Indoor Seed Planting Guide

Are you similar as I used to be, I used to always spend more on plants instead of growing from seeds? Even though I still purchase live plants, I have been growing from seeds as well? This article Indoor Seed Planting Guide might encourage you to give this a try, you can start this project any time throughout the year? So if this interests you, I recommend you read my entire article?

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indoor seed planting guide
Rare & Unusual Flower Seeds


Rare Flower Seeds

You might be like me, I never realized what I was missing by not growing from seeds? There are rare flowers that are not available unless you grow them from seed, so that is what I am going to share with you now? I was amazed at what I was missing, and you might be amazed as well?

  • Dwarf Blue Mink
  • Butterfly Flower Angel Wings Mix
  • Wild Bergamot
  • Cleome Mixed Colors
  • Chinese Houses
  • Globe Gilia
  • Indian Blanket
  • Lacy Phacelia
  • Love in the Puff
  • Lunaria Annua Violet
  • Nodding Catchfly
  • Swamp Milkweed
  • Toadflax
  • Love in a Mist
  • Mexican Hat
  • Cypress Vine Mix
  • Dondo White
  • Red Flint
  • Whitewell Gem
  • Birds Eyes
  • Canterbury Bells
  • Blue Carpet
  • Moss Rose
  • Ornamental Cabbage
  • Passiflora
  • Star Flower

If you are partial to unusual flowers than your neighbor, you really can impress people by growing from seed? I am going to provide you a step-by-step guide, so even if this is your first attempt you will experience success?

Step-By-Step Seed Growing Guide

I am going to make you all experts before you plant your very first seed, you just follow this guide to be successful. No matter if flowers or vegetables are your gardening passion, you can even grow your own herbs by following these steps? Take a deep breath, you also can grow rare plants from seeds.

  • What type of container do you choose?
  • Best potting mix for growing seeds
  • Planting tips
  • Watering tips
  • Topping your potting mix
  • Best place to set your planted seeds
  • After you start seeing little heads sprouting
  • Planting your Seedlings

These are the basic steps to growing successfully from seed, I am going to explain each step for you in more detail? I want you to fully understand the process, so let us learn how I grow my own plants from seed?


indoor seed planting guide

Over 600 Vegetable Seed Varieties


Seed Growing Containers

You are able to purchase trays specially made for this purpose, but I have never had to invest in this merchandise? I don’t purchase seed growing kits as well, so read on to learn what I do with amazing success?

  • I start mine in peat pots, what you will love about this is transplanting them is a piece of cake? No planting shock using this simple method, but you can start your seeds directly in any container you like? I really am big on using this method, so I do hope you will at least consider this?
  • Sterile germination mix is available to purchase, but I prefer my own homemade mix? For anyone interested, you can have access to my recipe in my next paragraph?
  • Anyone growing directly in a container, you will fill your container leaving approximately an inch or so from the container rim?
  • I gently pat the mixture to remove any air pockets, you also will need to possibly add more as you do this step?
  • Using peat pots you will require less mixture, so you can plant more with one bag than if you use containers?

What I love about peat pots is no problem transplanting them, you just plant the entire peat pot into your container when your plants are ready? I am not attempting to push this product, but I really have found this is the easiest and the most productive method I have ever used?

Home Made Seed Growing Recipe

As I promised, you are going to have access to the secret recipe I use. Maybe you would rather purchase ready mix sterile germination mix, you can do this as well with success? For anyone interested, I am sharing how to make this mixture on your own at home?

  • 2 teaspoons of an all-purpose organic plant food
  • 1 part perlite
  • 2 parts coconut coir
  • 4 parts screened compost optional instead of the organic plant food, but for most of you, I would think compost might not really be an option?
  • Purchasing these in larger bags is a money-saver if you plan on growing many plants, so this is something to consider depending on your budget and the number of plants you plan to grow?

Again, if you use peat pots you will require much less mix? I know I sound like a broken record, but there are so many benefits to using this method? I will try my best not to keep mentioning this product, but I do encourage you to seriously consider how these actually will save you money?

Simple Seed Mixture Recipe

For those of you who might be on a budget, I have a much simpler option for you to consider? First, let us look at the benefits of going with this instead?

  • You only will need 2 ingredients
  • Retains water extremely well
  • Extremely good drainage
  • Very good aeration
  • A very good choice for slow germinating seed growing
  • Fungal & bacterial prevention

This is what is referred to as a soilless mix, so now you know more about this type that is not known by many beginner gardeners? Now for the easy recipe, you are going to love reading the next paragraph?

How To Prepare The Recipe?

You only will need two ingredients, now that should make many of you happier? Let us get right to this, we still have lots of information you need to know?

  • 1 part coconut coir
  • 1 part perlite

You want to add the coconut coir to a five-gallon bucket, now add just enough water to hydrate the coconut coir? I usually allow it to sit approximately 5-10 minutes, you then will be sure you have the proper moisture? Once you are happy with the coconut coir mixture, you are ready to add the perlite? Be sure to mix this very well before planning on using it, since there are no nutrients, you will want to add an all-purpose organic plant food once your plant sprouts with several leaves?


indoor seed planting guide

100 Plus Herb Seeds


Seed Planting Time

Now you have your potting mix ready, you should have decided between a container type or peat pots? You are ready to learn how I plant my own seeds, so if this has you at the edge of your seat read on?

