Walmart Garden Center Plants

How many of you are regular shoppers at Walmart Garden Center Plants, you will love this article if you are? This is just another good gardening resource to consider, so are you ready to start to learn more? Rare Exotic Plants values your opinion, please leave me comments in my comment section.

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walmart garden center plants
Tropical Plants Create a Beautiful Indoor Garden


Walmart Plants

Walmart is right up there with Amazon for regular shoppers, how many of you go to these two stores before any others? Even though I am not a big fan of either of these, I must admit even I purchase regularly from them. We are going straight into what indoor garden plants you will find, so wasting no time here are just some of the most popular ones.

  • Angel Wing Begonia
  • Arabian Tea Jasmine
  • Rosemary
  • Rare Velvet Leaf Bronze Micans Vine
  • Song of India Dragon Tree
  • Red & White Bleeding Heart Vine
  • Good Luck Plant Bulbs
  • Lemon Button Fern
  • Black Velvet Dwarf Alocasia
  • Sweet Mint
  • Japanese Blood Grass
  • Dwarf Snow Bush
  • Olympian Fig Plant
  • Golden Devils Ivy
  • Cream & Green Hawaiian Umbrella Plant
  • Dwarf Cavendish Banana Tree
  • Rare Nanouk Pink Tradescantia
  • Rare Medusa Fern
  • Victorian Parlor Palm
  • Christmas Cactus

Over 25 pages of live plants for people like you to purchase at low prices, even though Walmart and Amazon are not my favorite stores they do provide you awesome deals. For anyone who loves tropical plants for home decor, you can pay less by comparing these two stores?

Walmart Flower Planters

Something else you can find is flower planters, we are going to explore these as well. Since I am writing about Walmart, I might as well provide you with all their garden center merchandise. I am curious what is your favorite store between these two, you can leave me a comment in my comment section if you wish to share?

  • Resin Planters & Saucers
  • Macrame Hanging Plant Holder
  • Vertical Planters
  • Decorative Plant Stands
  • Giant Easy Poly Tunnel
  • Mid Century Planters
  • Garden Grow Bags
  • Ceramic Glazed Animal Themed Succulent Pots
  • Flower Pot Display Stands
  • Hanging Planters
  • Resin Garden Bowls

Once again, you will find pages after pages of Flower and Plant Planters. Something for every home decor theme is available, so if you are on a budget these are worth checking out? Why pay more when you can pay less, as you browse remember where you learned this.


walmart garden center plants

Unique Bonsai Trees Shaped & Trained


Portable Greenhouses

I just love my portable greenhouse, you can find a variety of sizes that are perfect for your home. Mine sits in front of my balcony window, you will be amazed how much easier it is to start seeds using these inexpensive greenhouses. When I moved mine got destroyed by the movers, but I didn’t think twice about replacing it when spring arrived.

  • Walk-In Greenhouses for your balcony or patio
  • Dome Shaped Walk-In Available as Well
  • 4 Tier Portable Recommended for Indoors
  • Mini Greenhouse Kits
  • 3 Tier Portable Indoor Greenhouse
  • Mini Wooden Cold Frame for Indoors & Outdoors
  • Jiffy Seed Starting Kits
  • Winter Protection Plant Covers
  • 2 Tier Greenhouse

The 4 tier greenhouse is the one I purchased recently, so consider your needs before you choose the Portable Greenhouse for your apartment or home? I live in an apartment, but the 4 tier is perfect for me even though it does take more room. You can be sure you will never regret investing in one of these, so maybe this is something for a gift for someone else if not for you?

Tropical Garden Kits

Are you possibly just thinking about a tropical garden, there is an inexpensive way to get started? Tropical garden kits are available, you save money plus get everything you need. I would recommend starting out with one of these to see if this is right for you, maybe giving one as a gift to your favorite gardener is another option to consider?

