Tropical Garden Design Plants

Are you hooked on indoor gardening, if so Tropical Garden Design Plants should be helpful to you? Learn some of the best houseplants to create your dream garden, how many of you can just imagine those huge leaved plants filling your home or apartment? This guide will get you started, now are you ready to learn by reading my article?

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tropical garden design plants

Tropical Plant Display Stands


Easy Growing Tropical Plants

Check out my article above for display stands, you can browse these while you are waiting for your plants to arrive. How you display your tropical garden is an important part of a successful design, so if you have the time I do recommend you read the article for some cool ideas. Let us begin with easy-to-grow houseplants, you will find these are great choices to start your special indoor garden.

  • Monstera Split Leaf
  • ZZ Plant
  • Monstera Split Leaf Minima
  • Pothos n Joy
  • Golden Pothos
  • White Butterfly Syngonium
  • Pothos Maple Queen
  • Pothos Satin
  • Pothos Neon
  • Dracaena Janet Craig
  • Philodendron Brasil
  • Elephant Bush Succulent
  • Silver Splash Pothos
  • Peperomia Rosso
  • Aloe Vera
  • Peperomia Ginny
  • Lemon Surprise Dracaena
  • Ruby Pink Fiscus
  • Peperomia String Bean
  • Song of India Dracaena
  • Jade Succulent
  • Syngonium Strawberry
  • Ripple Jade Succulent
  • Hoya
  • Colorama Dracaena
  • Zebra Succulent

How many of these sound interesting to check out, I have added several of these in my own indoor garden with amazing success. I bought mine at Cellar Door Plants, you might like to browse their website whenever you have the extra time. The link in this paragraph will take you to an article to learn more, I am very impressed with their fast delivery and well-packaged houseplants.


tropical garden design plants

Easy to Grow Tropical Hawaiian Red Sister Houseplant


Hawaiian Red Sister

I really feel this is one you should consider, now just imagine the impact this would give your indoor garden? Before you rush off to order this beautiful indoor plant, you really need to learn more about it. Researching every tropical plant that catches your eye is recommended, we never want to purchase on impulse to be sorry later.

  • Burgandy Pink & Bronze Green Leaves
  • Blooms in Mid-Summer Pale Pink Flowers
  • Full-Sun to Partial Shade
  • Evenly Moist Watering is all it Requires
  • Extremely Low-Maintenance Houseplant
  • Fertilize with Water Soluble Tropical Plant Food Twice Per Year
  • Spring & Fall Fertilizing Works the Best
  • Show Stopper Garden Plant

Many people make the mistake of overwatering houseplants during the winter months, they are dormant this time of the year resting from their blooming season, so require less watering. You will solve this problem with a plant moisture meter, I would never be without one myself. Want one more peek at this very affordable unique indoor garden plant, they are selling quickly for sure, but please don’t order until you are sure this is really right for you.

Easy Growing Tropical Trees

No tropical garden is complete without at least one tropical tree, I have just added a Banana Tree to my own indoor tropical garden. I am amazed at how well this is growing for me, you will find this will make a huge impact in a very short time. Very fast-growing, even living in a cold winter climate mine is still thriving and growing almost every day it seems.

  • Musa Bassjoo Banana Plant
  • Dragon Tree
  • Ponytail Palm
  • Gojo Berry
  • Areca Palm
  • Parlor Palm
  • Corkscrew Willow
  • Burgandy Rubber Fiscus
  • Sago Palm
  • Pencil Tree
  • Ficus Fiddleleaf
  • Ice Cream Banana
  • Musa Dwarf Banana
  • Small Dwart Cavendish Banana
  • Red Banana Tree
  • Black Banana
  • Little John Bottlebrush Dwarf

Don’t spend a lot of money on a tropical tree, I bought a Baby Dwarf Banana Tree at a very affordable price. Why pay a lot when they grow so quickly, I have experienced purchasing smaller plants is a much better deal. Mine is already in a few months outgrowing my other plants, I just read these will grow approximately one foot or more in a single year.


tropical garden design plants

Walmart Garden Center is Another Good Place to Shop


Bonsai Trees

What would a tropical garden be without at least one Unique Bonsai Tree, you could even create your entire indoor garden with these. Imagine your apartment or home full of miniature trees? I was really hesitant when I purchased my first one recently, but I am happy to tell you it is doing remarkable with little care. Even beginners can enjoy adding one to their precious garden, now here are some that are good choices to consider.

