Small Indoor Cactus Plants

Shopping for a small easy to grow houseplant, you might find small indoor cactus plants to be a possibility? These are great gifts for someone interested in starting indoor gardening, so in this article, you are going to learn the best of these to choose plus how to grow them successfully?

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small indoor cactus plants
Affordable Easy To Care Houseplants


Christmas Cactus

This would be my first choice as a gift for anyone, you will find seniors are really fond of this type of cactus. My mother has had many of them all different colors, and they bloom during the Christmas holiday which makes them the most popular choice for many people? Other choices I have listed below, you can grow these with success even without any prior gardening experience?

  • Christmas Cactus
  • Moon Cactus
  • Bunny Ear Cactus
  • Rat Tail
  • Old Lady Cactus
  • Star Cactus

These are the ones I would consider if this is your first indoor plant, you also might be interested in these if you are looking for an easy-to-care-for choice. Cactus and succulents are awesome for everyone, you will find so many unique shaped plants that require very little care?

Christmas Cactus Care Guide

Since this is my mother’s favorite, I am going to share this one in this article today. You see, I dedicated Rare Exotic Plants to my mother who is in poor health now. She has to give up her outdoor gardens, so I make it a point to purchase her an indoor houseplant to keep her spirits up? Let us learn more about my mom’s favorite holiday plant, and just maybe this would make a good gift for someone you know?

  • Bright indirect light is where you want to place this plant in your apartment or home
  • North or east windows are your best choice
  • South and west windows you will need to diffuse the light
  • Place a water tray with pebbles and water under your plant, and be sure the pot is sitting on dry pebbles to prevent root rot.
  • Three parts potting soil to one part sand is your best potting soil mix
  • Fertilize two to four times per year, and stop fertilizing by the  end of October before the plant begins to bloom
  • Interested in some home-made plant fertilizer recipes
  • Less water is better than more water, I bought my mom a plant moisturizer meter that has prevented her from overwatering her Christmas cactus. You can purchase these for less than $15.00, so this is another good gift idea for your favorite gardener?
  • Bud drop usually occurs from overwatering, but another cause can be it requires more humidity
  • Increase the light and humidity at the first signs of buds
  • You can prune your plant approximately one month after it finishes blooming

This is the basic care required for your Christmas cactus, and you can propagate them to add more of them in your apartment or home if you desire to?


small indoor cactus plants

Peperomia Green Bean Easy To Grow Succulent


Easy To Grow Indoor Plant List

Maybe this type of plant is not right for your apartment or home, why spend your money on a cactus if your light requirement is not right? You can opt to add a grow floor light, but maybe you would prefer to shop for another easy-to-grow houseplant instead?

  • Monstera Split Leaf
  • Pothos
  • Dragon Plant
  • Philodendron
  • Fiscus Plant
  • Hoya
  • Pilea Aluminum
  • Life Saver Cactus
  • Fish Hooks Succulent
  • Zebra Succulent
  • Blue Chalk Stick Succulent

Any of the plants on the list above are worth considering, and great choices for beginners? You will also be happy to know these will do well in low-light apartments and homes, so if this list interests you share it with your family and friends?

Christmas Cactus Shopping Guide

For anyone interested in the Christmas cactus, I have done a search for where you can purchase them? This is just a small token of my appreciation for reading this article, so I hope you find this helpful and it saves you time?

  • Teleflora
  • Amazon
  • Walmart
  • Lowes
  • eBay
  • Home Depot

These were the websites that come up in my search, so this will give you a good place to start. I am more than happy to provide you this information, and you can’t go wrong adding low-maintenance indoor plants in your apartment or home. For anyone interested in bonsai trees, you might be interested in the top 10 bonsai trees for beginners?

Easy To Care For Bonsai Trees

I just bought my first bonsai tree this spring, and to my surprise, it is easy to care for and grow? For a very long time, I have had an interest in bonsai gardening. Like many people, I had the impression they were too hard to grow. I can tell you they really are just as easy to grow as cactus and succulents, you just keep them moist and they do extremely well with proper lighting?

  • Baby Jade
  • Ponytail Palm
  • Hawaiian Umbrella
  • Fiscus
  • Braided Money Tree
  • Sago Palm
  • Parlor Palm
  • Croton
  • Juniper
  • Flowering Brush Cherry
  • Mugo Pine

For any of you interested in bonsai gardening, you will be surprised how easy they really are to grow? I bought my Hawaiian Umbrella Tree and Ponytail Palm already trained, I would recommend you do the same unless you are ready to invest in what you need to train your own tree from a baby?


small indoor cactus plants

Succulents Subscription Gift Box


Small Cactus For Beginners

One thing that is awesome is cactus and succulents are great for beginners, I started out with a succulent before adding my other indoor plants? I wanted to see if I could even grow plants in my apartment before investing in too many, you will be happy to hear both of these require very little care. Medium to bright light and watering is the key for growing these, I was amazed mine only need watering about once per month? Again, I recommend you invest in a plant moisture meter. That has been my main reason for such beautiful houseplants, I have some more you might be interested in growing that are for beginners?

  • Rebutia
  • Lophophora, or Peyote
  • Gymnocalycium
  • Mammillaria
  • Echinopsis
  • Hatiora or Rhipsalis
  • Astrophytum
  • Thelocactus
  • Pereskia
  • Opuntia
  • Ferocactus

Lots of choices in this article to get you started, and even if you are shopping for someone else these are very special gift ideas? You never go wrong by giving people houseplants, and these are the easiest to grow for even the first-time indoor gardener?

Store Coupons

I want to save you money by providing you some store coupons, so that concludes Small Indoor Cactus Plants? I thank you again for visiting Rare Exotic Plants, and if you have any requests just leave me a comment?

If you never tried growing cactus plants, you are not alone? This is one that I have none of as well, but I am leaning towards buying my mother and myself a Christmas cactus this year? What better gift for the holidays to brighten up your mood?


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