White Christmas Caladium Care

White Christmas Caladium Care was chosen after purchasing this myself, you can learn about this houseplant and how to grow and care for it in this article? This really is one beautiful plant, and super easy to grow indoors? If you are in search of another indoor garden addition, you just might want to consider this one?

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white christmas caladium care

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White Christmas Caladium

Words can’t describe how impressed I was with this beautiful houseplant, you can also grow this outdoors if that is something you desire to do? I planted mine in the spring from flower bulbs, no need to freeze the bulbs like some of them, just plant them and watch them grow?

  • With this, you can grow it in deep shade to bright sunlight, so light is not a problem? Mine is still blooming in my apartment, and it is not near my balcony window?
  • One of the least fussy plants I have in my indoor collection
  • Impressing to the eye, and stands out from all your other houseplants
  • I am extremely happy with my purchase, and wish I had ordered more of them?

Once this pops its head out of the soil, you will be more impressed by its beautiful appearance? You can learn how to grow and care for this by reading my entire article? Please don’t leave before you read everything, I have so much to share with you about this special plant?

Growing White Christmas Caladium

No fooling, this is one of my favorites out of all my indoor garden plants? A great choice for anyone with low light conditions, you will find this even more beautiful than you can imagine? There are no photographs that do this one justice, even I was surprised how much of an impact this made in my own apartment?

  • A great choice for low light to bright indirect light
  • Not a fussy plant in need of any specific potting mix
  • Fertilize with a high-quality slow release plant food is all you need
  • Moderate humidity is all that is required, but this one will grow just as well in high humidity conditions as well.
  • Temperatures between 65 to 70 degrees are preferred, but mine has done quite well even with the temperature not being always what it prefers since fall arrived?

Now you even have a better idea of how easy this is to grow and care for, I can’t say enough positive things about adding this to your indoor garden collection? To help you, even more, I am going to share in more detail what I have learned growing this myself, you really can’t go wrong with this as a houseplant? So excited about sharing this one with you, now let us get started?


white christmas caladium care

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White Christmas Caladium Potting Mix

Surprising this is not fussy about the potting mix you choose, you can grow this with excellent rewards from neutral to slightly acid soil without any problems? I have not experienced any problems at all with this as a houseplant, so I can say with confidence this is a very safe investment?

  • Acid soil
  • Alkaline soil
  • Neutral soil
  • Slightly acid potting mix is what I planted mine in, you can do the same if you desire to?
  • Like any houseplant, you want to be sure the soil is well-draining.
  • Drainage hole containers are really your safest type to use.
  • Evenly moist without too wet is the key to success, as I always recommend a plant moisture meter will assure of the proper soil moisture.

I highly recommend you seriously consider investing in a plant moisture meter, once you have one you will not lose another plant from overwatering them? This is a very inexpensive indoor garden tool, you will thank me if you follow my advice in adding this to your garden tool kit?

White Christmas Caladium Watering Guide

The next thing I want to share with you is watering your beautiful Caladium plant, if you have read my other articles you know by now most of us tend to overwater our houseplants, especially during the winter? Watering really is extremely important to growing healthy indoor gardens, I can’t stress enough how this is something you can’t ignore?

  • Check the Caladium every two days is what I do, even though you don’t want to overwater them, you also don’t want to allow the potting mix to become dry?
  • How often you need to water depends on where your plant is placed in your home, you will find farther from sunny windows the less often you will need to water?
  • Consistent moist soil is the key, but without a plant moisture meter, this is extremely difficult to achieve for most of us?
  • Distilled water is recommended by gardening experts, but with so many plants I just allow my tap water to sit overnight to allow the chemicals to evaporate?

When I first began indoor gardening, I was killing some of my houseplants regularly? Even if you are an experienced outdoor gardener, you will find growing plants indoors is a new ballgame? The seasons determine your watering most of the time, I have some that only require watering in the winter once per month? It is also important to realize every plant is not the same, so you might overwater if you water all your plants at the same time every time?

White Christmas Lighting Conditions

If you remember earlier this is not a plant that is as fussy about light as many others, but I would feel better providing you with more detail on this since light is one of the important requirements of our houseplants? Feel free to relax, you are not going to need to invest in any grow lights?

  • Bright indirect light is your best choice, but this one will provide you with beauty even in low light conditions?
  • If you are lucky to have an east-facing window that is always your best window for the majority of your houseplants?
  • Another option is a north-facing window, but mine is approximately 10 feet from my east-facing balcony window and does just fine?
  • Growing lights are optional, but not a must with the Caladium plant indoors, so this is something you can consider if you wish to invest in or not?

