Indoor Water Garden Plants

Are you up for a new type of indoor gardening, you can learn how to create your very own water garden with my step-by-step article? Once you read that article, you can find even more Indoor Water Garden Plants in this article? So this is a continuance to my last publication, now let us begin expanding our new garden?

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indoor water garden plants

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Best Water Garden Plants

This article is continuing where Indoor Water Garden Containers left off, you will find everything you need to know about creating your water container garden. This will guide you step-by-step to learn about this type of gardening, so if you missed that publication you might want to read it as well? Now we are going into more detail on your choice of these special plants, I really am excited to be helping you get into this new hobby?

  • Broadleaf Arrowhead
  • Creeping Jenny
  • Water Lilly
  • Cattail
  • Pickerel Rush
  • Blue Flag Iris
  • Mosquito Fern
  • Cardinal Flower
  • Mosiac Plant
  • Horsetail
  • Ruffled Water Lettuce
  • Taro
  • Water Hyacinth
  • Calla Lily
  • Purple Loosestrife
  • Water Poppy

Here you have the best water garden plants to choose from, now all of these will not appeal to everyone? That is why I have included such a long plant list, you will find something for everyone depending on what appeals to each of you?

Water Plant Shopping

I will be telling you about each of the plants on the list, but first, you might be interested in where to start shopping when you have your water garden ready for plants? That is what you will find below, I just want you to know some good resources when you are ready to begin your plant shopping?

  • The Pond Outlet
  • Lowes
  • Amazon
  • Walmart
  • eBay
  • Bruce Plant
  • The Pond Guy
  • e-Plant
  • Home Depot
  • Etsy

You will find your best deals at stores such as Amazon and Walmart, but you may need to shop the specialty stores if you have your heart set on specific plants? I always check the discount shops first, and then if they don’t have what I am looking for I go to the specialty ones?


indoor water garden plants

Broadleaf Arrowhead 


Broadleaf Arrowhead Water Plant

By me providing information on the plants, I am possibly saving you time? That is what Rare Exotic Plants are all about, and one day this website will be your number one resource. For now, all I can do is my best to provide you what you need and want to know in hopes to gain your trust in my website?

  • Beginner-friendly
  • Low to moderate light
  • Medium growth rate
  • Creeping growing habit
  • Beautiful white flowers
  • Flower blooms summer to late fall
  • Height 1-4 feet
  • Spreads 1-3 feet
  • Low maintenance
  • A beautiful addition to water gardens
  • Cutting back in late summer recommended for small water gardens
  • Grown by seed and tubers

There is no doubt this will make an impact on your garden decor, you can plant this in a small container as a desktop or tabletop plant by keeping it cut back before it seeds? Good choice for large aquariums or terrariums as well, but remember this is not a small water plant?

indoor water garden plants

Creeping Jenny 


Creeping Jenny Water Plant

You will find this one can be used as a groundcover around the rocks of ponds and waterfalls, this also is a very popular plant for in containers? You could even grow this as a houseplant, so this is a very hardy one to consider?

  • Provides a natural appearance
  • Bright yellow flowers during the summer
  • A nice height of only 1 foot
  • Spreads approximately 12-18 inches
  • Water depth up to 1 foot deep
  • Bright indirect light
  • A very versatile dependable plant
  • Cold-resistant

If you are shopping for a smaller water plant this is one to consider, you will find it extremely easy to grow. Creeping plants are slow-growing, so this is another bonus with this one?


indoor water garden plants

Water Lily


Water Lily Water Plants

What would your water garden be without this plant, these are available in a variety of bright colors? How many people don’t love the water lily plant, you really will brighten your decor with this one?

  • A wide and shallow container is a perfect fit
  • 18 inches wide with a depth of at least 10 inches works the best
  • Beautiful waxy-coated leaves with long stalks
  • Spring bloomers
  • Floating water plants
  • Reduces algae in containers naturally
  • Actually improves the water quality
  • Eye-catching flowers your guests will rave about

People often create water lily gardens for their apartments and homes, you could go with these plants alone to brighten up your garden decor? Such a variety to choose from, I can’t imagine anyone not being tempted to add these to their container water garden?


indoor water garden plants

Cattail Plants


Cattail Water Plants

How many of you remember this one from your childhood, even children growing up in cities have played with these I am sure? What you might not know are these are edible, people in Europe were eating these over 30,000 years ago?

