Senior Christmas Gift Ideas

Senior Christmas Gift Ideas is focusing on men and women in their golden years, how many of you experience anxiety and frustration shopping for older folks, they have just about everything they need so what is left? The majority of retired people are gardeners, so why not shop for something they want and will use?

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senior christmas gift ideas
Affordable Indoor Garden Systems


Indoor Garden Systems

This could be a new hobby or an addition to their gardening passion, many older people can’t garden the traditional way anymore, but this can keep them able to grow vegetables and plants in their home? My deceased father loved this simple affordable Christmas gift, if you click on the link above you can find something for every budget? Many of these are less than $70.00, so ask yourself is this something worth checking out?

  • Vegetables
  • Herbs
  • Flowers
  • Senior-friendly
  • Unique gardening gift

The majority of older people will more likely love one of these, but most of them would never buy one for themselves. Christmas only comes once a year, and every time they are using this they will think of you? Many seniors are not able to be as active physically, so this is something they will enjoy and allow them to grow their favorite plants once again?

Indoor Gardening Benefits

Everyone no matter young or old will benefit from indoor gardening, I am now in my 60’s with health problems. I moved into an apartment without a yard, but I am growing unique houseplants in my indoor garden. Spring I plan to start an outdoor garden on my balcony, without gardening my life would be boring without a purpose at this age.

  • Indoor plants improve your air quality
  • They naturally filter toxins from the air
  • Improve some older people’s respiratory problems including allergies
  • People who suffer chronic headaches have experienced relief
  • Indoor plants provide the same benefits as having a pet
  • Psychology research has shown that indoor gardening has improved older people’s mental health
  • You are doing more than you realize for seniors than just giving them a Christmas gift

Honestly, this is the first year I have not experienced pollen allergies? What other reason could this be than to give the credit to my houseplants? While others were suffering from allergy symptoms, I was experiencing very mild to none at all during the pollen season.


senior christmas gift ideas

Budget-Friendly Terrarium Kits


Terrarium Kits

Maybe indoor garden systems are not within your spending budget, I do understand being on a fixed-income myself? Another option I have for you is very affordable terrarium kits, you must admit this is something unique for senior gardeners? These come in a wide variety of price ranges, so I do know everyone can afford one of these?

  • Beautiful tabletop centerpiece
  • Takes up very little room, you can even place it on your kitchen counter or a bookshelf.
  • Great home for succulents, air plants, and cactus plants
  • Available in a variety of sizes
  • Beginner-friendly
  • Senior-friendly
  • Affordable unique gift for people of all ages

Terrarium kits are an easy way to introduce gardening to children and adults alike, I have wanted one of these myself and would love someone to give me one for Christmas. Even advanced gardeners will enjoy receiving this type of gift, women especially love these for unique home decor? By any chance,  you are interested in the Best Low-Light Terrarium Plants, I am able to help you with that as well?

Houseplant Watering Systems

Possibly my first two options just are not right for the person you are shopping for, what about an automatic watering system for their indoor garden? If they already have a nice collection of houseplants, this can be a great benefit to them? I want you to know these are very low cost, you are able to find these for less than $50.00? Many are even less than $40.00, so this is a very practical gift that will not break your spending budget?

  • Senior-friendly
  • Many seniors forget to water their plants so this can be a problem-solver for them?
  • Easy to setup
  • Set the timer and allow the system to water for you
  • Convenient small size
  • Large LCD screens available perfect for older people’s eyes
  • Everything you need included

I have seen these for $40.00 and less, this is another potential Christmas gift you might want to consider? I only provide you options that are possibilities, you must make the decision if any of them are right for you? Rare Exotic Plants is a gardener resource, if pushing you into buying products was my goal I would open an online store?

Gourmet Gift Baskets

So gardening might not be something to consider, I would then think about if gift baskets would be a better choice? How many people no matter their age does not enjoy gourmet gift baskets, These provide you with many possible options, are you wondering what they might be?

