Popular Christmas Flower Plants

What are the most Popular Christmas Flower Plants, do you know? That is what you can find out by reading today’s article, you might be surprised what you find out? Flowers and plants are very popular gifts for Christmas, you will find more people give these to senior citizens than any other age?

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popular christmas flower plants

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Poinsettia Plant Care

The poinsettia still is rated as the number one Christmas plant, but how many of you really know how to take care of them? It seems a shame to me the majority of them end up in the trash after the holidays, Many don’t even survive until the New Year, let us learn how to properly care for the most popular Christmas flower?

  • Light Requirements
  • Temperature
  • Watering
  • Fertilizing
  • Pruning

Like any other houseplant knowing what they need and want is the key to beautiful plants, I am going to provide you with a little more detail in the next paragraph, so if you are a Poinsettia lover you might learn how to care for your next plant even better?

Poinsettia Light Guide

Every houseplant as you might know requires the proper light, but everyone is not the same? Some thrive in direct sunlight, others in indirect sunlight, and there are even low-light plants as well? Do you know what type of light this plant needs, maybe what you read next will surprise you?

  • Indirect light
  • Avoid direct sunlight
  • Sunny windowsills
  • Plant stands near a sunny window
  • Avoid drafty windows and doors, and away from heating vents
  • Aim for approximately 4 to 6 hours of indirect light per day

Many of these don’t do well because people are not aware of their needs, so starting off with knowing their light requirements is going to provide you with a healthier more beautiful Poinsettia? Next, we are going to discuss temperature, so keep reading to learn all you need to know to grow this Christmas houseplant?

Temperature Tips

How many of you really consider if the temperature where you choose to place your plant is adequate, I must admit when I started growing indoor plants this was something I overlooked? That is why I wanted to include this in this article, you need to know this also to get the longest blooms?

  • Pleasantly warm temperatures are what you are thriving for, but avoid too hot of temperatures such as near heating vents?
  • Daytime temperatures between 60 and 70 degrees are the best
  • Below 55 degrees at night will often cause the leaves to begin to start dropping off

If you are comfortable more likely your Poinsettia will be as well, but it is important to consider your apartment or home’s temperatures for all your precious houseplants? They prefer warmer temperatures over hot or cold, so keeping your thermostat set between 60 and 70 degrees is what you want to do?


popular christmas flower plants

Indoor Plant Watering Systems


Poinsettia Watering Guide

Overwatering is the death of more indoor plants than any other reason, you are inviting not only diseases but also root rot? Automatic watering systems are a very convenient way to avoid overwatering them, you might be surprised these are much more affordable than many people realize? Another inexpensive solution is a moisture plant meter, I can tell you these work simply because this is how I monitor all my own houseplants watering?

  • Aim for slightly damp potting soil, so this would be in the range of 4 or 5 with a moisture plant meter?
  • Room temperature water is a must to avoid shocking your plant
  • Distilled water recommended
  • Another option I use myself is tap water set out overnight without a lid on the container to allow the chemicals to evaporate?

Are you finding this information helpful, if you know anyone who would like to read this article please share it with them? Sharing my own techniques with you, I hope is providing you with possible options?

Fertilizing Poinsettia Plants

Your Poinsettia plant should not require fertilizing at the time you bring it home, but after the Christmas holiday, you should consider fertilizing them then? When watering them they lose the nutrients from the fertilizer by this time, so you will need to feed them to keep them healthy and strong?

  • You can fertilize them with an all-purpose plant food
  • Another option I use is mixing one gallon of water with one tablespoon of white vinegar
  • This mixture will provide your plant a slightly acid plant food, but much less potent than store-bought so you can feel safe you are not over-fertilizing them.

You can find many homemade plant food recipes online, so if you prefer to go this route this is what I would do? Your houseplants are sensitive to chemicals just as much as you, I do my best to avoid chemicals whenever I can? My indoor garden is doing awesome since going this route, I would not be telling you this if I was not doing it myself?

Poinsettia Pruning Guide

If you are not keeping your indoor garden trimmed you should consider adding this to their plant care routine? As I water mine, I am watching for those that need a haircut or a trim? Keeping them shaped will provide you with a beautiful indoor garden, plus more blooms from any that provide you flowers?