  • Grown from seed
  • Summer bloomer
  • Challenge to grow for containers
  • 70 inches tall in height
  • A challenging project for gardeners

Even though this is included on the best water plant list, I would not recommend this for small containers? This is not a beginner-friendly choice, you grow them by sprinkling the seeds where you hope they will grow? Affordable to purchase these seeds, so what do you think about this?


indoor water garden plants

Pickerel Rush Plant


Pickerel Rush Water Plant

This one reminds me of lilac cattails, but you can grow these very easily? Planting two to three bundles together is recommended for the most success, so do you like this water plant?

  • Spikes of soft blue flowers
  • 18-24 inches in height
  • Grows in very shallow water up to 18 inches deep
  • The roots must be covered with 2 to 12 inches of water
  • Grown from dormant rhizomes
  • You are able to plant directly into your container

This is an interesting one to consider, I would only consider if the height would be a problem for your size of a container? The size of your container is something to consider if you are just starting a garden, you can decide on the plants before the container which is what I would do myself?


indoor water garden plants

Blue Flag Iris


Blue Flag Iris Water Plant

You will find this one growing naturally in bogs, you will be happy to know this is a very hardy bog plant? This will also increase natural filtration in your garden, let us see what else we can find out about this beautiful plant?

  • May to July bloomer
  • Growing height up to 24 inches
  • Light to deep purple flowers
  • Highly recommended for home gardeners
  • Grown from rhizome roots
  • 6 inches deep water required

You will find people plant these on the edges of their ponds, so even though they are pond plants you are able to grow them in containers? Would this not brighten your home from May to July, if blue flowers are what your looking for this is one to consider?


indoor water garden plants

Mosquito Fern Plant


Mosquito Fern Water Plant

Isn’t this a cute little plant, can you imagine this floating in your water garden? If you think of this as moss, you can imagine what it looks like much better? Grows on the surface, and is an extremely good grower? A beautiful addition to water features, the leaves begin a bright green color. Later as it grows will turn a darker green, but in the fall this becomes a reddish color that will amaze all your house guests.

  • Easy to grow
  • Beginner-friendly
  • This requires a wet and warm environment to thrive
  • You can maintain it by simply removing any excess from your container
  • Unique floating water plant that is eye-catching

How does this one interest you, I must admit this got my attention the most so far? For anyone who is partial to unique garden decor, you might want to keep this in mind?


indoor water garden plants

Cardinal Flower


Cardinal Flower Water Plant

You can grow this in 1 to 2 inches of water, this is most often grown from seed. I am not really impressed with this for water gardens, but that does not mean it is not a good choice for you? Another method to grow this is in containers with very damp soil, these are not drought-tolerant plants?

  • Water plant seed grown
  • Clumping growth type
  • Partial shade to sun
  • Upright growth habit
  • Decorative garden decor plant
  • Perennial
  • Attracts hummingbirds & black swallowtail butterflies
  • Scarlet red flowers
  • June to September bloomer

I must admit this would make a great addition to an indoor garden, but as for a container water garden, your water level could only be a few inches deep? This means you would need a shallow container to grow this plant, but it would be a cool project for anyone interested?


indoor water garden plants

Mosiac Plant


Mosiac Water Plant

I really am not sure what to think about this, you must admit it sure is unique? How many of you like this water plant, I am just curious what you think? Let us learn what we can about this, it appears more like an alien than a plant?

  • The unique texture you must admit gets your attention
  • Yellow flowers bloom from June to August
  • This is a floating water plant
  • Requires large amounts of light to bloom, so an aquarium light is recommended
  • Heavy micronutrient fertilizing is required
  • Annual water plant

This plant is a little more finicky than frogbit or some other more common floating plants. It also seems to be happier as a shallow water marginal plant, with its roots in the substrate and its head reaching up to the surface. If you can find its sweet spot though, it is a stunning plant and well worth the effort! These are the own words of a gardener who grows and cares for this particular plant, so what I would ask myself is this worth the extra work for me?


indoor water garden plants

Horsetail Plant


Horsetail Water Plant

A non-flowering evergreen plant, you will find this plant has vertical green stems with lines? The stems are extremely thin, super easy to grow in water or in soil? I am kind of interested in this myself, but we have more to learn before making any decisions?

  • Requires several inches of water in containers, so shallow containers would be the best home for this water plant?
  • Growing in the soil you must water it several times per day keeping the soil on the wet side
  • New growth will be a bright green
  • Growing height up to 3 feet
  • Spreads quickly once established

As you are beginning to realize all these require different depths of water, so choosing the proper container all depends on the plants you wish to grow? You might find you want a larger deeper garden such as an aquarium, and also a shallow garden as well?


indoor water garden plants

Ruffled Water Lettuce


Ruffled Water Lettuce Plant

The Ruffled Water Lettuce grows the best in shallow non-moving water, and the water depth can be up to 1 to 2 feet deep? This is a free-floating water plant, you can expect this plant to thrive during your summer season.