  • Be sure to read the instructions on your seed packets, you will find all seeds are not planted at the same depth?
  • The majority require planted approximately 1/2 inch deep, but some herb seeds are an exception? I have planted some you just plant on top of your potting mix, you then just barely cover them?
  • So read the instructions carefully, you never want to take for granted all your seeds should be planted exactly the same?

You are ready to learn how I water mine, I don’t know how many people use this method? This is the safest way to assure success, so let us learn this next?

How To Water Safely?

There is a safe way to water your seeds, you never want to use any other method than the one I am going to share with you? Now please take this seriously, you really need to be careful with this step?

  • Fill a clean spray bottle with water, you can buy these at your dollar stores for a very affordable price? You don’t need to spend much at all on this product, so avoid going to stores such as Amazon and Walmart and pay more than you need to?
  • Even though distilled water is recommended, I use regular tap water instead? When you are into indoor gardening as big as I am, I feel that is a waste of money?
  • Once you fill your spray bottle allow it to sit overnight with the spray spout off, and this will allow the chemicals to evaporate from the tap water?
  • Water lightly until your potting mix is moist, you will find using this method you will not wash your seeds deep into your container?
  • Just like live plants you want to avoid over-watering, you can cause your seeds to rot instead of germinating?

This is how I have been watering for years, so I know this really is your safest and your most effective watering method to be using? Now to the next indoor gardening tip, and if you are finding this valuable enough to share it with your family and friends, I would appreciate your kind gesture?

Seed Growing Topping

This is optional, but I really feel it is beneficial when growing your seeds? You can decide for yourself if you wish to do this step, I am going to tell you how and why I do this?

  • You have the option to add a thin layer of vermiculite as a topping, I will tell you why I do this?
  • This reduces the loss of moisture that helps your seeds grow quicker.
  • Vermiculite also reduces the growth of mold on the top of your container?
  • I also put a zip loc bag over my peat pots as well.
  • Zip loc bags reduce moisture loss, you will want to leave the bag open for good ventilation?

These are some things I do for my own peace of mind, so maybe it isn’t necessary to do? I have never experienced any problems from doing them, so I just keep using them as my regular seed planting routine?


indoor seed planting guide

Wildflower Seed Collections


Best Places For Your Seeds To Germinate?

You will find some arguments between gardeners on this step, many prefer a dark place and others place their seeds in a portable greenhouse? I have used both methods without either being better than the other, so if you do it right both will work?

  • Darker areas you will not need to check them as often for requiring watering, but also many darker areas of your apartment or home might lack the warm temperatures they need?
  • Portable greenhouses keep your seeds warmer, but you will need to check them more often?
  • The consistent moist mix is a must for germination, you also will find warmth is another must to experience success?

The best area in your home is where both of these needs are met, so I would suggest you take both of these into consideration when choosing where to place your seed containers? I feel light is important as well, you will find your seedlings will sprout and grow healthier with the proper light? This also eliminates the need to harden your seedlings, so this to me is a huge benefit?

After Your Seeds Sprout?

As soon as you see little green heads you can relax, now all your fussing has paid off big time? What is your next step once they sprout, I am going to share this with you next?

  • If you have been growing them in the darker area of your home, you now want to move them where they are going to receive more light?
  • That is why I prefer growing them in my portable greenhouse, I know some folks that have moved them and lost their seedlings?
  • The trick is to gradually move them closer to a window, and if you don’t sometimes they are too fragile to adjust to such a sudden change?
  • With them in my portable greenhouse, I don’t need to move them when they are so fragile? This is just something I have learned over the years, you don’t have to go out and purchase a greenhouse? Placing a zip loc bag over your seed containers is a miniature greenhouse, so I have given you some things to consider for placing your seeds?

Cold drafts are one of your worse enemies, so be sure to avoid placing them near windows and doors? Keep them moist without over-watering them, and you will grow healthy seedlings? One more thing to remember is your heating and air conditioning units, you want to be sure they are not too close to either of these?

Planting Your Seedlings

How do you know when your seedlings are ready to transplant, you will want them to be at least three inches in height with no less than three leaves? I allow mine in the peat pots as long as possible, I usually keep checking for their roots to be starting to grow out of the drainage hole?

  • Growing your seeds in the proper containers prevents transplanting them?
  • With my peat pots transplanting is super easy, you will find your seedlings are not disturbed one bit since you are planting the entire peat pot without disturbing your plant?
  • Either of these methods is your safest option, and it is not a problem when warm weather arrives if you do wish to move them outdoors?

You have just read the ultimate guide to starting seeds indoors, I have been doing this for years with finally finding the best process for the most success? I strongly suggest you avoid growing seedlings than transplanting them into other containers, you will find growing them in the containers that will be their home, or peat pots are your safest methods?



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