triple hearts impressive, even though I always encourage you to shop around for the best deals, you will receive healthier plants from specialty websites.

I always shop around myself to get the most for my money, so I recommend you do the same? Rare Exotic Plants is more than about selling you houseplants, I take pride in providing you more plant care information than any other website as my main priority?

What Do You Get For Your Money?

Even though this information is if you purchase from, please feel free to shop around? Being retired, I understand living on a fixed income. Here is what is included in this offer from this particular merchant?

  • Attractive glass container with your bamboo houseplant.
  • Receive plant care equipment if that is something you are interested in?
  • Specific plant care instructions.
  • How does lifetime care & support sound to you?
  • 30-day guarantee included as well.
  • Free shipping over $75.00.
  • Standard shipping time is 2-4 days.
  • Next-day shipping is available.
  • Saturday delivery is available as well.
  • A great gift website for houseplant lovers.

I have provided you all the information to my knowledge on this particular offer, you will find this is a very unique gift to give to that special person? Now don’t purchase this on impulse, but take your time absorbing all the information? This website cares more about helping you than making a commission from your purchases, I don’t want your money as much as I want to help you?


indoor bamboo plant care

Lucky Bamboo Trellis Plant


Lucky Bamboo Trellis

This is another pretty cool plant to consider, I am going to be completely honest with you? Rare Exotic Plants are not your ordinary houseplants, you must understand they do require an investment of your money and time? For those of you who love these plants are often willing to invest in them, I must admit I do overspend more than I should on these. For me, this is a serious part of my lifestyle now.

  • This one also loves bright indirect light, but for those of you shopping for a low-light plant, this is a good one to add to your indoor plant collection?
  • Watering is a bit more complicated than other plants, you want to keep the water level approximately two inches above its root system. replace the water monthly is recommended.
  • The average room temperature is fine with this type, you will find this seldom is a problem?
  • Keep children and pets from this plant is very important.
  • You will be giving a very unique gift with this one as well?

As cool as this one is, I would recommend this is for more advanced gardeners. Start out with a simple bamboo is better for beginners, so are you curious about the best plants for beginners? You can purchase this at as well, but I am not going to provide as much information on this one? I feel this would not be a very good option to choose unless you are really experienced in growing this type of plant?

Bamboo Plant Shopping

For those of you shopping for one of these plants, I am going to provide you some places to get started? I do this in many of my articles, you are important to me and this website is more of a passion than a business to me. Here is a list to get you started, and thank you for visiting my website today.


The list above will provide you a good start for shopping, I am more than happy to take the time to provide you this group of merchants. There are other merchants available, so feel free to search for others on your own?

Beginner Bamboo Plants

This paragraph is devoted to new indoor gardeners, so if you are just starting out caring and growing exotic plants this is especially for you? By providing this I am encouraging you to add to your indoor garden, I really want as many people to add this as a hobby to enjoy the benefits.

  • Dracaena Lucky Bamboo
  • Lotus Bamboo
  • Curly Bamboo
  • Chinese Water Bamboo
  • Friendship Bamboo
  • Goddess of Mercy
  • Belgian Evergreen
  • Ribbon Plant
  • Dracaena Sted Sol Cane

No more excuses not to add this plant type to your indoor garden, I just recently purchased a Dracaena Sted Sol Cane in my apartment, I added this in search of a plant that will grow farther from my balcony window? This is doing awesome approximately seven feet or a little more from any window, you will find it very easy to grow and care for. Anyone serious about indoor gardening should invest in a plant moisture meter, I mention this in most of my articles because this simple tool has dramatically improved my own indoor garden?

indoor bamboo plant care

Dracena Sted Sol Cane


Dracaena Sted Sol Cane Plant

Maybe I should not admit this, but at the time of purchasing this plant, I had no idea it was a bamboo plant? You will find bloggers that try to give you the impression they are experts, but you will find many do have a lot of knowledge despite not knowing everything? What I lack in knowledge from my own experience, I get my information from experts on rare exotic houseplants?

The Dracaena ‘Sted Sol Cane’ is a favorite! Its tall, sturdy stem resembles a bamboo stock, and it is thick, brightly colored foliage makes it a true stunner. The Sted Sol Cane will be unique and easy to care for in addition to your collection. This tropical beauty will arrive in a 4″ nursery pot or pre-potted variant.


Water the Dracaenas thoroughly and allow the soil to be dry to the touch between waterings.


These plants should be in the medium to bright light for the best growth. Mine is doing awesome in lower light, but it will grow slower than in brighter light conditions?


Fertilize once a month for optimal growth.


This plant is toxic to pets.

One thing that I can promise you the Dracaena family is easy to grow and care for, I really am impressed with this plant. It really does brighten my apartment with its bright colors, one thing you should consider is the height? Are you wanting a taller plant, so this is something that might be important to some of you?

Bamboo Plant Tools

Even though I seldom promote merchandise other than exotic plants, I always attempt to provide you tips and tricks as a bonus for reading my articles. Today I am going to share some useful tools to grow and care for this plant type, so please keep reading, this is very useful information you will want to know?

  • Misting exotic plants is a very important part of growing them, you will be amazed how they thrive simply by misting their leaves regularly?
  • All you need for misting is a spray bottle from your favorite dollar store, I purchase mine from Dollar Tree. How can you beat paying $1.00 plus tax for this valuable houseplant tool?
  • I turn on an oscillating fan for a few hours every day, you will find providing airflow is another easy way for them to thrive? Depending on the number of plants, you might only need a very small fan, so this is another valuable inexpensive tool I use to care for all my own exotic plants?
  • I know I keep mentioning this tool, but a plant moisture meter has been the key to saving so many of my plants? More likely you overwatered some of the houseplants you lost over the years, so why keep spending money on plants when this tool is so inexpensive?
  • A  high-nitrogen fertilizer that provides slow-release is another important tool for the healthiest plants, I try not to promote any brands of merchandise since information is what my website is all about?
  • Gardening pruning shears or even a sharp pair of scissors is a must-have for me, I sterilize these in rubbing alcohol after pruning each of my plants?

I really do feel like I have provided you something special in the above paragraph, if you found this interesting please share them with your family and friends? Are you finding Rare Exotic Plants to be one of your best indoor gardening resources, I am working to be your best resource with every new article I write?

Bamboo Products

As my closing paragraph, I thought you might find the products on the market made from this plant interesting? This is no way all the products that are available on the market today, but I just wanted to give you some to give you an idea?

  • Infant diapers
  • Cutlery
  • Crockery
  • Utensils for traveling
  • Toothbrushes
  • Flasks
  • Tea infusers
  • Kitchen towels
  • Napkins
  • Q-tips
  • Cotton swabs
  • Charcoal Air Purifiers
  • Soap
  • Shampoo bars
  • Plant stands
  • Furniture
  • Bamboo tea
  • Wooden speakers

Even though this is just a small list of products made from this plant, I am sure it surprises you some of the products on the list above? Feel free to ask me any questions in my comments section, and if there is an exotic plant you would love to know more about let me know? This is my way of helping people since I am retired, so I am doing this for myself as much as for you?






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