  • Morning to noon sun is the best
  • Aphids are this plants biggest problem
  • Fast-growing floating plant
  • Roots can grow between 2 to 20 inches
  • Naturally cleans your water garden
  • Aquariums are a good container
  • Leaves will remain small in Aquariums and containers

Another interesting floating water plant, when you see any yellow leaves trim them off? instead of trashing them, you can use them for mulch for your houseplants?


indoor water garden plants

Taro Plants


Taro Water Plant

A tropical plant that is mainly grown for its edible corms, this is actually considered a root vegetable. Taro is a water plant that can be grown in container water gardens, these are on the starchy side yet are sweet to eat? Are you anxious to hear more, so let us move on?

  • Aquatic pond plant
  • Grows between 3 to 6 feet in height
  • Safe for pets
  • Clumping growth habit
  • Multi-color
  • Part shade to sun
  • Yellow flowers
  • Container size one gallon

It is an interesting plant to learn about, so here is another one that might tempt you to grow? Many of these plants can be grown in aquariums and terrariums for the best results, but you can grow them in smaller containers if you are growing just one plant?


indoor water garden plants

Water Lettuce & Water Hyacinth 


Water Hyacinth Plant

Water Hyacinth is another free-floating plant to consider, I understand there are so many interesting ones you might like to have? I suggest you make a list of them and take your time choosing any plants right now, it is better to think it over before making bad decisions?

  • Aquatic plant with glossy leaves
  • Breathtaking pink to lavender flowers
  • A free-hanging root system
  • Grows the best in warm temperatures
  • They are an invasive plant that will need to be thinned out from time to time


SurprisedTotally surprised! Didn’t know what to expect with the hot weather. My pond plants arrived and were hot but happy! Look great in my pond and I will be happy to watch them grow



indoor water garden plants

Calla Lily Plants


Calla Lily Water Plant

What do you think about these hot pink Calla Lily plants, they sure are beautiful that is for sure? A real favorite pond plant, you must admit these are very impressive to brighten your indoor garden? I never knew there were so many plants that you could grow in water, how do you like my article so far?

  • Bright indirect light
  • Aquatic planters are a good choice for the Calla Lily
  • Beginner-friendly to grow
  • Late spring through summer blooms
  • Toxic to children & pets
  • Grow them in large planters and they will just keep spreading into large plants
  • Grown from bulbs

I think it is cool some of these plants can be grown in planters, so if you don’t want them for a water garden, you can grow them as houseplants?


indoor water garden plants

Purple Loosestrife Plant


Purple Loosestrife Water Plant

You definitely don’t want to plant this in your yard, this one of the most invasive aquatic plants? In some states you are not even allowed to purchase them, they grow in the wetlands near lakes and bogs? Containers are the only safe place to grow this, so be sure to tell your friends about this one?

  • Prized for its beauty during the summer
  • A great resource for bees from its pollen
  • Grown from tubers
  • Runners growth habit
  • Quick spreading if not contained
  • Decorative garden decor plant
  • Blooms June to October
  • Height 2 to 3 feet tall

I would use this in planters to display in my indoor garden, as for a water garden I am more interested in the floating water plants? That is just what I like, so go with what you like, it is your personal unique garden?


indoor water garden plants

Water Poppy


Water Poppy Plant

The water poppy is another floating plant, as you know this type of aquarium plant is my favorite of them all? Something about them floating in a container interests me, this would make a great addition to my indoor houseplants? This one would definitely brighten up your room, and the yellow flowers are quite large?

  • Low maintenance floating water plant
  • Small compact form
  • A great way to add color to your water garden
  • Safe for pets
  • Spring to summer blooming
  • Bright large yellow flowers
  • Possibly the most graceful water plant
  • 2 to 4-inch green heart-shaped leaves
  • Cup-shaped blooms
  • Blooms July through August

So far this is my favorite, what about you? I would love to know your favorites, you can just let me know in my comments section? I did learn a lot writing this article for you, I got interested in water plants as another type of indoor garden? Today my thank you gift is a Vegetable Gardening Planting Calendar, you can check this out on The Famers Almanac website or go directly to the page using the link in this paragraph.


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