Grow lights are always beneficial especially if your winter climate lacks sunlight, many gardeners would not be without them? I don’t have any of these, and my plants do just fine? Much of the need for this depends on your winter climate conditions, this is something only you can decide if this product is worth the investment?

White Christmas Caladium Temperature Guide

This plant does much better in consistently warm conditions, if the temperature becomes colder your plant will begin the process of going into dormancy? I am expecting mine to do this as winter approaches, but then when spring arrives again my beautiful plant with thrive for me once again?

  • During the growth period, you will need between 70 and 75 degrees. Where I live in Pennsylvania this usually occurs around the month of May?
  • If you live in a cold winter climate as I do, you will want to be sure you bring this plant indoors? Never allow your plant outdoors under 60 degrees, this is important to remember?
  • Be sure not to place them near air vents.
  • Once your winter season ends, you can put them outdoors again if you choose to?

Many people don’t realize how the temperature is an important factor for houseplants, you will want to be especially aware of this with tropical indoor plants? These are more sensitive to the temperature than many others, I always am sure I place these near my balcony window where they thrive for me all year long?

white christmas caladium care

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White Christmas Caladium Humidity

High humidity is not nearly as important for this as your tropical plants, but you might be happy to know high humidity will not harm the Caladium? Moderate humidity is all that is required, but more, in this case, is not a bad thing? Keep reading if you want to learn more, and feel free to share this with your family and friends if you desire to?

  • Moisture levels between 50 and 60 degrees are a good humidity level to go for.
  • Portable humidifiers are one option if you only have a few houseplants grouped close together?
  • Larger room humidifiers are another option for those with larger collections?
  • Yet another option is humidity trays placed under your plants’ container?
  • I place a jar of water in each of my plants’ containers that work fine for me, so I have provided you with several options to consider?

Even though I do mention products, you will find I do not promote many with affiliate links? Rare Exotic Pants is more about being your houseplant resource for information, what I do provide in affiliate links are the houseplants I am writing about? Options to solve problems is what this website is all about, I want to prevent my readers from losing any more of their precious indoor garden plants?

White Christmas Caladium Fertilizing

Fertilizing this particular plant is not something you have to worry about, you will find fertilizing regularly keeps them healthy? Every houseplant does need some food to grow its best, so next, we are going to learn about that for this plant?

  • Feeding them every other month is more than enough
  • The best fertilizer to feed them are high-quality fertilizers
  • Nitrogen and calcium will provide you with the healthiest plants
  • During the spring and fall seasons, this is not required.
  • Feeding them nutrients should be done only during their growing season, you can overfeed them so this is important to consider?

Since many gardeners do make this mistake, I feel it is only right I provide you with more information? If this interests you as I hope it will, you can learn more about this next? Often this is not included in many articles, so this might be new information for many of you?

Over Fertilizing Houseplants

Over-fertilizing can cause your plants many problems, so we are going to talk about this in more detail? How many of you know the signs of over-fertilizing, I must admit this was something I had to learn the hard way? Feel free to comment if this article provided you with helpful information, you are encouraged to leave me comments in my comment section.

  • Lower leaves will show signs of wilting and yellowing
  • Browning of leaf tips
  • Black rotting roots
  • Slow to no growth
  • Dropping leaves
  • Crusty potting mix surface

If you experience any of these signs check your plant with your plant moisture meter? This I always do first to be sure they have moist soil, and if this is not the case stop fertilizing immediately? Sometimes this will save the plant if caught early enough, one other option is to repotting them after washing off their roots with room temperature water?

White Christmas Caladium Blooming

Don’t be alarmed when this plant gradually begins its dormant period, many gardeners trash the plant? They are warm-weather bloomers usually from spring to late fall, they are going to go to bed for the winter in most areas before Halloween arrives?

  • In cold winter climates usually blooms from late-spring to late-fall
  • Able to grow to heights of up to 20 inches
  • They also can spread to about the same as their height
  • Just like people, everyone is different in height and spread

These are perennials, so have faith they are just taking a nap? You will be rewarded with new growth in the late spring, so never trash the plant during its dormancy until at least late May? Many people are not aware these grow from flower bulbs if they purchased them as plants, your support is much appreciated by Rare Exotic Plants?


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