Indoor English Ivy Plant Care

indoor english ivy plant care

Are you in search of a low-light houseplant, you will find ivy plants are one of the most popular ones people choose? These are awesome for beginners, so if you are interested in Indoor English Ivy Plant Care this article is written especially for you? I have added recently several types of this type of … Read more

Indoor Seed Planting Guide

indoor seed planting guide

Are you similar as I used to be, I used to always spend more on plants instead of growing from seeds? Even though I still purchase live plants, I have been growing from seeds as well? This article Indoor Seed Planting Guide might encourage you to give this a try, you can start this project any … Read more

Calathea Prayer Plant Care

calathea prayer plant care

Are you interested in learning Calathea Prayer Pant Care, and if so you are on the right website? Rare Exotic Plants always provides you the most information on growing and caring for houseplants, once you read this article you will be able to care for and grow this special houseplant? Prices are exactly the same … Read more

Dwarf Australian Tree Fern

dwarf australian tree fern

The dwarf Australian tree fern is the perfect size for apartments and smaller homes, so if you are in search of a larger fern this might be perfect if you have your heart set on a fern tree? I am going to share all I know about these specific plants, I am sure after reading … Read more

Dwarf Banana Tree Plant Care

dwarf banana tree plant care

Dwarf banana tree care, you too can grow this special exotic plant in your own apartment or home? Imagine picking and eating your own homegrown bananas, you will learn everything about growing and caring for this special houseplant. Prices are exactly the same for you if your purchase is through an affiliate link or a … Read more

Fiddle Leaf Fig Plant Cuttings

fiddle leaf fig plant cuttings

Today we are going to discuss Fiddle Leaf Fig Plant Cuttings, so did you know this is the most popular houseplant in the entire world? Oddly many people like me never heard of this indoor plant until recently, you will learn all I can find on this popular houseplant. Prices are exactly the same for … Read more

Scary Halloween Plants

scary halloween plants

This article is for all of you into the spookiest month of the entire year, you might be surprised after reading Scary Halloween Plants? If you love learning about rare exotic plants, you will enjoy them, these are some of the most unusual ones you have probably ever seen? Prices are exactly the same for … Read more

Golden Pothos Plant Care

golden pothos plant care

This houseplant is a favorite for indoor gardeners, you will see these in apartments, homes, and even in office buildings. Many of you might know this as Devils Ivy, if you are in search of a low-maintenance indoor plant this is a good choice? The only downfall about this plant is, you must be careful … Read more

Maidenhair Fern Plant Care

maidenhair fern plant care

You just bought yourself a new plant, you just fell in love with it at first sight. Maidenhair fern plant care will provide all you need to know to grow your new addition to your home, learn how to have a healthy houseplant that will last for years? This is one of the most popular … Read more


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