  • Most older people enjoy their coffee, this is a great choice for many people
  • Others prefer herbal tea instead
  • How about for the fishing fanatic
  • Do they still hunt, you can find this type of gift basket for them
  • Snacking is all of our favorite things while watching football games or movies
  • Cozy warm blanket boxes are a favorite of older ladies
  • Who does not enjoy hot cocoa during the holidays
  • Maybe they are pet owners, you can find baskets for them also

You can find Gourmet Gift Baskets for almost everyone, I would seriously consider this if gardening just is not going to work for them? Maybe they are into golfing, I have seen them for golfers as well? This is a very popular gift for seniors, now you can think about this one while we move on?


senior christmas gift ideas

How About a Plant that Blooms at Night


Free Christmas Gift Programs

Even though these programs are for gifts for children, if you are in need of help buying gifts these can make your holiday a success? I usually stick strictly to gardening resources, but with so many families struggling I felt the need to include this?

  • Toys for Tots
  • Operation Christmas Child
  • USPS Operation Santa
  • United Way
  • Salvation Army

Let us say you are not in need of any assistance, you might be able to volunteer or even make a small donation to help others in need? How would you feel about being Santa’s helper this year, you just answer children’s letters with a gift from their list if you can?

Christmas Decorating Gift Idea

For some more ideas, what about helping seniors decorate for the holidays, I know many older people don’t decorate as much because it is just too hard for them? The best gift you might be able to give them is to decorate their home for them, you don’t always need to spend money to give appreciative gifts?

  • One of the most difficult decorating tasks for older folks is their Christmas tree, I know this is difficult for me so I have not had one in the past several years.
  • Not much money for ornaments, why not make your own instead?
  • You can use some family photographs and make them into ornaments, but if this is not to your liking there are many ways to make ornaments for Christmas trees?
  • Very few people today string popcorn for the tree, so maybe bring back some of the old traditions when families had less money than today?

These are just a few decorating ideas that popped into my head, if you are interested in more ideas there are 81 DIY ornament projects by clicking here? I am sure if you take the time, you can come up with ways to give even if you can’t afford a physical gift this year?

Inspirational Christmas Books

I know for a fact many seniors spend their time reading inspirational books, as my last thoughts on possibilities this came to mind? This will conclude this article, but before I go this was something that just hit me you might be interested in considering if nothing else appeals to you?

  • Caught for Christmas
  • Christmas Everyday
  • The Christmas Journey
  • Stories of Faith for Christmas
  • I Will Be Home for Christmas
  • A Little Christmas Spirit
  • You are my LIttle Xmas Wish
  • Christmas Stories
  • Christmas Stories for the Heart
  • The Christmas Secret

Rare Exotic Plants usually does not include anything other than indoor gardening, but being it is a special time of the year I am making an exception. After the holidays, you can expect my articles to be once again a gardening resource only? Feel free to check the search where I found these inspirational books, just maybe some of these would make the perfect gift? If you find it in your heart, I would appreciate you sharing this article with your friends and family?


senior christmas gift ideas


Health Accessories

Being over 60 now, I realize how health accessories are possible merchandise older folks will appreciate and use. I have provided a few ideas that I have found for you, so just maybe these would be good for Christmas stocking stuffers or Christmas presents?

  • Portable Ear Cleaning Tool
  • Zipper Compression Socks
  • Ear Wax Removal Kit
  • Blood Pressure Kits
  • Adult Bed Rails
  • Rechargeable Hearing Aid
  • Foldable Walker
  • Seat Assist Chair Cushion
  • Ensure or Boost Nutrition Drink
  • Vehicle Support Handle
  • Wheelchair Ramp
  • Outdoor Mobile Scooter
  • Senior Friendly Phones
  • Boost Oxygen
  • Blue Light Blocking Glasses
  • Pill Organizer Center with Built-In Alarm System
  • Mobility Auto Carrier
  • Heated Vehicle Seat Cushions
  • Electric Wheelchairs
  • Ear, Nose, & Brow Trimmer


By any chance your loved one experiences health issues, you can take a look at the Senior Health Assistance page compliments of Walmart. Many of us would use these gift ideas, but how many of us think about them when shopping for our loved ones?

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