  • Wilted leaves
  • Brown leaves
  • Wilted Blooms
  • Follow my Poinsettia plant care guide for up to 6 weeks of beautiful blooms

I honestly have had them bloom for me clear up to the spring in my state of Pennsylvania, so you might experience similar results if you were lucky enough to buy healthy strong plants? Now I have opened up a topic I can’t avoid sharing with you, here are some good merchants to purchase your Poinsettia plants from?

Poinsettia Merchants

By purchasing from reputable merchants, you can enjoy longer plus more beautiful blooms. I decided it was only right for me to share some reputable merchants with you. By the way, if you are in search of a good houseplant website try Cellar Door Plants as I do? Your plants will arrive in a very short time, ever since I found them I do most of my plant shopping there?

  • Teleflora
  • Collections Etc
  • Harry & David
  • From You Flowers

Please don’t think I am saying you can’t get high-quality Poinsettia plants anywhere else, what I would do if it was me is to be very careful what companies I purchase them from? For those of you who are going to trash them shortly after the holidays, this is not as important, but for anyone wanting them for houseplants after the holidays, this is something to consider?


popular christmas flower plants

Christmas Cactus Plant Care


Popular Christmas Plants

Even though the Poinsettia is still the most popular Christmas plant, you do have other options if you are interested in something different, you will find the Christma Cactus is becoming extremely popular now? Here is a list of other choices you can consider, let me know if any of them are brand new to you?

  • Succulents
  • Pothos
  • ZZ Plant
  • Ponytail Palm
  • Rosemary Tree
  • Miniature Christmas Trees Live
  • Holly Bush
  • Anthurium
  • Peace Lily
  • Orchid
  • Cyclamen
  • Frosty Fern
  • Amaryllis
  • Paperwhites
  • Mini Magnolia Tree
  • Kalanchoe
  • Ivy

Which of these plants would you like to receive as a gift?

  • 16% Poinsettia
  • 3% Holly
  • 8% Ivy
  • 16% Kalanchoe
  • 27% Christmas Cactus
  • 16% Narcissus
  • 14% Amaryllis

Are you surprised by these results I found online, actually I am not surprised since I would prefer the Christmas Cactus over all the others myself? I just thought you might find this interesting, let us move on I have some more surprises waiting for you?


popular christmas flower plants

Indoor Houseplant Sales


Christmas Fun

Many of you might be finding it difficult to get into the Christmas mood, how about if I provide you with some fun things to get you into the mood? No wonder everyone is stressed out, our world has been turned upside down? Financial stress is at its highest in years, and people and children are not as healthy as in the past. Maybe these will brighten your day, please take the time to give some of them a try?

  • Christmas Trivia
  • Questions
  • Answers
  • Games
  • Carols

You will find something for everyone, there are over 180 Christmas fun things for you to do? Feel free to share this with any scrooges you might know, we must work together to get everyone in the holiday mood?

Christmas Surprise For Kids

How could I leave you without sharing something for the children, I am more than happy to provide you with these surprises to brighten your day? This will keep your children busy giving you some relaxation time, maybe a cup of relaxing herbal tea is what you need about now?

  • Top Coloring Pages for Tots
  • Brand New Coloring Pages
  • Baby Bear
  • Freddy & Pip
  • Freddy the Flamingo
  • Baby Zebra
  • Paw Patrol
  • Super Mario Bros

If you are interested in printing these coloring pages, you can visit the website to do just that? Now I have given something for the stressed-out adults and the bored children? What else could I have for you today, let us take a peek to see if there are any other surprises?

Christmas Games

This website provides not only Christmas games but all kinds of games, no matter your interest you can find something here? I will give you some examples to give you a better idea, check below to see if any of these interests you to visit the website?

  • Christmas Games
  • Thanksgiving Games
  • Two Players
  • Halloween Games
  • Games for Girls
  • Puzzle Games
  • Shooting Games
  • Racing Games
  • Sports
  • Shopping
  • Popular Games

Just put your mouse here and click to go to the website, I am sure after playing a few of these games you are going to feel so much better than when you first came on Rare Exotic Plants? Did you enjoy your visit today, please leave me a comment telling me what you enjoyed the most?


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