Indoor English Ivy Plant Care

Are you in search of a low-light houseplant, you will find ivy plants are one of the most popular ones people choose? These are awesome for beginners, so if you are interested in Indoor English Ivy Plant Care this article is written especially for you? I have added recently several types of this type of plant, and they are growing amazingly far from my balcony window?

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indoor english ivy plant care

English Ivy Green California


Apartment Hanging Basket Problem Solver

Since I just went through this problem in my own apartment, I thought this was something some of you might find useful? Being indoor gardening is a passion since moving from a house to an apartment, I have experienced many problems that I am more than happy to share with you.

  • Vining plants are best planted in hanging baskets, but this was a problem for me?
  • Many apartment buildings forbid hanging anything on the walls, so how could I plant my vining plants without attaching basket hardware on my walls?
  • Are you experiencing this problem or someone you might know?
  • After some searching with no help from the internet, I decided to solve this problem on my own?

With my ivy and my Cebu Blue plants, I knew hanging baskets was what I needed to display these vining plants, how I solved this was by purchasing an inexpensive garment rack? This solved my problem and even is an eye-catching way to display vining plants indoors without damaging your apartment walls? I purchased mine for less than $30.00, and the best deal I found was on Amazon?

Is English Ivy Green California Right For You?

After I tell you a little about this particular type of English Ivy, I will also provide you other types you can choose from? I didn’t purchase English Ivy for my baskets, but I chose this for my article since it is a very popular indoor plant?

  • Dark green leaves
  • Fast-growing indoor plant
  • Awesome choice for hanging baskets
  • Easy to grow
  • A great choice for indoors & outdoors
  • Air purifying benefits
  • Can be invasive if not kept under control with regular pruning
  • Medium to bright light recommended but will grow in low-light conditions
  • Allow the potting mix to dry out between watering
  • Keeping this ivy on the dry side works the best
  • Once per month during spring, summer, & fall fertilizing is recommended
  • Avoid fertilizing during the winter months
  • Toxic to pets and possibly children

I chose to skip adding this to my indoor garden simply because I was shopping for a low-light ivy plant? This may or may not be worth adding to your apartment or home if you lack the proper light, you should know this still might grow in less light despite what is recommended? Grow lights often can solve this problem, so this is another option to consider?


indoor english ivy plant care

English Ivy Glacier


Ivy Variety Plant List

Before I provide you the ivy plant list, you should know many indoor gardeners grow English ivy in low-light with excellent results? You will find it will most often grow slower, and the green leaves might not be as bright in color? As I mentioned earlier, you can always add a plant grow light if you decide to?

  • Algerian ivy is one that I am growing in a hanging basket, I actually like how it grows a little slower? This prevents me from needing to spend as much time keeping it pruned to my desired size?
  • Gloire de Marengo
  • Azores Ivy
  • Boston Ivy
  • Bullock Heart
  • Canarian Ivy
  • Cape Ivy
  • Cyprus Ivy
  • Adam Ivy
  • Aloma Ivy
  • Angel Snow
  • Anita
  • Amber Waves
  • Buttercup
  • Celebrity
  • Duckfoot
  • Godchild
  • Shamrock Ivy
  • Himalayan
  • Irish Ivy
  • Japanese Ivy
  • Swedish Ivy

You have just viewed a portion of the plants available in this plant type, now you see there are many more choices waiting for you? One reason these are extremely popular is they are easy to grow, and being low-maintenance they make perfect first plants for beginners?

Health Benefits

Imagine such an easy to grow houseplant that even provides you with health benefits, I find caring for my indoor plants is one of my most awarding hobbies? A great gift for seniors as well, so keep this in mind for the future when shopping for hard to buy for people?

