Scary Halloween Plants

This article is for all of you into the spookiest month of the entire year, you might be surprised after reading Scary Halloween Plants? If you love learning about rare exotic plants, you will enjoy them, these are some of the most unusual ones you have probably ever seen?

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scary halloween plants

Small Indoor Cactus Plants


Brain Cactus Plant Care

Just by the image above does this not give you chills, what if you placed this in one of those human skulls for Halloween on your kitchen table? Would this not impress your guests, you might just be remembered for using this by all your houseguests? Even better, why not plant this in one of those scary human skull planters? You can come up with even cooler ideas I am sure, so let us move on to how to care for this scary cactus plant? Potting mix is your first step to caring for your brain cactus, here is what you want to look for in the mix that you choose?

  • Fast draining
  • Acid potting mix
  • Choose a well-known brand you can trust
  • Bonsai Jack’s is the potting mix I use for all my cactus and succulents

Be sure whatever brand you go with is specifically for cactus and succulent plants, you will be happy you chose this type of mix to get your plant a good start?

Cactus Succulent Potting Mix Brands

Even though I really love Bonsai Jack’s potting mix, I am going to provide you some other good brands you can consider? Depending on your budget might determine the brand you need to go with, so I am not promoting Bonsais Jack’s as the only potting mix you can use?

  • Miracle-Gro Succulent Potting Mix
  • Organic & Natural
  • Re-Pot Me
  • Hoffman
  • Miracle-Grow Cactus, Palm, & Citrus Mix
  • Sun-Gro Horticulture

If any of these brands interest you, I have provided a link to take you directly to the Amazon page. This will save you time checking them out, I also am sure these are the best deals you are going to find on high-quality cactus potting mix online?

Brain Cactus Re-Potting

If you are anything like me, you can’t wait to re-pot your new plant in the container of your choice? Even though this is not a must, I like to wait about 2-4 weeks before planting in the new container? I have found sometimes they are a bit stressed out from their trip to you, so giving them the time to adjust to their new home isn’t such a bad idea? That is just my own personal preference, I just thought I would share this with you?

  • Gardening gloves for roses are a good choice for handling any cactus, so I highly recommend you consider investing in a good pair of these gloves?
  • Fill your container about one-third full, now you will want to place your plant in the container centered as much as possible?
  • Place your brain cactus in its new home, you then will fill potting mix around your plant to approximately the same place as it was in the original container?
  • Be sure all the roots are covered well, you will want to pack lightly to remove any air pockets?
  • I usually hold off watering for a few days, I find allowing the roots to get comfortable in their new home works well for me? Again this is my own personal preference, but I do experience very good results by what I am sharing with you?
  • Keep an eye on the bottom of your container, if you start to see the roots sneaking out it’s time to go to a larger container?
  • The brain cactus is a slow-growing plant, so you can expect to need to re-pot them approximately every 2-4 years.

Does your plant just look perfect in its new home, now after a few days of adjustment time watering is our next step? Overwatering is the most common reason for our indoor plants to die, and with cactus and succulents, this is even more important than for many other types of houseplants?

Brain Cactus Watering

This type of cactus is even more receptive to rotting than most other types, and the reason is the crevices will hold water causing them to begin to rot? Relax, you are going to find this is a piece of cake, so read on to learn how to water your precious new addition to your plant collection?

  • Avoid accidentally getting any water on the body of your cactus, you will find this is very important when caring for your plant?
  • Small watering cans with a long thin spout is a good investment, you will be able to water the potting mix without getting any water on the body of your cactus?
  • You do want to water until the water begins to pour out of the drainage hole of your container? I use this method with all of my plants.
  • Now you will not water again until the potting mix is dry again, you want to be sure you choose a well-draining mix such as the brands mentioned earlier in this article? Soggy heavy potting mix will rot your plants, and that is because they remain wet way too long?

This watering method is similar to their natural environment, they will go long periods before heavy rains arrive in the deserts where these plants naturally live.


scary halloween plants

Start Your Own Desert Plant Collection


Brain Cactus Light Conditions

Where to place your plant in your home is as important as re-potting and watering, we are going to go over a few things to consider for providing the best possible light for your new indoor plant?

  • Bright indirect light is the perfect condition for your cactus to thrive, you never want them in direct hot summer light for more than 2-4 hours?
  • Believe it or not, you could scorch your plants even though it is a desert native?
  • The best place indoors is near your brightest window, many people purchase a windowsill planter to display their desert native plants?

Let us now discuss fertilizing, what many people ask me, do I need to apply fertilizer of any kind for this type of cactus? That is what is coming next, so don’t leave my website quite yet?

Fertilizing The Brain Cactus

I have never met an indoor garden that does not require fertilizing from time to time, you see when you water your cactus you also are losing nutrients? By replacing the nutrients you will enjoy a healthier plant, so yes we need to learn about fertilizing this plant type? I would fertilize at least once per month with a water-soluble fertilizer, you will find this is even more important during their growing season?

  • Miracle-Gro Succulent & Cactus Food
  • The Gro Company
  • Cute Farms
  • Schultz
  • Grow More

These are some good brands you can consider, you will be happy to know they are all budget-friendly? I don’t recommend specific brands for you to purchase, sharing is what Rare Exotic Plants are all about? I prefer to share good products for you to consider if they interest you, but these are to save you time and money? If you are searching for a good fertilizer for succulents and cactus plants, you can read more about these brands and more by clicking on the link?


scary halloween plants

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Black Bat Lily & More

The photograph above is another favorite of mine, they call this the Black Bat Lily. In this section, I am going to provide you some more scary Halloween plants? If you are daring enough, I invite you to keep reading to learn even more spooky plants you can add to your home?

  • Black Bat Lily
  • Venus Flytrap
  • Cobra Plants
  • Ghost Plant
  • Physalis Alkekengi
  • Black Magic Elephant Ears
  • Corpse Flower
  • Spider Lily

If you dare to check these out on your own, I would love to hear what you think about them? Please consider sharing this article on your social media websites, I am anxious for as many people to know about these as possible? Thank you for visiting Rare Exotic Plants, so are you in the mood for a spooky Halloween?




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