Maidenhair Fern Plant Care

You just bought yourself a new plant, you just fell in love with it at first sight. Maidenhair fern plant care will provide all you need to know to grow your new addition to your home, learn how to have a healthy houseplant that will last for years? This is one of the most popular ferns people buy, so I wrote this article for those of you who love this type of indoor plant.

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maidenhair fern plant care

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About Maidenhair Ferns

I thought I would begin by sharing some information about this fern, you will find this in many apartments, homes, and even office buildings. This is one of the most popular indoor ferns used for home decor, so let us begin by learning more about this particular houseplant?

  • Grows to a height of approximately 12-30 inches tall
  • A great choice for low-light conditions
  • Part shade to full shade
  • Moist well-draining fertile soil is the best type for the maidenhair fern plant
  • Watering preference is moist soil and avoiding the soil to become dry
  • This fern is a good choice for your container garden
  • You will experience this plant to be pest-free and disease-free
  • Recommended for growing zones 3-8

Now you have a better idea if this indoor plant is right for you, and below as a bonus, I have listed you a few great companion plant choices?

  • Bleeding Heart
  • Siberian Bugloss
  • Solomon’s Seal
  • Plaintain Lily

Now that you understand the maidenhair fern much better, you are ready to go shopping for your new indoor plant? Where are the best places to shop, I am going to provide you some good options next?

Maidenhair Fern Shopping Guide

Whenever you are shopping for a new houseplant, you want to be careful where you shop? Sometimes you will find these at very low prices in your local stores, but often they are not healthy and may not survive? Often we write off ever purchasing another one, but the majority of the time we just bought an unhealthy plant?

Here are three good sources to get you started, I am sure between these three you will find the best deals on the healthiest plants. Now it is time for us to learn how to take care of the maidenhair fern, if you are enjoying your time on Rare Exotic Plants please share with your family and friends?


maidenhair fern plant care

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Maidenhair Fern Plant Guide

Are you anxious to begin learning how to care for this particular fern, and if so I am going to provide you as much information as I possibly can? If you have any questions, I encourage you to leave your question in my comments section at the end of this article?

  • Soil
  • Light
  • Water
  • Humidity
  • Fertilizer

These are the keys to know to keep them healthy and happy, even though growing them is not difficult you have to understand their needs? We are going to learn each one of the requirements one at a time, I have confidence this will be the best way not to overwhelm you?

Soil Requirements

The soil is the very first thing we must get right, you need the proper mixture for this particular fern to grow the best? You never want to use the same soil mixture for ferns as you do for succulents, and this can be the key to your growing success?

  • Choose a rich, slightly alkaline mix with plenty of compost, what I do is purchase a high-quality potting mix and add compost to it.
  • I have experienced ceramic planters works the best
  • This might be new to you, but I like double potting to remove my plant and water them at my kitchen sink.
  • Maidenhair ferns don’t do well repotting them, but if repotting is required do it in the early spring
  • Only consider repotting when the roots require more room

These tips will get you started on the right foot, so the next most important requirement is light exposure? That is what is next on my list, let us learn more about lighting.

Light Requirements

Once you plant your fern in a good soil mix with compost added, you need to understand where is the best spot in your home for this particular plant? Light can determine beautiful green foilage, you also could burn the foliage by placing them in too intense of light?

  • Direct light will burn your foliage, so you always want to be sure to avoid direct light.
  • I have found a shady corner in my apartment that provides the perfect light
  • Keeping them at the far end of your apartment or home from your light source works great
  • For windows, you will want to choose a north-facing one if you have no choice?

I prefer to keep my ferns at the other end of my apartment balcony window, and I lost several of these plants simply by having them too close to my balcony window. With these, less light is better than too much light.

Watering Requirements

With the majority of your houseplants overwatering is the cause of their death, but with these types of plants, they thrive on consistent moist conditions. You never want to overwater them as well, but the watering problems usually are not enough rather than too much?

  • Evenly moist soil is the key to healthy foliage
  • Even a slight dryness will provide the leaves become crispy
  • Avoid soggy soil, but moist to the touch is the perfect condition you are working towards
  • Daily checking is often required
  • Whenever the topsoil starts to feel dry, you want to give your plant a bath in your sink
  • Allow your planter to drain completely after its bath
  • Avoid watering the delicate leaves
  • For me, I have experience bottom watering to work the best

Once you learn how to keep your soil consistently moist watering is a piece of cake, you will need to keep a close watch on your fern until you understand your plant better.


maidenhair fern plant care

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Humidity is another factor that is important for success, we are going to discuss how to provide the proper humidity for the maidenhair fern in your home? There are two very effective methods we can choose from, and I have listed them below for you.

  • Keep them away from any vents & drafts
  • Also away from any area that exposes dry air
  • If your plant dries up very quickly, you need to move it to another place in your home
  • A personal portable humidifier is one option to consider
  • Another option is a tray under your plant to sit on, you will fill the tray with pebbles and water. Be sure the fern is sitting on dry pebbles to avoid root rot, now which one of these options appeals to you the most?
  • You will want your home to remain between 60 & 70 degrees and no colder, so now you are becoming more educated on growing this plant?

Either of the two options works very well, you will just keep an eye on the tray as you check your plant each day? Ferns do require more tender loving care than succulents, but once you learn how to care for them they are very easy to grow? Next is fertilizer, and I have homemade fertilizer recipes instead of commercial if this interests you?


Just like us, our plants require food to stay healthy. The last tip in this guide is about fertilizing to keep them healthy, so read on to learn about this part of your caring for your indoor plant?

  • Watering often flushes nutrients from your soil, so to compensate for this we must fertilize them.
  • All-purpose plant food is all you need to use, you can find this almost anywhere gardening supplies are sold
  • I fertilize mine every time I water my plant, you will want to follow the directions carefully on how much to add. All plant food products are not the same, so be careful you are following the directions carefully.

Before I complete this article, I wanted to provide you some warning signs to watch out for? You need to know what each of these means to take care of your beautiful indoor plant, so that is what the last paragraph is about.

Warning Signs

Here we are to understand the warning signs our fern requires some tender loving care, but most of us new to the maidenhair fern will not know what to do? That is why I decided to provide this as a bonus in this guide, I really am serious about helping you as much as I possibly can grow healthy houseplants.

  • Needing more light will provide you with yellow leaves, but you must be careful not to move it too close to too much light as well.
  • Growing very slow or maybe not at all, this also indicates it is begging for more light
  • Too dry of soil or not enough humidity will result in extremely dry leaves, you will want to add a pebble tray or a portable humidifier to solve this problem. Watering more frequently if the soil is dry to the touch, so I hope this tip helps you to know how to care for dry leaves?
  • Allowing your tap water to sit overnight will solve many times brown leaves, this is caused by the chemicals in your water supply. Another choice is distilled water, but if you have many plants this might not be an option?

I will end my article with these warning signs and solutions, if you have any questions or article requests just leave me a comment? Rare Exotic Plants is your website for your indoor gardening needs, so if you have a topic for me to write about, I will be more than happy to provide you the information you need?


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