Indoor Wall Hanging Plants

I have the main room of my apartment with exotic plants, now I got this idea to add indoor wall hanging plants as well. This will complete my exotic plant theme, and I really think this will be so cool? First, I want to find out what are my best choices to choose from, so if you are interested in this home decor topic, you will want to read this article for sure?

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indoor wall hanging plants

Easy Care Indoor Plant Deals


Spider Plant Care

One of my favorites is the spider plant, you will find this is an awesome choice for even beginners? I bought my mom one a few years ago, she just loves this easy-to-grow houseplant? Her home provides only low-light conditions, so if you are shopping for a low-light indoor plant, you will want to consider the spider plant. You might be wondering how to care for this, so that is what I am going to share with you next?

  • Choosing a well-draining potting mix is your best choice, but you don’t need to worry the spider plant adapts to most potting mixes?
  • As for lighting, you will love to know medium to deep shade is no problem for this one to grow. You can even place it in a spot with indirect light, so this is another good reason I am fond of this particular indoor plant?
  • You will want to provide moderate, consistent temperatures and humidity, and most apartments and homes are perfect growing conditions without making any major changes most of the time.
  • Room temperature water is important when watering, they do recommend distilled water to be the best. I just fill a milk jug with tap water, and then with the lid off allow the chemicals to evaporate overnight. My mom just waters hers from her faucet, and her plant is doing fine.
  • Moist but never extremely wet is what you wish to aim for, I bought myself a moisture meter which has made this so much easier for my other houseplants.
  • Fertilize with a liquid fertilizer once or twice per month, I have some homemade fertilizer recipes that you can prepare yourself that work fine.
  • Repotting as it outgrows its container is an option, you also can keep your plant the desired size you wish by pruning it a few times per year.
  • What is even cooler, you can grow as many of these plants from just one plant as you desire.

You will find by following this basic care guide will provide you with a healthy spider plant, what about any problems you might experience, I am going to share what I learned from my mom with you next?


indoor wall hanging plants

Hawaiian Spider Plant 


Spider Plant Problem Solving Guide

You will be happy to hear there are very few problems with this houseplant, I am going to share the only problems my mom has experienced and how she solved the problems?

  • Dead leaved tips or leaves is common, so you don’t need to panic something is wrong with your plant. All my mom does is keeps the dead tips and leaves trimmed up, you can do this with a pair of your favorite scissors.
  • Spider mites are another problem you could experience, you will notice dull gray leaves with webs underneath the leaves.  My mother simply sprays her plant with neem oil,
  • Faded or bleached leaves is a sign you are providing too much sun, you just need to move it to a less sunny location to solve this problem?

You will find growing your spider plant is one of the top-rated choices for wall hanging plants indoors, so now you have a basic guide on how to grow a spider plant?

Recommended Plants for Wall Hanging

I am not going to waste your time providing how to care for every plant on this list, but being the spider plant is one of your better choices, I wanted you to see how easy they are to care for? If any of the ones on this list interest you to learn how to care for, please leave me your request in the comments and I will provide an article on the plant.

If you are considering shopping for wall-hanging plants, I suggest you check the ones on the list above first? You will find these will provide you the most success indoors, you also will love how they are such beautiful garden decor choices? Are you interested in plant care resources, and if so just click on this link?


indoor wall hanging plants

Watermelon Peperomia


Peperomia Plants

I wanted to share this type of exotic plant with you, you will find the peperomia very easy to grow as well? Just buying the watermelon version in the image above, you will not be disappointed in adding this to your apartment or home? The watermelon plant does extremely well in low-light conditions, I have bought many plants for a centerpiece for my kitchen table before finding one that would grow there?  That is the reason I wanted to bring this to your attention, you can find many different varieties to pick from.

  • Watermelon
  • Green Bean is also a good choice, I bought one of these also?
  • Thailand
  • Ginny
  • Rosso
  • Marble
  • Ruby Glow
  • Ripple Red

You will be very happy with your purchase of the peperomia exotic plant family, I plan to add some more as wall-hanging plants for home decor. Right now, I am just trying to decide which ones I am going to order?  If this article has inspired you please share it with your family and friends, Rare Exotic Plants’ priority is to help as many people learn about as many of these awesome how decor plants as possible?

How Plants Improve  Your Health?

Besides they make great companions and awesome hobbies, you might be surprised they also improve your health both physically and emotionally? Every morning when I walk out of my bedroom, I am greeted with a smile from all my exotic houseplants. Something about them just brightens my mood, at first sight, you also will love how they improve your apartment or home.

  • Improves the air in your apartment or home
  • Encourages you to be more active by caring for your plants
  • Growing fruit and vegetables provide you a healthier diet
  • People with houseplants are often healthier emotionally
  • Better overall mood
  • Improves your attention span
  • Boosts your self-esteem
  • Horticulture therapy is used regularly for treatment for children today

Before moving to my apartment, I had to give up my outdoor flower and vegetable gardens. Being over sixty now, I just am not healthy enough to manage outdoor gardens. Now I am feeling much more positive about my life and myself, you just can’t imagine how growing indoor plants can improve your life?


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