  • Brings your apartment or home alive
  • Proven to improve people’s mental health
  • Really spice up your life with variegated ivy plants
  • Thought to help fight colds & the flu
  • Airborne disease prevention
  • Improves the oxygen in your home, and the lack of oxygen is a known trigger for headaches
  • Positive mood enhancement
  • Amazingly improves high blood pressure
  • Reduces carbon dioxide
  • Some houseplants actually reduce chronic pain
  • Improves immune intolerance to pollen allergies
  • Cognitive functioning improvement
  • Cleans the air in your apartment or home
  • Some indoor plants improve congestion
  • Natural humidifier
  • Better than sleeping medications for improving sleep

I have to admit since moving to my apartment my health has improved dramatically, but to be honest I never put my indoor plants and my health improvement together? Why not invest in a few houseplants, you might be surprised how this simple addition to your home could improve your health?


indoor english ivy plant care

Air Purifying Indoor Plants


English Ivy Plant Care

Before I provide you what I know about English Ivy, you might be surprised that there are hundreds of varieties? We barely see a small portion of the possible plants available, so you might need to do some work to find rare English Ivy plants? I would guess your best place to begin would be garden nurseries, but I just wanted you to know this interesting information?

  • Planting your new houseplant
  • Caring for English Ivy plants
  • Pest & disease
  • Recommended for beginners
  • English Ivy Facts

The above topics are what I am going to focus on in the next several paragraphs, I know this information will provide you what you need to experience success? Every indoor plant requires different needs, and that is why I love writing about caring for them?

Planting English Ivy

Before you ever purchase your new plant, you need to understand how to grow and care for them? Planting is where we are going to begin, I do appreciate your interest in reading my articles more than you realize?

  • Choosing a high-quality potting mix is something you don’t want to skip on, I know some of you might be o a budget but this is very important for a healthy plant.
  • You never want to choose a container without drainage holes
  • Low to medium light is the best place for your plant, but never allow the direct sun to reach the leaves is important.
  • Variegated ivy will do the best in bright indirect light, they will grow in lower light conditions. Often they lose their variegated markings and also will grow slower.
  • Cooler temperatures are preferred, so avoid heating systems, heat vents, and away from hot sunny windows.

By following this guide, you will have beautiful and happy plants, remember not to overwater them as well? A little dry is always better than extremely wet potting mix?

English Ivy Plant Care

Now you know the growing requirements, we will now learn about caring for this houseplant? This is just as important as the above paragraph, I just want you to understand that?

  • Allow the potting soil to dry out between watering
  • The potting mix should be dry when touched before watering again
  • Wiping the leaves with a moist cloth carefully is a good habit to get into
  • Fertilize with a houseplant fertilizer, but avoid fertilizing during the winter months
  • You are able to start new plants with stem cuttings, I often do this for my family & friends
  • Repotting in the spring to avoid root-bound plants should be a part of your plant care routine

You now have the knowledge to care for your new indoor houseplant, now that you are learning from my article you will experience success? Knowledge is the key to growing any of your plants, I am writing many articles on different plants, so be sure to check my other articles when you can?


indoor english ivy plant care

Easy Care Houseplants


Healthy English Ivy Guide

After all your tender loving care, you will want to understand how to keep your plant healthy? That is what I am going to share with you now, you don’t want to leave my website quite yet?

  • Mealybugs
  • Mites
  • Aphids
  • Whiteflies
  • Root rot

These will be your main concerns for a healthy plant, I have seldom heard of any gardener losing any plants from any of the problems above? Root rot would be the easiest way to lose any houseplant, but by following this guide you will not need to worry about root rot?

Recommended Beginner English Ivy

Some of you might be confused with thousands of varieties to choose from, I am going to recommend the best choices for your first plant? This should put you at ease, and remember to leave me any questions in my comments section?

  • Anne Marie
  • English Glacier
  • Gold Child
  • Congesta

If you are not sure which plant to begin with, you will find any of the ones in this paragraph to be good choices? I do have one more paragraph before we say goodbye, I think you will find this last paragraph interesting.

English Ivy Facts

I have some interesting facts on this specific plant, so I do hope you stick around long enough to read this last paragraph? I found these facts on the Farmers Almanac website, I just thought you might like to know?

  • The sap could cause a skin rash for some people
  • Be creative by training your vining plant to form creative designs
  • This is a very invasive plant if planted in your flower beds, so it is best to contain it in hanging baskets and flower pots.
  • Infusing the leaves in water may be used for a wash for sore watery eyes, I would not recommend anyone try this just to be safe?

Did you find this article interesting and informative, I would love to hear from you in my comments? Let me know how helpful this guide was for you? my last article might interest you as well, I wrote a step-by-step seed growing guide for rare flower seeds and more?


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