  • Herb Gardens are Very Popular Gifts
  • Peat Pots Starter Kits
  • Bonsai Seed Starter Kit
  • Herbal Tea
  • Mexican Salsa
  • Window Gardens
  • Miracle-Gro Liquid Fertilizer Kits
  • Seed Pod Sponges
  • Organic Home Garden

Garden kits are a great gift idea for any age, I used to give these to my deceased father for Christmas. He loved them so much, they also kept him out of my mother’s hair during the winter months. Save money by purchasing one of the Garden Kits, you would spend so much more buying everything you need separately?

Terrarium Kits

My next project would be to create a terrarium garden, I have been interested in this for a very long time. I have seen some very nice kits to choose from, and since this is something new a kit would provide me with everything I need.

  • LED Light Up Terrariums
  • Grow & Glow Terrarium for Kids
  • Air Plant Orb Garden
  • Fairy Garden Kit
  • Butterfly Garden
  • Dinosaur Terrarium
  • Succulent Lovers Starter Kit
  • Waterfall Garden
  • Set of 3 Glass Terrariums
  • Venus Flytrap Garden
  • Wall Hanging Terrariums for Home Decorating

As you might have noticed these are more for children, but you can find adult Terrarium Kits also. Even the kid’s kits are a fun family project, these are a great gift to introduce a child to indoor gardening. What do you think about this article so far, I do hope this is inspirational to get you started?


walmart garden center plants

Plant Lover Gift Ideas


Hydroponic Gardens

Hydroponic gardens are another popular gift for all ages, you will find these make indoor gardening possible for everyone. These also are available at Walmart, but if you wish to shop around I think that is a good idea. Comparing prices at several stores is being a smart shopper, so this is something I do myself most of the time.

  • Seed Pod Kits
  • Indoor Garden with LED Light
  • Hydroponic Growing System
  • Soil-Free Hydroponic Growing System
  • Seed Starting System
  • Smart Plant Trackers
  • Herb Seed Pod Kits
  • LED Grow Lights
  • Gourmet Gardens
  • Water-Resistant Grow Tent
  • Organic Oyster Mushroom Garden
  • Hydroponic Supplies

Hydroponic Gardening is something I have not tried myself, but I am having good success without one. Many people who struggle growing indoor plants by seed love this type of gift, so yet we have another possible gift for the gardener on your Christmas shopping list?

Walmart Garden Center

As you can imagine there are just too many products to list, but the ones I shared with you would make very good gifts. To give you an even better idea of what you can find, I have provided you with the list below. Who knows, you just might learn something new from this article after all?

  • Live Plants
  • Raised Garden Beds
  • Greenhouses
  • Composters
  • Pots & Planters
  • Garden Tools
  • Watering & Irrigation
  • Landscaping
  • Lawn Edging
  • Hydroponics

Many gardeners love shopping at this store, but I don’t purchase all my indoor garden plants and accessories here. Shopping around for the best deals is something I do regularly, but I will admit Walmart and Amazon are always on my list. Are you curious where else you can shop, you can learn this in my next paragraph?

Indoor Gardening Shopping

Now it is time for me to provide you with some shopping resources, we all know about researching for the best deals. How many of you just lack the time, I know many of you do? That is why I started providing you garden resources to save you time and money, so consider the ones on this list before you purchase your next garden plants and accessories.

  • Lowes
  • eBay
  • Gardeners Supply Company
  • Amazon
  • BestNest
  • QVC Coupons
  • Wind & Weather
  • Lakeside  Collections
  • Collections Etc
  • Eartheasy
  • Brylane Home
  • Home Depot Coupons
  • Busy Beaver
  • Eden Brothers
  • Seed World

Are any of these brands new to you, I do hope there are a few that you have not visited before? Rare Exotic Plants is doing its best to provide you with new resources in every article, if you have any to share leave them in my comments section for us all to know. Trust me you are important to me, we all share a passion for indoor gardening. The Ultimate Beginners Gude to Hydroponic Gardening might help you, I am sure you will learn what you need to know.


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