Indoor Water Garden Containers

Did you ever wonder about Indoor Water Garden Containers, how many of you would be interested in learning how to create your very own water garden? This and more is waiting for you in my article today, so if this type of indoor gardening interests you, this is something you want to read?

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indoor water garden containers
Awesome Gift Idea For Anyone At Any Age Interested In Indoor Gardening


Water Gardening

How many of you have ever given this type of gardening a try, this would make a unique gift for anyone interested in this type of garden? What exactly is an indoor water garden, I am going to discuss this with you right now?

  • A glass container of any size is all you need to get started.
  • This will be the home of your water plants.
  • Good plant choices are those that grow in small ponds.
  • Imagine the education being able to watch your plant root system grow?
  • You can even do this yourself without much work at all.

A great family time activity for the entire family, I especially like this garden type to introduce gardening to young children? Read on to learn how you are able to accomplish this on your own, this could be a fun winter activity when it is too cold to be outdoors?

Indoor Water Garden Container Ideas

You can find inexpensive glass containers at your favorite dollar store, so a container is not a problem to get you on your way to creating your own water garden? Need some ideas, I am going to provide some next?

  • Fish Aquariums
  • Fish Bowls
  • Mason Jars
  • Glass Bowls
  • Flower Vases
  • Unique Glass Containers of any Kind

Any glass container is a possibility, you first will want to go shopping and browse what is available? Again your dollar stores are a great resource, I purchase many of my containers for my houseplants at very reasonable prices? Fancy expensive glass merchandise is a waste of your money, if I was you I would look for the most unique ones for a great home decor accent?

Water Garden Basics

I am sure you will find this basic guide very helpful, you will also later learn some of the coolest plants to add to your new garden? For now, let me give you an idea of how to create your own personal or family water garden?

  • Choose your container
  • Go shopping for water plants
  • Best location in your home for your water garden
  • Cleaning your plant’s roots
  • Preparing the container
  • Add water
  • Floating plants optional

Here are the basic steps to creating this unique project, now I am going to explain each step in more detail for you? I like to provide you as much information as possible to help you experience success, so let us move on to learn more about how to accomplish this fun family activity?


indoor water garden containers

Glass Containers Terrarium Deals


Glass Containers

You have many options when choosing your glass container, so what you want to consider is what size appeals to you? You can go with a small fishbowl or a larger aquarium, but if you want to just give this a try first I suggest you go with a small mason jar? You then can upgrade later if you desire to, why create a large one only to find this is not something for you?

  • Mini fishbowl
  • Flower planter vases
  • Wall hanging vases
  • Terrariums
  • Mason Jars
  • Test tube flower vases
  • Hanging test tube vases
  • Cat shaped flower vase
  • Animal shaped flower vases
  • Unique shaped glass containers

As you can see you can be as creative as you wish to be, you will be happy to know all of the above is approximately $10.00 and less, if you are interested in an inexpensive wall hanging water garden here is one I like?

Water Garden Plants

You will want to learn what are some of your best plants, so that is what I am going to provide you next? I have included a plant list to get you started, I want to help you get a good start with your new hobby?

  • Lotus
  • Louisianna Iris
  • Pitcher Plant
  • Canna
  • Swamp Lily
  • Sweet Flag
  • Rain Lily
  • Cattail
  • Japanese Primrose
  • Perennial Hibiscus
  • Cardinal Flower
  • Japanese Iris
  • Taro
  • Papyrus
  • Water Lily

Here is a good list of plants to get you started, I am confident some of these will appeal to you? These are good choices for beginners, and if this becomes enjoyable to you upgrade to a larger container with even more plants. This really is a great addition to any indoor garden decor, I do hope this article is informational enough for you?

Water Garden Location

Location of this type of garden is just important as any of your houseplants, even though this is not complicated I thought I should include this in this article?

  • A bright sunny area in your home will work the best
  • Avoid too close to a window direct sun will burn your plants
  • You also want to avoid drafty areas as well
  • I would consider bright indirect light between 3 feet and 7 feet from a sunny window

This is really simpler than some of my houseplants, you will experience a beautiful garden by following this simple light guide? Once you have everything set up, you will be happy you created this unique addition to your garden decor?

Water Plant Root Cleaning

Before you are ready to add the plants you need to clean their roots, this might sound strange but it is going to benefit them to grow healthy for you? I have found how to do this to save you any frustration or anxiety, I know something new can be overwhelming?

