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Are you ready to learn about Japanese Indoor Plants, how many of you are familiar with houseplants originally from the country Japan? Something new from Rare Exotic Plants for indoor gardeners to learn, you will experience more from my website than just indoor plants for sale.

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japanese indoor plants

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Amazon Recommended

Amazon suggests people interested in a Japanese garden consider Bonsai Trees, you will find these are the main indoor plant in any garden of this type in Japan. Let us now see what this shopping website recommends, I started with them because they are often the first place people shop.

  • Juniper Tree
  • Golden Gate Fiscus
  • Bonsai Trio Kit
  • Dwarf Jade
  • Tea Bonsai Tree
  • Gardenia
  • Japanese Maple
  • Green Weeping Willow
  • Satsuki Azalea
  • Complete Bonsai Kit
  • Dwarf Pomegranate
  • Chinese Elm
  • Japanese Red Maple

Browse Amazon to learn in more detail about their Bonsai Trees, you really want to begin your new garden with at least one of these as your centerpiece. I would love someone to give me one as a gift, so if you are shopping for family or friends this might be a possibility?

What Walmart Has To Say

Another favorite is Walmart, so I did a search for Japanese Houseplants. Guess what came up in this search, if you said Bonsai Trees you are correct? It seems to me, you will want to shop for these to create your dream oriental garden? Now we can compare this store with Amazon, I am providing you with the best stores to compare for the best prices.

  • Juniper Bonsai Trees
  • Tree of a Thousand Stars
  • Dwarf Green Japanese Maple
  • Wisteria Bonsai Tree
  • My First Bonsai Tree Kit
  • Dappled Willow
  • Dwarf Juniper
  • Japanese Larch
  • Black Pine
  • Beautiful Cheery Blossom
  • Azaela
  • Raisin Tree Seeds
  • Red Maple, Black Cherry, & Tree of Life Seed Bundle

By comparing you are going to receive the most for your money, but even more you will naturally learn how to be a smart shopper. Bonsai Trees from Walmart make awesome gifts for gardeners, you know many people would love one of these but never buy one for themselves?


japanese indoor plants

Unique Bonsai Trees Already Trained & Shaped


eBay Deals

eBay is another popular shopping place people love to shop, so if this is one that you would consider here is what they have for you. Remember to share Rare Exotic Plants with your family and your friends, I am sure they would appreciate you as much as I do.

  • Juniper Unique S-Shape Bonsai Tree
  • Mandarin Orange Seeds
  • Weeping Willow Cuttings
  • Willow Tree
  • Juniper Pre-Bonsai
  • Japanese Red Maple
  • Pomegranate
  • Green Maple
  • Dwarf Weeping Willow
  • Mugo Pine
  • Dwarf Apple Seeds
  • Orange Tree Seeds
  • Black Pine Seedlings
  • California Redwood
  • Evergreen Boxwood
  • Bonsai Tree Starter Kit
  • Ginko Tree
  • Cypress
  • Raintree
  • Willow Leaf Fiscus
  • Manchurian Crab Apple
  • Chinese Elm
  • Green Island Fiscus
  • White Pine
  • Ginseng Fiscus
  • Premna Fast Growing
  • Bougainville
  • Rocky Mountain Juniper
  •  Tree of Life Seeds
  • Norfolk Island Pine

Are you impressed with my article so far, you might be interested in adding Rare Exotic Plants to your browser favorites? Just something for you to think about, you can browse eBay to compare prices if you dare. Now you have three of the most popular stores, but what other choices do you have might be crossing your mind?


japanese indoor plants

Tropical Plant Garden Online Store


Bonsai Tree Shopping

Even though the websites I have shared are popular, you might be more interested in other places you can shop? You can never have too many resources to get the best bargains, I am more than happy to share the ones I have found for you. Providing you with information is my main priority, Rare Exotic Plants really wants to help you.

  • Etsy
  • Jackson & Perkins
  • Macy’s
  • Lowes
  • Wayfair
  • Pro Flowers
  • 1800 Flowers
  • Eastern Leaf
  • Harry & David
  • Brussel’s Bonsai
  • Costway

Here are some other retailers you might wish to consider, but the majority of these will be much higher in price. What you want to do is look for reputable sellers on Amazon, Walmart, & eBay, so this is another smart shopping tip. Many times I have found good deals and high-quality retailers this way, now you know how to get the best deals plus high-quality merchandise.

Bonsai Pots

When I received my Bonsai Tree it was already planted in a pot, but eventually, you will experience the majority of this type of plant requiring repotting every 3 to 5 years. Now I am going to share with you some choices you have, even though you have plenty of time I feel this is something you should know.

  • Unglazed
  • Glazed
  • Repotting Tools
  • Soil Mixes

Repotting is something you need to plan ahead for, you can learn more about this merchandise by Visting This Website. Specialty online stores like this one are experts, so this is a good resource to add to your favorites. How many of you are curious about what plants are good for Bonsai Gardens, let us find out that next?

Bonsai Garden Plant List

Sure you can order bonsai trees to get started creating your garden, but maybe you are one of those people who are shopping for unique plants? I have taken the time to find this information for you, so keep reading to learn this if you are curious?

  • Baby Jade
  • Hawaiian Umbrella
  • Golden Hawaiian Umbrella
  • Flowering Anthurium
  • Flowering Ligustrum
  • Mistletoe Fig
  • Ponytail Palm
  • Dracaena
  • Azalea
  • Dwarf Fruit Trees
  • Flowering Myrtle
  • Olive Tree
  • Flowering Horseflesh
  • Lemon Cypress
  • Flowering Mount Fuji
  • Hibiscus
  • Flowering Bush Cherry
  • Desert Rose
  • Croton Gold Dust
  • White Serissa
  • Sweet Plum
  • Japanese Mock Orange
  • Flowering Texas Ebony
  • Arabian Jasmine
  • Navel Orange
  • Black Olive
  • Flowering Powder Puff

The plant list includes all types of possibilities, but all of these are not Japanese houseplants. You could even create your own miniature garden instead, but whatever you decide there are many indoor garden houseplants available. If this has been informational, please let me know in my comments section.


japanese indoor plants

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Japanese Garden Plant List

For those of you who are shopping for Japanese garden plants, you can learn in this paragraph the most popular ones grown in Japan. This will provide you with a traditional garden, but remember it isn’t a crime to be unique with your garden design.

  • Bonsai Trees
  • Azaela
  • Bamboo
  • Camellia
  • Hosta
  • Hydrangea
  • Iris
  • Lotus
  • Wisteria

Never be afraid to try growing outdoor plants indoors, you just need to provide them the proper light and water to experience success. Plants that require full sun are not good choices, but even with grow lights, you could experience success.

Japanese Herbs List

Herbs are an important part of gardens in Japan, how many of you knew this before reading this article? I am just curious if this is something new to some of you, now you are going to learn what herbs you can add to your new indoor garden.

  • Shiso
  • MItsuba
  • Red Mustard
  • Wasabi
  • Negi
  • Sansho Pepper
  • Mizuna
  • Burdock
  • Wasabina Mustard

Does adding some herbs sound cool to you, maybe Growing a Japanese Herb Garden is something you would like to learn? This with a bonsai tree in the center could be a simple and easy indoor garden, but now this is something you should consider before ever starting creating your dream garden.

Japanese Garden Fountain

As my last suggestion, what about adding a Japanese Bamboo Fountain to your new garden? How many of you have seen these before, I would really want one of these in my own garden to make it complete? Thank you for visiting Rare Exotic Plants, you can never go wrong introducing gardening to your children as a family time project.




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