Night Blooming Plants List

Interested in rare houseplants, how about if I share with you my Night Blooming Plants List? These are about as unique as you can get, and a great gift for your favorite plant lover? These would light up any gardener’s eyes, you just don’t see many of these every day?

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night blooming plants list
Night Blooming Jasmine Plant


Night Blooming Jasmine

My first plant is the Jasmine Cestrum Nocturium, anyone who is shopping for a beautiful houseplant that blooms at night this is a good choice? You will not be disappointed adding this to your collection, I am sure you would love to know more about the Jasmine night-blooming plant?

  • White-yellowish  tubular flowers
  • This belongs to the nightshade family, you might know this better as the potato family
  • Imagine a sweet perfume scent filling your home at night
  • Grown successfully in homes as indoor plants in the colder parts of the United States
  • 10 feet to 12 feet in height
  • Spreads approximately 6 feet
  • Prune to the desired size after flowering indoors
  • Beautiful blooms as many as four times per year
  • Produce white berries after blooming full of seeds
  • Self-pollinating

My Mother ordered one just this spring from Cellar Door Plants, she was amazed at the size when it arrived? Arrived in less than two weeks, and there was not a broken branch when she unpacked it? If you are in search of a good family-owned company this might be one to consider?

night blooming plants list

Cereus Night Blooming Cactus


Night Blooming Cereus Cactus

One of the easiest houseplants you can grow, you can’t go wrong adding this to your collection? Maybe you are just starting an indoor garden, you have just found a good one for your first indoor houseplant? Read on if this interests you, I don’t have any type of cactus in my indoor garden as of yet?

  • Large blooms you will be amazed by
  • You also will adore their attractive scent
  • Creamy white, yellowish-white, pinkish-white, and even pure snowy white blooms are possible

The only drawback to this cactus is you have no choice in its color of blooms, you will be surprised whenever it shows off its amazing beautiful flowers. As a thank you for visiting Rare Exotic Plants today, I have some Free Home & Garden Coupons for you.

Cereus Cactus Watering Guide

No matter what type of indoor garden you choose, you must understand each of your plant’s watering requirements? More beginners overwater instead of underwater, and this will kill them by causing them root rot. I am going to provide you how to care for this rare cactus, please read on since this is important information.

  • Water only when your potting soil is dry, and water deeply when you do water
  • Using a plant moisture meter is the best way to be safe
  • Be sure your container has a drainage hole
  • Never allow your cactus to sit in water

I can’t express enough how important watering is for your cactus, so please be careful you follow this guide for a beautiful healthy plant. You can purchase a plant moisture meter for less than $20.00, I really recommend you add this indoor garden tool to your garden tool kit.

Cereus Cactus Light Requirements

Your next important need is the proper light, you might be surprised when you find out this plant’s lighting requirements? Many beginners lack this knowledge, and often kill their plant?

  • Bright light is what you need in your home to grow this houseplant
  • Avoid direct sunlight or you will burn this rare cactus
  • At the most only allow a few hours of direct sunlight
  • Best to place the Cereus Cactus 3 feet from a sunny window to be safe
  • East or west windows are your best choices for a healthy plant

Are you learning anything new from this article, I do my best to provide the most information than any other website focusing on these special houseplants? Feel free to print any of my articles for later use if you wish to, I am writing these for you.

Cereus Cactus Temperatures

This you will find very seldom is a problem, but I am going to share just a little about this with you? For anyone interested in growing from seed, I purchase all my seeds from Eden Brothers Website, I encourage you to visit them even just to look around.

  • If your home is warm enough for you, it is more likely going to be fine for this cactus
  • Be sure not to forget about bringing it indoors if the temperatures drop below 40 degrees
  • My sun-loving plants I allow them on my balcony during warm weather but be sure not to forget about them
  • November to March night temperatures between 45 and 60 degrees will encourage blooming

This can be a complicated plant to bloom for inexperienced gardeners, even I had to research this cactus to provide you this information? Many people are not into growing this type of plant, I am one who has never tried growing any type of cactus plant?


When it comes to fertilizing a little less is safer for all your houseplants, I never provide any of mine the full dose recommended? Over-fertilizing can burn your plant and its roots, so be careful how much you give them?

  • Fertilize spring and summer months then gradually decrease by winter
  • Avoid feeding them during the winter months
  • Cut back on watering as well
  • Low humidity isn’t a problem

Now you understand the basic needs, so consider these carefully before investing any money? Rare plants are not inexpensive, you don’t want to invest your money than lose the plant? Are you interested in bonsai gardening, you can find some good deals on the Eastern Leaf Website.


night blooming plants list

Red Orchid Cactus


Night Blooming Cereus Cactus Family

Just so you understand there is a variety of these to choose from, even on your best discount websites these can be quite an investment? You really want to know as much about them as possible before ordering any, so here are the most popular members of their family?

  • Queen of the Night
  • Red Orchid Cactus
  • Pink Orchid Cactus
  • Hookers Orchid Cactus
  • Dragon Fruit
  • Deer Horn
  • Vanilla Cactus
  • San Pedro
  • Cardeiro
  • Peruvian Apple

As you can see there is a nice variety of this night-blooming plant, you really want to do your homework before putting out any money? These might be out of your spending budget, I know their price is more than I usually spend for my houseplants? You are receiving a very rare cactus that blooms at night, as for me, I am more interested in the night-blooming Jasmine myself.

Cereus Shopping Guide

For those of you seriously interested in shopping for the Cereus plant, I took the time to do a search for you? Here are the results from my search, I do this now and then to give you places to start to shop?

  • Etsy
  • eBay
  • Amazon
  • Walmart
  • Mountain Crest Gardens

These are the results from my search, You can begin your shopping with these to get started? I am not familiar with the Mountain Crest Gardens, so maybe one day I will check them out myself? One thing I love about writing for you is I learn something new from every article, I have found some of my most interesting plants in my collection from writing to help you?


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