  • Red Cedar
  • Juniper
  • Flowering Cherry
  • Hawaiian Red Sister Shows Up Again
  • Weeping Cherry
  • Dwarf Weeping Willow
  • Shaving Brush Bonsai
  • Dragon Tears
  • Gollum Jade Ogre
  • Dawn Redwood
  • Golden Jade Tree
  • Italian Cypress
  • Trident Maple
  • Red Japanese Maple
  • Miracle Fruit Berry
  • Kingsville Boxwood
  • Dwarf Banana Tree
  • Japanese Ming
  • Elephant Jade
  • Red Bottlebrush Plant
  • Chinese Elm
  • Dragon Willow
  • Japanese Black Dragon
  • Ming Aralia
  • Olive Tree
  • Money Tree
  • Purple Wisteria
  • Magnolia Grandiflora
  • Brazilian Rain Tree

Bonsai Trees are a great addition to this special garden design, you can shop around for the best deals. I bought mine from Bonsai Boy of New York already trained and shaped, now you have another resource to consider. Take your time before you order, how many times have you ordered something then seen the same thing for a better deal?

Tropical Garden Design Books

Some folks love to learn with Garden Design Books, you will find an entire library if you ever visit my apartment. I even had to purchase a new larger bookshelf unit, but I often refer back to them for information and new design ideas. Books & magazines are a great inspiration, so keep this in mind as a possible way to keep growing as a gardener.

  • Tropical Plant Design
  • The Tropical Look
  • 42 Dream Tropical Garden Designs
  • How to Make a Tropical Garden
  • Modern Tropical Garden Design
  • Designing with Palms
  • Welcome to the Jungle
  • Sunken Gardens
  • Greenhouse Gardening
  • Succulent Gardens
  • The Chefs Garden
  • Tropical Plants & How to Love Them
  • Beautiful Aquarium Gardens
  • Encyclopedia of Garden Plants
  • Landscaping Ideas
  • Wild Gardens & Landscapes
  • Perennial Gardens
  • Garden Under Glass
  • Fairy Gardening

This is only a partial list of very good resources to consider, but books are not for everyone. If you happen to wish to browse the Garden Design Books, you are free to use the link provided. Another very good alternative that is budget-friendly is websites such as Rare Exotic Plants, I am more than happy to do the work for you, and share my own experience along the way.


tropical garden design plants

Interested in Japanese Indoor Plants?


Tropical Garden Design Tips

We now are going to learn a few tips to get you started, how many of you will benefit from knowing this? Let me know in my comments section if this article was helpful, if you need any more help just let me know in my comments section as well. Rare Exotic Plants prides itself in being an educational website, you can provide me inspiration by sharing what you are the most interested in.

  • Rooms without drafts are very important for growing healthy tropical plants
  • Placing your houseplants between 3 to 10 feet from sunny windows prevents burning your plants
  • Consider turning your plants every few days for even growth
  • Checking your plants with a plant moisture meter is a sure way to assure proper watering
  • Water your indoor plants less during the winter
  • Overwatering kills more tropical plants than any other reason
  • Misting them every few days provides them more humidity
  • Warm water on a cloth to clean the leaves is recommended maintenance
  • The majority of your plants will need repotting in one size larger container every other year
  • Bonsai trees usually only require repotting every 2-3 years

Bathrooms are the perfect room for tropical plants for humidity, but be sure your bathroom has a bright window for the proper amount of light. Many apartment bathrooms lack the requirements for plants, so be sure of these two factors before moving any of them.

Indoor Garden Kits

Indoor garden kits are very good gifts for gardeners, you can consider these no matter what age a person might be. Introduce a new garden design to an experienced gardener, I also really push these to introduce children to the gardening world.

  • Aerogarden Harvest Elite Highly Recommended
  • Click & Grow Smart Garden
  • Tower Garden
  • Back to the Roots Water Garden
  • Herb Window Garden
  • Grow LED
  • Rise Gardens

Of course, these can be more than some of you wish to spend, so let us check for some more budget-friendly garden kits for kids. Rare Exotic Plants thrives to start children growing early, I got started at the age of 4 years old helping my grandparents. That got me started loving growing plants, now if my grandparents had not been gardeners I might not have had the passion to start this website.

Affordable Garden Kits For Kids

To end my article, I am going to provide you with some affordable garden kits for children. Please seriously consider one of these as a gift for a child, you might not be able to imagine the impact this can have on the rest of their life? We need to get our young ones into nature more, but less into sitting around with their tech toys.

  • Hapinest  Flower Garden Kit
  • Paint & Plant Garen Kit
  • Fairy Garden
  • DIY Gardening Kits for Kids
  • Little Growers Fairy Garden
  • Butterfly Growing Kit
  • Butterfly Terrarium
  • Fairy Garden Mason Jar
  • Fairy House Kit

You can find many gardening kits for kids to choose from, I found these on Amazon at very affordable prices. You also might want to check Walmart and eBay as well, these are your best places to begin your search. How to Introduce Children to Gardening provides parents with some good ideas, so if you need some help I recommend this article. Until next time, happy gardening.


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