  • You want to clean all the soil from your plant’s roots
  • The safest method is recommended using a toothbrush to carefully clean the roots of each plant

Now that was not nearly as complex as you might have expected, you just need to take your time so you don’t damage the root system? If you choose to use a hydroponics system, you will want to clean the roots from time to time. The roots often develop a slimy coating, so let us see how you would do this?


indoor water garden containers

 Hydroponic Systems


Hydroponic Root Cleaning

Before I provide you the steps to cleaning slimy plant roots, I really suggest you seriously consider how serious you are before investing any money? These are amazing indoor garden products, but if you are just giving this a try, you might want to try it first from the steps in this article? Then if you fall in love with this, maybe then invest in one of the hydroponic systems on the market?

  • Slimy roots arrive from a bacterial infection, and if you just let it go you will more likely lose all or most of your plants.
  • To get started remove one of your plants one at a time
  • Now you will rinse the roots under running water to remove as much of the slim as possible
  • You now will trim all damaged roots and any dead ones
  • To kill the infection you will want to dip the roots into a 3 percent hydrogen peroxide solution
  • Remove the root right away setting it in a shallow tray for now
  • After you disinfect your hydroponic system you can return your plants to their clean home

You are ready to learn how to clean your hydroponic system, if you don’t do this step your plants will be infected again in just a short time?

Hydroponic System Cleaning

You now are going to go through the steps of cleaning your system, I am taking the time to include this for anyone who has or plans on purchasing one of these systems? Many people become disappointed when their plants fail in these systems, but by understanding this you can grow healthy plants?

  • The first thing to do is remove all the nutrient solution
  • You will fill your system with a 10 percent bleach solution
  • Be sure to circulate this solution through your system
  • Now allow your system to sit for several hours
  • After several hours you need to rinse out your system extremely well
  • Add clean nutrient solution

You now will be able to return your plants safely back home, I am sure this is something important that some of you might not know? This concludes my section on the hydroponic system garden maintenance, before I forget I do have some coupons for you today? If you are familiar with Gifts for You Now, you might find yourself some good bargain deals?

Preparing Your Container

Back to creating your water garden, now you are ready to prepare your container for your beautiful plants? You are hopefully still interested, I do apologize for getting off track with the hydroponic systems? What do you need to do to prepare the garden base is our next step?

  • You will want to add a few inches of pebbles to the bottom that will secure the roots of your plants
  • As you plant your plants you will want to secure them in the pebbles you added as the base

Are you beginning to see this is not complicated at all, you will more likely really enjoy this once you get started? Time to go to the next step, keep reading we are almost done?

Adding Water

It is time to add the water to your new garden, I am sure you are getting excited to create your very own water garden with this guide? Even though it is recommended to use distilled water, you will be perfectly fine with tap water left to sit out overnight with no lid? You see by doing this all the chemicals will evaporate, I also do this to water all my plants without experiencing any problems?

  • Slowly fill your water garden
  • Be careful not to damage any of your plants
  • Pay attention to the water level as filling your container

You should now have your plants secure and your water garden filled with water, you also want your water to be cool but not cold? I have an option for you to consider completing your project, you might be interested in adding floating plants? Hopefully, you left enough room, but you can dip out some of the water if your water level is too high?


indoor water garden containers

Floating Water Garden Plants


Water Garden Floating Plants

You are curious I am sure for some examples of floating plants, I thought this would be an awesome addition to the steps to create your special new garden? I have included a few floaters to get you started, and I am happy to take the time to do this for you?

  • Chameleon
  • Mosiac Plant
  • Variegated Sweet Flag
  • Dwarf Cannas
  • Miniature Iris
  • Corkscrew Rush
  • Yellow Dwarf Water Lily
  • Water Lettuce
  • White Water Snowflakes
  • Horsetail Rush
  • Elephant Ear
  • Duckweed
  • Java Moss

Another nice variety of plants for you to choose from, you can start off with a few of these for now? Add more as your garden grows, and if you really get into this type of gardening, you can add more containers as well?

Gardening Quizzes

For something fun to complete this article, I found a website with fun gardening quizzes? Are you brave enough to test your knowledge, and if so here are some of the quizzes waiting for you?

  • How well do you know lawn care?
  • Which orchid color represents your personality
  • Garden maintenance
  • Garden design trivia
  • Basic garden design trivia

Maybe not so many to choose from on gardening, but there are other quizzes you can take for fun? I am going to share some others you might be interested in, I really want you to leave Rare Exotic Plants in a very good mood?

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  • Animal
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  • Gardening

You can explore even more by visiting the website Pro Proofs Quizzes, and even cooler you can even Create Your Own Quiz if you are interested? That concludes Indoor Water Garden Containers, I thank you for visiting Rare Exotic Plants. Love to hear from you, please leave me a comment if you have the time to?


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